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Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences

by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.

An analysis of advocacy research that was intended to change the world and did. (Quotes and links)

Lesbian Violence

Letters to Officials and to Media — Examples and Advice

Here is the start of a collection of links to material or examples of letters that can be used by you in writing letters of your own to your favorite politicians and newspapers.

It may be discouraging to some that a letter-to-the-editor that's been written about family issues gets rarely published if it has been written by a man.
   Furthermore, many papers have rules that prevent them from publishing letters from a given individual more often than once every few months.
   However, such letters don't get published at all if they are not written at all.
   Most importantly, every letter you write gets read at least by the editors of the newspaper or magazine you send them to.

Life Expectancies for the sexes in:

lifexpec.gif (7085 bytes)

The USA  

Various countries in the world

See also Quality of Life

Mail received by Fathers for Life

Marriage — Heterosexual Marriage is unique. 

Anything else is a poor substitutes.  Full Story

Media Coverage

Men's Health

The need for an Office of Men's Health is acute, and the evidence that men's health is being ignored can't be ignored. According to the Centers for Disease Control, adjusting for age, men lead in all of the 10 most common causes of death in the United States, and women live on average six years longer than men.
-- Los Angeles Daily Journal, San Francisco Daily Journal (12/18/01)

You don't have any, you say? Well, you better be concerned about them.  About as many men die of cancer of the prostrate each year as women who die of breast cancer, yet, government funding for prostate cancer research is about a quarter of what it is for breast cancer research.

Men's Help Lines

Men's Resources Survey — Edmonton Region (Archived Item)

Please give this some of your time if you live in the Edmonton area. Replies were required before the end of November 1998.
The deadline is now past, but if you are looking for men's resources, contact the authors of the survey. The results of the survey have not yet been compiled. When that has been done the results or a link to them will be posted here.

Mortality Rates for Men and Women

Parental Alienation and Parental Alienation Syndrome


  • Paternity Issues — Paternity fraud runs rampant. In ostensibly stable, monogamous marriages the alleged father's child is not his supposedly biological offspring in one out of five cases.  In contested paternity cases, as is customary for paternity in children born to single mothers, the chance that an alleged father is not the biological parent of a given child is one out three. 
       Should you sign the birth certificate?  Be careful, you may quite likely commit yourself to a life of servitude and financial slavery without having much of a chance of ever playing a meaningful role in the life of the child for which you have to foot the bill, even if the child is quite possibly not yours; regardless of whether you are married or not, whether you are in love or not.

Patriarchy — Was there ever such a thing? 

Was the patriarchy a controlling factor in the evolution of civilization and in the oppression of women?  Was there ever oppression of women?

When Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote their Communist Manifesto they wanted to dismantle the patriarchy, so that a socialist society can be built from what can be salvaged from the rubble of humanity remaining after the destruction of civilization.  The radical- (or Marxist) feminists, who now carry the torch of communist ideology, made it their all-consuming mission to abrogate the patriarchy, as they and their sympathizers declared open war on all things male — even to the extent that they engaged on re-designing the languages of nations to remove all masculine concepts from them . (See also Matriarchy in USSR)

To claim that the patriarchy is a manifestation of a sinister, conspirational plot by men to subjugate and enslave women is to be in denial of women's power.  Is it enough to poke fun at such an outrageous claim?

By Sean O'Connell, Ph.D.

Many writers addressed the topic of women's power not in satirical but realistic terms.  Jack Kammer, in his book If Men Have All the Power How Come Women Make the Rules *, compares women's power to a natural force that like a blanket of snow inexorably and all-pervasively covers everything — while here and there artificial, "man-made" symbols of male power like the Washington Monument peek through from under the blanket of female domination. (* translation into French)

Women's power was present and predominant throughout history.  To deny that fact would be as dishonest and irrational as to deny that the sun shines throughout each day.  Fortunately, beginning with Plato and with Aristotle in Politics, there always were writers and historians who took a somewhat more realistic view of the evolution of society and of women's controlling role in it.

There are even feminist writers — women and men — who make it quite clear that women always were a controlling force and influence in society, contrary to the false claims that women were so suppressed throughout history that they were not even permitted to own property.

For an extensive bibliography of works by such writers and for a somewhat realistic, although not necessarily pro-family view of women's power throughout history refer to:

1998 Tribute to Our Feminist Forefathers

The criticisms of the patriarchy boil down to nothing other than the wish to deconstruct social structures that are based on the foundation of the family.  It is quite logical that the anti-family forces in politics target their hatred of time-honored moral traditions on the family and do that by focusing on liberating women from their biological constraints.  First and foremost in that is to liberate women from the chore of their biological role of being the bearers of life.  That is achieved through the promotion of sexual freedom (as in the Communist Manifesto) and of abortion "rights."

That produces a big problem.  By promoting the abolition of the family and of the biological role of women, we not only will bring about the deconstruction of family and "patriarchy" but the very end of civilization and of even humanity itself.  The death of humanity is beginning with the rapid population decline in the developed nations.

Note: The abolition of the family is one of four major aspects of socialism.  That is because "abolition" implies in the minds of many people a gradual, somewhat benign cessation of family formation or of the existence of families (e.g.: "non-fault" divorce).  In reality, "abolition" is not quite the correct term and the term "destruction of the family" more accurately describes the circumstances.

No-fault divorce is hardly ever seen as being what its name identifies.  Almost invariably (but wrongly in about half of the cases) the man is seen as the guilty party at fault and as deserving to be sentenced to life-long punishment for having dared to be married.  Moreover, it can hardly be seen as a benign process if people are so afraid of the liabilities incurred on account of being punished for wanting to form a family that they forego that pleasure to the extent that their deliberate resolve not to have a family and not even children causes their nations to die out.  That is the case with all developed nations. (See Demographic Winter)

At this website, the term "abolition of the family" is used infrequently and the term "destruction of the family" is used far more frequently.  You can perform a site-specific search at the website of Fathers to find instances of web pages that refer to or discuss the destruction of the family.

The abolition of the family in the developed nations has progressed to the point that fewer and fewer people are willing to bind themselves in holy matrimony or to remain in it for life, to the extent that fewer people are willing to have children by any means, married or not.  In consequence, the developed nations are losing population at the rate of about 30 percent and more with every successive generation. 

Although the problem with the rapid population decline is not unique to Caucasian nations (for example, Japan * is identically affected), the Caucasian race, having always been a very small minority of all of humanity, is now rapidly vanishing.  In those countries that attempt through massive immigration from underdeveloped nations to compensate for their population declines, the Caucasian population sector is being increasingly and rapidly replaced by non-Caucasian "minorities." (*Tuesday, July 18, 2006, "Parents' rights a demographic issue", by COLIN P.A. JONES, Special to The Japan Times)

All that will do is to obscure the fact that the total human population is in decline in the whole world.  Caucasians are merely the first to go.

The last UN Population Report identified a growing number of UN member nations whose birth rates are below replacement levels (84 in 1999, up from 61 in 1998), while the birth rates in most of the developed nations are about half of what they should be to maintain population levels.

The Demographics of Death, or, The Decline & Fall of the Human Empire

World Population Control — U.S. Strategy and UN Policy Program

 An overview compiled from various sources, based on various opinions relating to the consequences of the U.S.-promoted culture of death resulting from National Security Study Memorandum 200, by Henry A. Kissinger, National Security Council, Washington, D.C. 20506, April 24, 1974.

U.N. projects a significant population shift by 2050 (2001 article)

United Nations Population Information Network (POPIN), UN Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, with support from the UN Population Fund (UNFPA)

Population Trends: Rapid Growth in Less Developed Regions (2008, UNFPA)

Is it necessary to abolish the patriarchy (that is, the family)?   That depends on whether we want to help to achieve the goal of the proponents of negative population growth (read: the reduction of the human population) down to the size of the world population that existed during the time of Columbus.  Some people estimate that world population levels were at around 300 to 500 million people then, although some, such as David Korten, put them at somewhat higher levels.

Korten, who even mentions Malthus by name, gingerly endorses the goal of bringing the world's population down to 1-2 billion from the present 5.7 billion [in 1995], though without saying how. Malthus, at least, was honest enough to advocate the promotion of death: "Instead of recommending cleanliness to the poor, we should encourage contrary habits." Korten probably isn't a partisan of mortality-promotion, but advocating the disappearance of billions of people without saying how invites terrible speculations [not the least if which is that the AIDS epidemic is considered by many people to be a blessing that serves well in aiding to eradicate mankind from the face of Gaea —WHS].

Antiglobalization, by Doug Henwood,
Left Business Observer #71, January 1996

The conference at which David Korten spoke is:

Social, Ecological, Cultural, and Political Costs of

A Report from the International Forum on Globalization recorded in New York City November 10th-12th, 1995

The opening plenary, held in Riverside Church (a project of the Rockefeller family), assembled a long night's worth of speakers -- Maude Barlow (Council of Canadians), John Cavanagh (Institute for Policy Studies), Barbara Dudley (Greenpeace), David Korten (author), Ralph Nader, Carl Pope (Sierra Club), and Vandana Shiva (Third World Network). The MC was adman Jerry Mander, who believes that TV, which he hates, will soon implode of its own contradictions. Mander is on the board of El Bosque and is the program director for Tompkins' Foundation for Deep Ecology, whose funding was acknowledged, along with that of the Goldsmith Foundation.

Antiglobalization, by Doug Henwood,
Left Business Observer #71, January 1996

Is it possible to achieve the large-scale reduction in the size of the world population?  Yes.  It is even likely to happen.  Current world population projections identify that by the year 2150 the world population will reach 3.7 billion.  It only took to remove the weakest links from our families, the fathers.   To make that possible, acceptable and even desirable, it was necessary to conjure up the notion of the patriarchy, of it being evil and a conspiracy by evil men, and to extend that thought to the idea that all men are evil and not providers and protectors for women and children but their Nemesis. 

Insane as that is, the rest was and still is easy.  After all, the strategy of denigration, vilification and then persecution and even perhaps extermination is a time-honored recipe for success in the eradication of "undesired" sectors of the population.  Although the Nazis used it successfully in the eradication of six million Jews and six million other "non-Aryans," the communist regimes during the last century applied it far more successfully, by murdering at least 170 million landowners, academics, capitalists and other "enemies of the State."  As many as 98 percent of those murdered by the communist regimes were boys, men and fathers, leaving women and children to struggle for themselves, in the care of "Father State," as effectively (but obviously not as cheaply and profitably) as any state-sponsored and feminist-driven program of no-fault divorce could have hoped to achieve.

Now and Then — A Comparison

Parallels between the methods used in the Nazi's extermination of millions of Jews and those used in the whole-sale destruction of our families in the 21st century Full Story

Pay Equity

Women earn 72 cents on the dollar that men earn?  How can that be, given that we have laws that make such a practice a criminal offence?  Full Story


  • We often have beautiful colours in the Fall. Usually that lasts until the end of September or early October. That's when sometimes the first truly severe frosts hit. It was lucky that we went for a little sight-seeing tour of our neighbourhood on September 30, 2000, because three days later the temperature went down to -10°C. Have a look at what things are like in Alberta at that time of year. Those photographs comprise 798 kB of data. If you want to display the associated maps as well, then there'll be another 206 kB of data.
  • Photographs of our house, and various other things. That page won't take long to load. The pictures are shown as thumbnail images that can be clicked to display larger versions of up to about 50 kB each.

Political Correctness 101

Feminist subversion of academe and the consequence of struggling against it, Hell hath no fury as an ideologue who feels that his ideology is threatened  Full Story


Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, thought and successfully promoted that propaganda is a necessary and powerful tool for running a democracy.  Adolf Hitler thought and promoted much the same thing as the article at the preceding link illustrates.  However, as the information accessible at the following links shows, just because Edward Bernays is now close to a hundred years old and just because Hitler is long dead, the progress of propaganda has not been halted.  Propaganda is still very much and increasingly so at work and affects all of us, everyone in the world.

  • Television and the Hive Mind

By Mack White

    Mack White presents a summary of the history of propaganda, from a 1938 experiment in psychological warfare against an unsuspecting American public to today's program that aims at direct machine-to-human communication, the equivalent of telepathy, to achieve total mind control of the consumers.  Full Story

    With knowledge no longer encapsulated in individuals, the distinction between individuals and the entirety of humanity would blur.  Think Vulcan mind-meld.  We would perhaps become more of a hive mind — an enormous, single, intelligent entity.

    — "Converging Technologies
    for Improving Human Performance"
    (pre-publication on-line version), June 2002
    U.S. National Science Foundation
    U.S. Department of Commerce, pp. 164, 165
    PDF File (4.7 MB)

The U.S. National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Commerce and their allies in Japan and Europe are hard at work to bring about their ultimate goal, to promote and establish a global hive mind by the end of the 21st century.   They posit that not only is that goal feasible but also that it will quite likely be achieved during the course of this century.
   Not only will the hive mind have been constructed, it will offer the lure of immortality for all those who join it, give them virtually instant communication with one another and make them unimaginably powerful.  That what makes us human and what comprises humanity, e. g.: individual personalities, will then no longer exist. 
   There will no longer be the need to feel pain, hunger, lust and pride.   Moreover, gone, too, will be the need for humans to reproduce sexually and to have any need for material possessions.
   How can that vision possibly fail?  After all, it will save the globe, and the proponents of that vision insist that the end of humanity by transforming it into the hive mind is the only way by which the globe can be saved.
   Mack White (in Television and the Hive Mind) warns, though, that a hive mind is without fail ruled by a queen.   Perhaps, but it may be that the hive mind will become so totally and tightly integrated that it will be the queen and nothing else. (More)

  • Coolhunt and the Merchants of Cool

How a handful of media giants form a symbiotic relationship with consumers, target teenagers and younger children to become consumerism addicts and in the process corrupt society  Full Story

Prostate Problems?

Each year about as many men die of cancer of the prostate as women who die of breast cancer. Almost 200,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in 2001 in the US.

Prostitution — Is it a form of violence?  Against whom?

Examples of who practices prostitution  Full Story

Quotes pertaining to the State and to children, to common sense and more

Full Story

Rural Electrification Association

Sex Education

By MARNIE KO, Report Newsmagazine, Jan 6, 2003 (but chastity until marriage and fidelity afterwards is virtually as safe as no sex)

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

SIDS often is the diagnosis when a child has been murdered.  Women are almost certain to get away with the murder of only one child.  Officials seldom become concerned even when a woman murders as many as four of her children, one after another. (Full Story)

Suicide Statistics

Divorced men head suicide list in Australia — three times more likely to commit suicide

Marital Breakdown and Suicide in Australia (contains references to studies in other countries as well)

Ever since the '20s the Canadian suicide rates for men were consistently higher by a factor of four or more than those for women. They reached an enormous peak during the Great Depression in the late twenties and early '30s, then fell again, to experience another sharp increase in 1945 and 46, and climbed once more in conjunction with the 1968 Divorce Act Reform. Along with the increasing vilification of men that began in the '60s, the suicide rate for Canadian men experienced a rapid increase that has only lately abated somewhat. Nevertheless, in 1971 the rates for men reached and then surpassed for a number of years the peak reached previously in 1930.It took until 1989 before the rates declined to that existing at the onset of the Great Depression in 1927. For men, three-and-half decades of "women's liberation" have been a traumatic experience. For the male victims of suicide it was a deadly experience.

  • India

It is a common perception in India that men drive women to suicide. That is a major hoax created by Gender Feminists and Media Bias.

India Suicides -- Husbands vs. Wives

India Suicide Rates -- Husbands vs. Wives

  • Spain


Autor: Grupo Padres e Hijos.
Madrid, 10 de Julio de 2004.

From that study report:

  • Suicides in Sweden

The frequency of suicide continues to decrease and during the past two decades suicide mortality has decreased by 38 per cent for both sexes.  Suicide is commoner among men: during 1998 three times as many men as women committed suicide. On the other hand, suicide attempts are commoner among women than among men. 

Health in Sweden - Sweden´s Public Health Report 2001

Eeva Sodhi, who provided that item of information, comments: "That basically coincides with the time (1983) when joint custody became the norm [in Sweden]. Since 1998 joint custody can be ordered even when one of the parents disagrees."

More on the Causes of Suicides in Sweden

The Mobbing Encyclopaedia. Bullying; Whistleblowing. Epidemiological FindingsLong-term effects: A greater proportion of these mobbed  employees (the study indicates roughly ten to twenty percent) seems to contract serious illnesses or commit suicide. Leymann (1987) points out that about every 6th to 15th officially noted suicide in the Swedish statistics (in all about 1,800 every year) may be caused by this kind of workplace problem. 80% of the patients at the now defunct Swedish special clinic for mobbing victims had suffered from suicidal thoughts, 25% of those had made an attempt.

Would the special Swedish clinic for mobbing victims be defunct if the majority of the victims were women.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Men don't cry (but that is why they die).

Men behaving sadly – Information about and advice on depression, by the Royal College of Psychiatrist (U.K.)

Men [in the U.K.] are around three times more likely than women are to kill themselves. Suicide is commonest amongst men who are separated, widowed or divorced and is more likely if someone is a heavy drinker.

Mind you, the article advises that anyone should not get upset if he can’t sleep - "Do something restful that you enjoy, like listening to the radio or watching television."  Especially for men, that does not seem to be the best cure for depression.  Television and its never-ceasing male-bashing programs and commercials are more likely to bring depression on or to aggravate it than to cure it.

However, here, for the first time in many years, in almost a decade in fact, is an article that identifies male suicide in the U.K. as a problem that is being ignored and needs to be solved: The silent epidemic of male suicide, By Dan Bell, Feb. 4, 2008, BBC News. Incongruously, the article was published at the BBC website, while the BBC is one of the major promoters of "news" and other male-bashing items that contributed over the years to the escalating epidemic of male suicides.

  • USA Suicide Deaths, during the period 1979 to 1996 — of more than 500,000 suicide victims, four out of every five were men, and their numbers are increasing year after year, whereas those for women are steadily decreasing.

  • World Suicides

  • International Suicide Deaths & Suicide Rates based on 1999 WHO data

  • Suicidal Behaviours at the Dawn of the New Millennium: On Their Nature, Magnitude, and Causality
    Professorial Lecture by Prof. Diego de Leo, MD, PhD, Director, Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, President, International Association for Suicide Prevention  (June 8, 2000, Griffith University, Australia, PDF file, 122 kB)

    Prof. Diego de Leo identifies that annual suicides in the world are in the order of one million, and estimates that the annual total will increase to 1.5 million by 2020.   World wide, men and boys comprise close to 80 percent of suicide victims.

  • Gay Men — Suicide and Homosexual Psychopathology —two studies

Suicide stories

Men Who Broke

The Consequences of Separation and Divorce

There is hope that life will be better again, even though it seems that you have no longer any control over your life. You can have a reasonably good life. Whether the quality of that life will be good depends to a large extent on you.

Many men feel that it is their right to be able to live with someone they love. It is your right. However, you have to determine what brought about the calamities that your divorce caused you. Marriage is an unenforceable contract. The odds are about 50/50 that a first marriage will last for life. The odds are against you that you'll do better the second time around. The third time around they are worse yet.
Some people say that marriage is the main cause of divorce. That sounds very smart but isn't quite true. Many marriages fail because of the poor choices men (and women) made in choosing a partner for life.
Schiller said in his ode Song of the Bell, in the context of commenting on the right proportions of metals required to produce the right alloy for a well-sounding bell:

Because where austerity and tenderness,
Where strength and mildness paired,
There'll always be appealing timbre.
Therefore test, who wants to bind himself forever,
Whether heart will find right heart.
The elation is short, the remorse is long.

The following items delve into some of the things that will cause remorse.

  • From Canada: Whose decision was it to file for divorce?

  • From New Zealand: Who decided to separate? — Information from Maxwell G M and Robertson JP (1993) Moving Apart: A Study of Family Court Counseling Services, Department of Justice (Appendix VI of Gender Analysis and the Women's Access to Justice Project, by Stuart Birks, Issues Paper No. 2, Published by the Centre for Public Policy Evaluation, College of Business, Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand, March 1998, ISSN. 1174-412X)

  • From Canada: By Glenn Cheriton of Men's Health Network.

  1. Impact on single custodial fathers

  2. Impact on non-custodial fathers and their children

  3. Impact on custodial mothers and co-parenting

  4. Impact on non-custodial mothers

  5. Impact on second wives, step-mothers, grandmothers

  6. Impact on intact families

  7. Tax, support, and the Canadian economy

  8. Best Interests of the Children?

  9. Procedural and research problems with Justice Canada

  10. Family abuse issues and the issue of financial support

  • How Broken Families Rob Children of Their Chance for Future Prosperity, a Heritage Foundation Report, June 11, 1999 (Please be sure to read the full text of this very important report. It contains facts and recommendations that are simply astounding! It is available as a PDF file at the indicated link.)

  • Malicious Mother Syndrome

  • The fallacy of sexual freedom. Any man who feels that there is such a thing as sexual freedom for men runs the risk of a very rude awakening. Nevertheless, many men take that risk, especially after separation and divorce. Be careful, be very careful!

  • When it doesn't get any worse — The life of a tramp, an excerpt from George Orwell's "Down and Out in Paris and London" (1933)

And the following items are intended to help with making the best out of the rest of your life, to some extent, to help you survive.

  • Advice for your life after divorce — by Andrew Carlan, a man who was there, and who became a Fathers Rights activist and a lawyer on account of it.

  • How to get by after having had your income reduced to next to nothing —a few tips on how to save on expenses and still be able to live reasonably well.

  • Men behaving sadly – Information about and advice on depression, by the Royal College of Psychiatrist (U.K.)

Helping men:

Many men find it difficult to ask for help when they are depressed - it can feel unmanly and weak. It may be easier for men to ask for help if those who give that help take into account men’s special needs.

The Evolution of the Child-Sexual-Abuse Industry

  • TOUCHY SUBJECT, an article by Lynley Hood in the NZ SUNDAY STAR-TIMES, 25 March 2001, focuses on a part of history in which feminism played a large part. The article deals with the evolution of the modern child-sexual-abuse witch hunts in New Zealand. There are, of course, international connotations.

The Migration of Political Power to Radical feminism [*]

Erin Pizzey, the founder of the women's shelter movement and of the first modern women's refuge in 1971, in Chiswick, London, England, published a new book, Women or Men Who Are The Victims? (Dec. 2000, CIVITAS, U.K.)
   A chapter in the book, From the Personal to the Political, recounts the circumstances that led to the rise of radical feminism from relatively obscure circumstances after women returned to New York from the Southern states in the USA, where they had been helping women in the civil rights movement, from a time when the movement was essentially penniless, through the time when they usurped the women's shelter movement to gain an inexhaustible source of funding, to grow presently into one of the most powerful political forces in the history of mankind.

* If the term "radical feminism" (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist-feminism) is somewhat new to you, you need to expand your knowledge.  After all, radical feminism, the currently controlling faction of feminism, governs just about everything that is happening in your life.  See,

Carey Roberts column

Carey Roberts is an analyst and commentator on political correctness. His best-known work was an exposé on Marxism and radical feminism.

Carey Roberts' best-known work, his exposé on Marxism and radical feminism, is not necessarily easy to find, but this link will help with that. (Some of the URLs for the article series appear to keep changing.  For that reason the identified link leads to an Internet search for the series.  The first or second link in the return list will most likely lead you to the series.)

Things for men to think about

Jim, from New Zealand, wrote to me and sent me a URL for the NZ Government's Agenda for Children.

All UN conventions are somewhat deceptive, but none more so than those that pertain to rights and issues relating to the family.  It was not clear to me whether Jim was for or against the UNCRC [UN Convention on the Rights of the Child], but just so there will be no mistake on what the convention is all about,  I wrote to Jim


The connection between a children's book and Nazism's rise to power  Full Story



Women in the SS

The book from which the excerpts accessible here were made is a book about the history of the violence, depravity and cruelty of hundreds of thousands of women in Germany who actively participated in the atrocities committed by the Nazis. It is a history that is being swept under the carpet, ever since the end of World War II. These women were Nazis of the worst kind. They were active members of the SS, active in the concentration camps, visiting their husbands there, living right at the edge of the camps —knowing and willing perpetrators of atrocities, and providing moral and ideological support for their SS husbands. A Wife at His Side (by Gudrun Schwarz) is a contribution to the dismantling of the picture of woman as victim of circumstances, which — supported by research, justice and politics — could establish itself in German post-war society.

The SS is being perceived until today as a male confederacy. To the contrary, Heinrich Himmler thought of and formed it as a clan-community comprised of men and women. In 1929 already, shortly after taking office as Reich-Leader of the SS, Himmler said about the SS clan-community that it was intended to be a "racial top-stratum of a Germanic people," a leading elite of a Europe ruled by the Nazis.

Gudrun Schwarz presents an amalgam of racist dispositions, social ambitions, materialistic aspirations and authoritarian character profiles, that even enabled some of the participating women at the end to label Auschwitz as an 'idyllic setting.'

See also Women's Violence, SS-Wives and Karla Homolka

Sexuality and sex worked for Homolka

As a woman, she had access to the victim stereotype

Why do so many people have such a time accepting that women are as fully capable – of good, of evil, of everything in between – as men and thus as deserving of the same judgments? The evidence is all around us, from the pack of predominantly girl teens who set upon Reena Virk in Victoria, B.C. [and cruelly killed her], and who showed the few boys there how it was done, to Amina Chaudhary, who casually strangled the eight-year-old nephew of her then-lover, to the two women who one August night last year killed Toronto Police Detective-Constable Billy Hancox with a knife to the chest, to the women everyone knows who are every bit as venal, or immoral, or heartless as any of their male counterparts.

Homolka didn't need a man to turn her bad. None of us does.

— Christie Blatchford, in the National Post

Most women know the answer to the question posed by Christie Blatchford, but extremely few women are willing to admit the truth. Many thanks to Christie Blatchford for being one of the few honest women who do.  As to men, well, it seems that they can't help themselves. They see their mother in every woman. They lost their ability to see the truth in women before they became four years of age.

Women's Violence, SS-Wives and Karla Homolka tries to examine what kind of forces are at work that drive society to be in denial about women's violence. It attempts as well to identify some of the consequences of that denial.

Anyone who is aware of the whereabouts of the transcripts of the post-war trials in Hamburg, Germany, at which several of such women were tried for the atrocious crimes they committed, and then were hanged, would you please be so good and let me know about the details? Thank you, —WHS

  • Victimhood has become a profitable enterprise.   It is of great benefit to lawyers who fabricate victims and to the victims they fabricate.  Victimhood is by no means being monopolized by women, although they are doubtlessly the primary beneficiaries of the victimhood-sector of the legal industry.   Take the children in Norway that were fathered by German soldiers during the occupation by the Germans during Second World War. 

Women Who Love Men

A web site that celebrates women who love men.  From the web site:

Authors and Journalists
Politicians and Economists
Activists and Researchers
Women's groups

This is a site to briefly celebrate some of the many women who are standing up for men in the face of a society that seems increasingly hostile to everything male. I make this list mainly for men who are beginning to feel that all women are falling into the feminist trap, and in the hope that they won't fall into the equal and opposite trap of hating all women.......

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Both Men and Women Do the Work of the World

By Glenn Sacks, 2003 03 18

Glenn Sacks identifies in a well-researched article some not-so-surprising facts:  Men do most of the dirty and dangerous work, they constitute most of the victims of serious and fatal job injuries, and feminists, even those at the UN, use very selective and fudged statistics to "prove" the opposite, by promoting:

...the staple feminist claims heard every March during International Women's Day and Women's History Month is that "women do the work of the world." This myth was publicized by the United Nations during the 1970s ("Women constitute one half of the world's population [and] do two-thirds of the world's work") and reinforced in 1995 with the release of its "Human Development Report" and the presentation of the report at the UN International Women's Conference in Beijing. The report's claim that women do more work than men was reported widely and uncritically by the US media with headlines such as "It's Official: Women Do Work Harder" and "A Woman's Work is Never Done."....

1) Who works the most hours (inside or outside the home) in the average family unit worldwide?

2) Who does the most demanding and dangerous work?

Check Glenn Sacks' article (2003 03 18) for the not-so-surprising answers to those two questions. (off-site)

A condensed article by Glenn Sacks (date not known), covering the same topic (off-site)

See also: The 1989 Montreal Massacre in the context of men’s sacrifices, 2008 12 07, by Professor Jeffrey Asher.

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