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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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2013 04 15: Symantec (makers and distributors of Norton Antivirus) and O2 now filter/block the website of Fathers for Life and *BOTH* of its affiliated blogs. Click for details.

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Table of Contents The Media

The media, media giants, media industry, media prostitution and other media issues

Thousands of media messages bombard the mind of every individual each day throughout his life.  No one can avoid being indoctrinated, even brainwashed by them, by what he reads on bill boards and in the newspapers or sees and hears in programs and advertisements on radio and TV.  That process goes on from cradle to grave, every day, incessantly and intrusively so much so that the vast majority of people no longer even notices that is going on.

Media issues pervade the web pages of Fathers for Life.  That cannot be avoided.  The news-, newspaper-, broadcast- and publishing media are the vehicle by means of which the war against families and fathers is brought to where it counts and is made to work, in our minds.

Of course, the media could also be used to promote family values and respect for men and fathers.  That would give us once more a healthy and productive society, but that is not what the family-hostile ideology that controls our media wants.

Fathers for Life contains over 400 web pages or articles that contain the word "media".  Here are direct links to some of those articles:

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