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since June 19, 2001


The Canadian Child Support Guidelines

A Multi-Billion-Dollar Disaster — The Australian Child Support Scheme
(2004 09 22)

There is a Canadian connection.  The connection does not only affect families in Canada but in all developed nations that adopted the US child support scheme.  The surprising fact is that the idea of court-imposed and government-enforced child support collection has very strong Bolshevik roots.  In fact, the scheme was copied and imported from the USSR with all of its sordid details.
   The Bolsheviks devised the scheme to finance their program for the planned destruction of the institution of the family, so that then they would be able to build a better socialist state.
   Fortunately, the USSR came to its senses - eventually.  We in the "free" West have a long time to wait before our governments to come to their senses.  In the meantime, the child-support-enforcement schemes in place are an economic disaster.  The scheme costs Australians $5.58 for every dollar collected.
   We won't know what the costs of the schemes are to individual nations until there, too, a study of the system is being done, such as that done by the PIR in Australia.

History of the Evolution of the Canadian Child Support Guidelines

Report on Taxation of Child Support — From Bill C-69 to Bill C-92

Glenn Cheriton's analysis of the impact of the new Canadian child-support guidelines and the related changes to the Canadian Income Tax Act — All Canadians are affected.

The formula from hell — A divorced dad uncovers a deliberate policy to drive separated parents farther apart by CANDIS MCLEAN, The Report, May 13, 2002

The secret document  by CANDIS MCLEAN, The Report, May 13, 2002 — A sidebar article providing details relating to the secrecy surrounding the development of and the stealth with which the Canadian child support guidelines were implemented.

The secret document dicovered by Alar Soever:


December 1997, CSR-1997-1E, Child Support Team, Research Report, Department of Justice Canada (zipped PDF file, 234kB)

See also the letter Allar Soever received from Virginia McRea, Co-Chair, Federal/Provincial/Territorial Family Law Committee, Department of Justice Canada, dated June 19, 2001.  If you read the letter, you will gain the impression that the Joint Senate/House of Commons Committee on Child Access, Custody and Maintenenance never met, never held any hearings and never produced its report.  Furthermore Virginia McRea implies that no parents ever presented any input into the review process in the years since 1986, when the whole process began.
   Virginia McRea's letter is a blatant attempt at Stalinist/Maoist rewriting of Canadian history.

Child Support and Alimony
Some [hair-raising] Case Law Examples
By Eeva Sodhi

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Posted 2002 05 24
2003 04 20 (added entry for child-support and alimony case-law examples)