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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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Table of Contents — Law, Justice and the Judiciary

Law, Justice and the Judiciary

Fathers for Life contains more than 20 web pages or articles that mention or pertain to the judiciary and to judges that engage themselves in political activism and social engineering.  Here are some of those articles:

Allen Wells : The Trial05/03/2019
Allen Wells Recaps his Story05/03/2019
Paternity Rights05/03/2019
Alberta Justice Summit 1999 Robb Cable's Presentation05/03/2019
Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Program releases client survey05/03/2019
Alberta Summit on Justice (1999) Follow-up05/03/2019
Book review: The Charter Revolution & The Court Party05/03/2019
Calling judges to account in Canada05/03/2019
Excerpts from The Secondhand Man, by Karin Jaeckel, Ph. D.05/03/2019
Families and the Justice System Index05/03/2019
Father shoots himself on San Diego Courthouse steps05/03/2019
For home and country05/03/2019
Mandatory counselling for parenting after divorce and separation05/03/2019
Parental Abduction05/03/2019
Paternity Fraud and Restitution for Paternity Fraud05/03/2019
Pregnant on the Sly05/03/2019
RE: Divorce Post-Mortem05/03/2019
Re: Divorce Post-Mortem (continued)05/03/2019
Re: NOW VP wants women in combat05/03/2019
Satanic Ritual Abuse in Western Isles05/03/2019
Sperm donor ordered to support quads05/03/2019
The Judicial Manslaughter of Mark Edward Dexel05/03/2019
Winning strategies in cases of paternity fraud05/03/2019
Woman faces prison after setting penis on fire05/03/2019

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