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since June 19, 2001


Links to web sites dealing with the subject of the fatherless society

About our links page

The purpose of this links page is to provide a glimpse — and a door — into the world of the fatherless society, to illustrate that the issues arising from increasingly escalating fatherlessness aren't just problems on a national level.  They are problems of massive international proportions, driven largely by policies pursued by the UN, with Canada and the U.S. being the prime movers for the implementation of agendas that will ultimately result in a civilization in which fatherlessness is the norm and academic and economic underachievement is the standard.

However, with respect to the UN policy of remaking our world in "Her" image, there are other key players, not the least of which are New Zealand, Canada and Norway.  These purveyors of the destruction of our civilization as we once knew it have basically one agenda in mind, to bring about societies that have no national identity and are comprised of single-mother families, in which the State interposes itself in the relationship between parents and their children, and in which all men are relegated to the role of donators of sperm and to be a source of labour  — not fathers with parental rights.   It will be a society in which single-mother families — largely living on government handouts and in poverty — are the rule.  It will be "The Fatherless Society."

The links shown on this page will lead you to the websites of organization who support the idea of fathers within and not without families.  The links shown here don't comprise a comprehensive list.  That would be duplicating the efforts of others who compiled such lists over the years.  However, this page does contain links to a few web pages that contain such comprehensive lists.  One is at The Backlash!.  The other is at The Fathers' Rights Network. If you are looking for links to fathers' or parenting organizations in your local area, the link libraries at those web sites will be a good place to start.  This page also contains links to subjects not related to family issues.  There is another world out there.  It pays to look elsewhere at times.

Sometimes it even pays to look at the past.

"Historians," Soviet general secretary Nikita Khrushchev once said, "are dangerous people.  They are capable of upsetting everything."  The Russian leader understood that history matters because it is concerned with real people and with the way human lives have changed, for better or worse, over time.  Small wonder it frightened Khrushchev.

— J.L. Granatstein, in his book "

Who killed Canadian history?"

By looking at the past we can judge how far we have come in our journey to a "better society."  By knowing how far we have come and by looking at our goals for the future, we can determine how much farther and into which direction we must travel to reach our goals.  However, by recognizing how far we have come, we will also be able to tell to what extent we are traveling in the right direction or whether we are pursuing the right goals.  That is what frightened Nikita Khrushchev.  It should also frighten all of us. —WHS

Additional reading:

Sex and Power in History, by Amaury de Riencourt, Review

There’s No Place Like Work : How Business, Government, and Our Obsession with Work Have Driven Parents From Home, by Brian C. Robertson. Review

For more articles along those lines refer to the section in the web site index on History.

International child-abduction, -custody and -visitation issues

Parents Advocating for Recovery through Education by Networking Together


Canada (general)

  • Canadian Legal Information Institution (Off-site; Canadian court decisions, access is free)
  • CANGRANDS is a not-for-profit organization for Canadian grand parents. CANGRANDS welcomes all grandparents and family members who are raising grandchildren or extended family members. Its aim is to promote, support and assist families in maintaining or re-establishing family ties; especially between grandchildren and grandparents and extended families.
  • Child Custody and Access Hearings

Records of the hearings of the Canadian Special Joint Senate/House of Commons Committee on Custody and Access   Committee Reports/Rapports de Comités
   Radical feminists (more accurately called redfems) complain that men treat them with derision because they are denying that there is such a thing as violence against women.  Look at the records of the hearings and find out what $16 million in annual funding to organizations supported by Hedy Fry and her office of Secretary of State Status of Women (and no funding for organizations opposing her agenda) can do to Canadian society. 
   Is it an unequal fight?  You bet!  But at least at the hearings, the radical feminists come across like dolts and the outmatched losers.  It's not the amount of funding but what you do with your heart that matters.

(Many of the listed organizations have help lines.)

Raising Awareness of Parental Alienation and Hostile Aggressive Parenting

Help raise awareness of this terrible form of Child Abuse

Family advocacy specializing on helping parents to have their children returned to them or to have access and visitation rights restored after false abuse allegations.

Yes, there are quite a few of them.  They are objective, respect men, families and the rights of all.  Feminist propagandists do not like them at all.

The REPORT Newsmagazine, after decades of maintaining its independence, and refusing to accept a substantial annual federal grant, so it could keep-on maintaining its independence, had to fold in 2003, not the least on account of an anti-free-speech ruling by Alberta's Human Rights Commision.
   However, its spirit and mission will ostensibly be revived in a new western-Canadian news magazine, the Western Standard. (The Western Standard, too, is now embroiled in a Human Rights Tribunal hearing, also on account of - you guessed it - an allegation of objectionable free speech, that, incidentally, hurt no one.)

The Western Standard began publishing with its first issue in March 2004.
   Update 2004 05 11: Now that the Western Standard has been publishing for a while it can safely be said that it does not live up to the promises it made.  Its journalistic quality falls short of what we had become accustomed to with the Report.  For details refer to blog entry 2004 05 02.

William D. Gairdner, Ph.D., is a former Olympic athlete and professor of English, and the bestselling author of seven books. His books The Trouble with Canada, The War Against the Family, and The Trouble with Democracy are all available from BPS Books.

Canada (Alberta)

  • MESA — Men's Educational Support Association (Calgary)

  • Parents Helping Parents
    Family advocacy specializing on helping parents to have their children returned to them or to have access and visitation rights restored after false abuse allegations. (Louise Malenfant is deceased.  Her web pages are being kept in her memory and because they are historically important.)

  • S.T.O.L.E.N. Jon Doe, exposes child protection workers, judges, law officials and more. (Calgary)

  • SUN — Seniors United Now
    The up- and coming, rapidly-growing advocacy organization for seniors (55 years and over) in Alberta

Canada (British Columbia)


305 Vista Green 7575  140th Street, Surrey, B.C. Canada V3W 5J9
Telephone: (604) 572-8173
Fax: (604) 572-1492
E-mail: lewisstevens@home.com

We are dedicated to protecting the human rights of Noncustodial Parents and their Children and Family  

Canada (Manitoba)

  • Henry Makow, PhD.

Canada (Ontario)

Gene C. Colman is a Toronto family law lawyer who possesses a unique understanding of the legal system’s dynamics: gender bias, procedural unfairness, challenges facing non custodial parents, parental alienation.  His web site contains articles that he has authored – many of these have been published in legal periodicals.

Dave Thornton is the wrong man to pick to make false abuse allegations against.  He earned his reputation, years ago, as a scrapper who, under the nickname Alligator-Dave wrought havoc amongst legal sharks. 
   Recently Dave Thornton got jailed without trial on the charge that he tried to rape his ex-wife (which, according to the "evidence" presented, he is said to have done in the presence of the police, believe it or not).  Dave Thornton managed to get out of jail, after having been beaten up and having his ribs broken, and he now is fighting his case in a court of "law".

A pyramid scam played a large role in the break-up of Dave Thornton's marriage.  Dave made it his business to fight not only for his rights but to expose pyramid scams in any way he can.

  • Homosexuals Opposed to Pride Extremism  (HOPE)

"The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation" (Pierre Trudeau, 1967)

"The bedrooms of the nation have no business in our schools" (H.O.P.E., 1997)

[From the web page by John Mckellar, the Toronto journalist who, on account of exercising his right of free speech by speaking out against the excesses of extremist gay activists, had to face the Ontario Human Rights Commission (headed by a gay activist) in a case brought forth by a gay activist through a law firm owned by two gay activists.]


  • Arbeitskreis Eltern für Kinder  (e.V.)  (deutschsprachig) German-language website, providing information relating to judiciary family issues
  • Väteraufbruch für Kinder (deutschsprachig) German-language website, providing information that relates to the consequences of the destruction of the family, with its focus on fathers who were kicked out and no longer are able to have contact with their children.
  • CEED - Conseil Européen des Enfants du Divorce
    Parents, children and grandparents victims of international and administrative child abductions


This is a website that illustrates with a great many articles and comments the excesses of the German Youth Welfare Offices, a totalitarian system for systematic family destruction, one of whose missions appears to be to to inflict great pain on parents of children their children alike, whether those are members of intact families or not.

The website comes in multilingual versions (see top of the page identified through the preceding link).



  • The Japanese Family   A page containing statistics and comments on fatherlessness in Japan.  In Japan too, the destruction of the family has consequences to children that concern many.

The outcome is increasing virtual fatherlessness due to the extremely long hours that Japanese fathers work.

"Due to the heavy work load that is demanded from Japanese fathers, they have a minimal amount of time to spend with their family, in particular, with their children. Only 54% of Japanese fathers report communicating with their children daily, and when communication does take place, it hardly ever exceeds 36 minutes on weekdays and 92 minutes on weekends. 40% of Japanese fathers never help their children with homework. The most shocking fact is that 73% of Japanese fathers report either never or once in a while playing sports or participating in leisure time activities with their children."

Other outcomes are: a rising divorce rate; juvenile delinquency, and a host of other problems that we are all only too familiar with.

See also what David Thomas has to say to debunk some of the myths of the oppressed Japanese women.  David Thomas is an English journalist whose career got destroyed by feminists who took offence at the book from which the excerpt accessible at the preceding link is quoted.

See also Parents' rights a demographic issue, by COLIN P.A. JONES, Special to The Japan Times, Tuesday, July 18, 2006

New Zealand

DIRECTOR: STUART BIRKS K.S.Birks@massey.ac.nz

  • New Zealand Men for Equal Rights Association

Home Page: http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~zohrab for international Men's/Fathers' resources, or,
http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/6708   ICQ#12787653


Los españoles son iguales ante la ley, sin que pueda prevalecer discriminación alguna por razón de nacimiento, raza, sexo, religión, opinión o cualquier otra condición o circunstancia personal o social.

(Constitución española, artículo 14)

A pesar del principio de igualdad establecido en la Constitución:

miles de niños son objeto de discriminación por su “condición o circunstancia personal o social” de ser hijos de padres separados; y

miles de padres son objeto de discriminación “por razón de sexo” en los casos de separación y divorcio.

Como resultado, miles de niños crecen lejos de su padre, en una situación de orfandad artificial que, no sólo es contraria a los principios constitucionales, sino también a los preceptos de la ley natural, anterior a todas las constituciones.


The ALLIANCE FOR THE CHILD is an international independent nonprofit non-governmental organization (NGO) and a legal personality according to the European Convention on the Recognition of the Legal Personality of International Non-Governmental Organisations (*). The foundation (in Sweden Stiftelsen ALLIANS FÖR BARNEN) is in search of funding to develop its Interdisciplinary Competence Center of Excellence with a program of (1) Research and Education, and (2) Clinical Treatment, Intervention and Psychotherapy of alienated children and target victims of PAS. Donators are asked to write to ARE AKADEMI Collegium Europaeum to request further information.

Contact: Dr. Nils-Göran Areskoug, Email: coleur (AT) gmail.com

För skydd av Familjers Rättigheter i de Nordiska länderna
Ordf. Ruby Harrold-Claesson, Jur. kand., Ströms väg 37, S-424 71 OLOFSTORP, Sverige.
Tel. (+) 46 - 31 - 70 20 385, Fax. (+) 46 - 31 - 70 25 242, Org.nr 855102-0053
Pg. 444 88 81-5 eller IBAN: SE17 9500 0099 6034 4448 8815

This is a multi-lingual site. 
Choose available language:

A multi-lingual blog that aims to promote the rights of fathers and children.


Separated, divorced:  we support an equally good relationship for the children with the Father and the Mother.

United Kingdom

  • Angry Harry — This website gives you links to articles by some of the best writers, columnists, journalists and thinkers from around the world.

    See also: Angry Harry's Men's Issues
  • Mankind — Runs a helpline phone number which is available to all men in the UK who are victims of domestic abuse. It is: 01823 334244. Their telephone helpline is manned by trained staff from Monday to Friday 10a.m. to 4p.m. and 7p.m. to 9p.m. (except Friday evenings)
  • Manorama — A Digest of Information about Men's Issues from around the World
  • SuperheroDads — Fathers 4 Justice; Fighting for YOUR right to see YOUR children
  • Real Fathers for Justice
  • UK  Men's Movement — A men's rights organisation


Emergency Shelter:
Emergency shelter and extended temporary haven for men, women and child survivors of intimate partner violence.  (Shelter for male victims with or without children is somewhat limited, so please speak to our helpline advocate to find out what’s available in your area).

  • Expose The Abuse Monster — An excellent page debunking politically correct myths, with facts about comparisons between men and women, with respect to issues of health, health funding, child custody and access, pay equity and much more.
  • Fathering Magazine – If you wish to be informed on the latest issues and challenges affecting fathers and fathering, the Fathering Magazine is the place to go.
  • Fathers-4-Justice US is an American take-off on the F4J movement that began in British Columbia, Canada, got popularized in the UK and began to spread then to other nations, amongst them Canada.  The website of F4J-US is emerging and needs developing, but it does have a discussion forum that covers interesting and pertinent subjects.
  • First Principles
  • Fred On Everything — Commentary With Moxie, by Fred Reed
  • Gender Issues Research Center

  • Glenn J. Sacks "...is the only regularly published male columnist in the US who writes about gender issues from a perspective unapologetically sympathetic to men."  (That is not true. Carey Roberts has been doing that too, possibly for far longer, since about 1994.) 

  • judicial-discipline-reform.org — This is a very important website by a very important organization.  The website appears to be best viewed using MS Internet Explorer. Using Firefox, for example, causes much of the text on various web pages to become invisible (which can be cured by dragging your cursor over an area that contains invisible text, although you have to guess and experiment as to what portions of a given web page may contain invisible text).
       Nevertheless, if you are concerned over and worried by judicial unaccountability, and you should be, judicial-discipline-reform.org is the website that you must visit.

  • KRights Radio — Listen to streaming-audio programs with discussions on fathers rights issues

  • Laigle' Forum — Christian Conservative Activism
  • Men's News Daily — Men's International News and Review
  • Men's Defense Association  Common Sense on Gender and Law; Promoting Masculinity and Family

  • RADAR — Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting

  • Refuting the Most Common Feminist Lies and Pseudo-Scholarship

Refuting Feminist Lies and Misinformation.
Robert Sheaffer "Chief Patriarch and Oppressor-General" provides excellently researched and reasoned debunking of feminist myths and lies.  His home page, providing access to information on a variety of subjects, is at  http://www.debunker.com/robert.html

The publisher's (Rod VanMechelen) Home Page
The site contains an extensive Link Library that is well arranged and conveniently indexed.

  • http://www.thehappymisogynist.com — Thoughts on the walking wounded; Casualties of the gender war.
  • The Only Attorney in New York State Offering Not Just Representation But Father's Advocacy — Andrew Carlan, formerly a teacher, took an interest in the law on account of his own divorce and continued his studies to become a full-fledged lawyer specializing in helping fathers who have been expelled from their families and stripped of their paternal rights.
       While working as a para-legal during his history of being a fathers' right advocate he stepped on a lot of judges' toes.  Not too surprisingly it took a lot of years before he was admitted to the bar.
  • The Equal Justice Foundation — one of the best sources of information on violent women and battered husbands
The Equal Justice Foundation is a nonprofit organization of citizens from all walks of life

From the introduction at the web site:

...a member of the Coalition for Social Justice

This is NOT an Antifeminist Site : This is an Egalitarian, Anti-Sexist, Anti-Hate site Pro woman, Pro man, Pro Dialogue... I have more Men's support links for several reasons

#1 Men need to know there are women who support their rights and respect their needs

#2  Women who might never go to a Men's site can get an idea of Men's problems

I respect Masculists [*], Feminists & Humanists who are searching for a fair and balanced relationship between the sexes, while respecting gender differences

* "Masculists" is not a word that is part of the English language.  The proper word is "masculinists".

U.S.A. (New York )

  • FaFNY.org

    FaFNY (Coalition of Fathers and Families New York, Inc.) is the New York Affiliate of NCFC (National Coalition of Fathers and Children)

General information

Cato Institute

Fraser Institute

The Fraser Institute is a research institute based in Canada that promotes "a free and prosperous world through choice, markets and responsibility."  It opposes taxation and government regulation for the funding of social engineering.  The Fraser Institute promotes objective information on a large variety of subjects on which the media do not necessarily provide the objective truth.  Here are some of those subjects, as varied as:

Heritage Foundation

National Centre for Policy Analysis