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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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Children—Our most valued assets?
Educating Our Children for the Global Gynarchia
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since June 19, 2001

Table of Contents — History


Fathers for Life contains about 80 web pages or articles with information on the history of the evolution of civilization and society that is not being taught much or at all in the schools..  Here are direct links to some of those articles:

Grandma's Apron, and what Grandpa had to do with it.05/03/2019
A message to my daughters, on Fathers Day 200105/03/2019
Balancing work, family life and shrinking populations05/03/2019
Canada's declaration of war against pro-family- and pro-male activists05/03/2019
Communism is worse than Capitalism - Part 105/03/2019
Der Struwwelpeter (Slovenly Peter); Translated by Mark Twain05/03/2019
Domestic Violence is not a gender issue; by Erin Pizzey05/03/2019
Early Hate05/03/2019
Excerpts from The Secondhand Man, by Karin Jaeckel, Ph. D.05/03/2019
Family Violence — Main Page05/03/2019
Fascism vs. Socialism05/03/2019
Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Feminism05/03/2019
Feminism and Society — As seen through feminists' eyes (and as seen through the eyes of others who still use common sense)05/03/2019
Feminism is a Fraud05/03/2019
Feminist family politics and their roots in communist ideology05/03/2019
Freedom, Equality, and Society's Treatment of Men and Families05/03/2019
Germany Devours its Children (2000)05/03/2019
Germany devours its children — Excerpt 105/03/2019
Germany devours its children — Excerpt 205/03/2019
Germany devours its children — Excerpt 405/03/2019
Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences, by Judith A. Reisman05/03/2019
Men's Issues — Main Page05/03/2019
Men: Beasts of Burden05/03/2019
More on Rights and Freedoms05/03/2019
Now and Then — A comparison05/03/2019
Politics, as seen by Aristotle05/03/2019
Qualitative studies in psychological and social research05/03/2019
Rights and Freedoms — Summary05/03/2019
Slouching Towards Gomorrah, By Robert Bork, Chapter 11: Feminism05/03/2019
Song of the Bell05/03/2019
The Communist Manifesto05/03/2019
The End of Humanity?05/03/2019
The execution of men who show cowardice in the face of the enemy05/03/2019
The Great Train Robbery05/03/2019
The Industrial Revolution and the Plight of Men05/03/2019
The Male Marriage Premium05/03/2019
The Secondhand Man — Foreword02/18/2013
The wife at his side05/03/2019
The Wife at his Side -- An excerpt02/12/2013
The “evil” that men did05/03/2019
To Preserve and Protect05/03/2019
When it doesn't get any worse — The life of a tramp05/03/2019
Who Killed Canadian History?05/03/2019
World War II Casualties05/03/2019

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