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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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Fathers for Life contains more than 400 web pages or articles that contain the word "health" or the phrase" men's health".  Here are direct links to some of those articles:

Differences in the life expectancies of the sexes (2009)05/03/2019
[US] NIH is Neglecting Heart Disease in Men05/03/2019
Abuse against men ignored05/03/2019
Anorexia Nervosa: Changing Ideal of Beauty or insane Obsession? Main Page05/03/2019
Are Abuse Shelters good for Children?05/03/2019
Cancer Death Statistics05/03/2019
Cancer Medicine The Impact of Marital Status on Cancer Survival05/03/2019
Cannibalism: Eyewitness accounts from inside the booming trade in fetal body parts05/03/2019
Causes of Deaths, Canada, 1992, by sex05/03/2019
Differences in the life expectancies of the sexes05/03/2019
Disorders of Psychogenic Origin (1972)05/03/2019
Emergency Department Injury Surveillance Data Report, South Fraser Health Region, April 1 - June 1, 2001, B.C., Canada05/03/2019
Family Issues Main Page05/03/2019
Index to Health Issues of Interest to Men and to People Who Respect Men and Families05/03/2019
Neglected to death05/03/2019
No "homosexual gene" can be found, new study says.05/03/2019
Paraquat and Parkinson's Disease05/03/2019
Prostate Problems?05/03/2019
Soy Can Lead to Kidney Stones05/03/2019
Suicide in Canada05/03/2019
Suicide rates in countries throughout the world05/03/2019
Syphilis amongst homosexual men in Quebec is on the rise05/03/2019
Ten Ways to legally Kill a Woman05/03/2019
The Deadly Dead-Baby Industry05/03/2019
The depopulation crisis is real in India too05/03/2019
The fetal alcohol crisis 05/03/2019
The only safe sex is no sex05/03/2019
UN Population Policies, World Demographics, Job Fatalities and the Extermination of Men05/03/2019
United Kingdom, Suicide Rates 1971 - 199705/03/2019
USA Population Figures for the Years 1980 to 199605/03/2019

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