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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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Table of Contents Men's Issues

Men's Issues

Fathers for Life contains close to 200 web pages or articles that contain the phrase "men's issue".  Here are direct links to some of those articles:

Allen Wells : The Trial05/20/2013
Differences in the life expectancies of the sexes (2009)05/20/2013
Grandma's Apron, and what Grandpa had to do with it.05/20/2013
Paternity Rights05/20/2013
Status of Women Canada wines, dines and travels05/20/2013
[US] NIH is Neglecting Heart Disease in Men05/20/2013
A Fathers Day Letter (A.D. 2000)05/20/2013
A letter to Royal LePage, Re: Royal LePage Shelter Foundation05/20/2013
A message to my daughters, on Fathers Day 200105/23/2013
A response to "Developmental stages of expunged fathers"05/20/2013
Abuse against men ignored05/20/2013
Activist Supreme Court Justices Part I, Judges with an Agenda05/20/2013
Activist Supreme Court Justices Part II, Family Violence05/20/2013
Activist Supreme Court Justices Part III, Child Support and Alimony05/20/2013
Activist Supreme Court Justices Part IV, Best Interest of the Children and Conclusions05/23/2013
Bonded labour by men alive and well in Canada05/20/2013
BOY WANTED05/20/2013
Canada's declaration of war against pro-family- and pro-male activists05/23/2013
Cancer Death Statistics05/20/2013
Cancer Medicine The Impact of Marital Status on Cancer Survival05/20/2013
Causes of Deaths, Canada, 1992, by sex05/23/2013
Communism is worse than Capitalism - Part 105/20/2013
David Bengert's story -- told by his mother05/20/2013
Debunking the myths driving the gun-control lobby05/20/2013
Developmental stages of expunged fathers05/20/2013
Differences in the life expectancies of the sexes05/20/2013
Early Hate05/20/2013
Eeva Sodhi responds to the inauguration of Shelternet05/20/2013
Emergency Department Injury Surveillance Data Report, South Fraser Health Region, April 1 - June 1, 2001, B.C., Canada05/20/2013
Excerpts from The Secondhand Man, by Karin Jaeckel, Ph. D.05/20/2013
Family Destruction05/22/2013
Family Law Table of Contents05/20/2013
Family Violence in Canada 2000 An Alternative Approach, Part 1, Child Abuse and Homicide05/24/2013
Family Violence in Canada 2000 An Alternative Approach, Part. 2, Spousal Violence05/20/2013
Family Violence in Canada 2000 An Alternative Approach, Part. 3, Spousal Homicide and Research05/24/2013
Father shoots himself on San Diego Courthouse steps05/20/2013
Father's Day 199905/20/2013
Fatherhood A letter by Eeva Sodhi to DHHS05/24/2013
Fatherlessness - The Impact on Children, fatherless children05/20/2013
Feminism and Families Advice to Men05/23/2013
Feminism and Society As seen through feminists' eyes (and as seen through the eyes of others who still use common sense)05/23/2013
Feminism is a Fraud05/20/2013
Feminism?  You want feminism?  Which brand would you like?05/23/2013
Feminist family politics and their roots in communist ideology05/20/2013
Follow-up to a response to "Developmental stages of expunged fathers"05/20/2013
For home and country05/25/2013
Fragile, by Erin Pizzey05/20/2013
Gender as a factor in the Family Violence Courts05/23/2013
Is feminism dead now? Modern Women 'Happy To Be Housewives'05/23/2013
Key Page for Allen Wells: Battered Husband - Divorce - Suicide05/20/2013
Lone Parents: The Numbers in the USA and in Germany05/20/2013
Male Identity Crisis05/23/2013
Marvin Davids05/20/2013
Marvin Davids05/20/2013
Men and the Industrial Revolution05/20/2013
Men have all the power?05/23/2013
Men wanted05/23/2013
Men's Issues Main Page05/23/2013
Men: Beasts of Burden05/23/2013
More on Rights and Freedoms05/20/2013
Neglected to death05/20/2013
Now and Then A comparison05/23/2013
Paternity Fraud and Restitution for Paternity Fraud05/20/2013
Paternity-Test Misandry05/25/2013
Pay equity for women doesn't exist?05/20/2013
Politics, as seen by Aristotle05/20/2013
Pregnant on the Sly05/20/2013
Preserve and Protect05/25/2013
Prostate Problems?05/20/2013
Radical feminism's absurd legacy05/23/2013
RE: Divorce Post-Mortem05/20/2013
Re: Divorce Post-Mortem (continued)05/20/2013
Re: NOW VP wants women in combat05/20/2013
Re: Wives abusing hubands? (was Re: Divorce Post-Mortem)05/20/2013
Resurrecting the Self-Defence Review05/20/2013
Rights and Freedoms Summary05/20/2013
Sony Distributes a Song that is Hateful and Derogatory of Boys05/20/2013
Sperm donor ordered to support quads05/24/2013
Stephen Hawking and the burden of western chivalry05/20/2013
Suicide in Canada05/20/2013
Suicide rates in countries throughout the world05/20/2013
Syphilis amongst homosexual men in Quebec is on the rise05/20/2013
Table of Contents - Karin Jaeckel, Author05/20/2013
Table of Contents Men's Issues05/23/2013
The Communist Manifesto05/23/2013
The Deadly Dead-Baby Industry05/20/2013
The death of Grant Harder05/23/2013
The depopulation crisis is real in India too05/20/2013
The depopulation crisis is real!05/20/2013
The English Bill of Rights (1689) and the travesty of justice being forced upon us by Ontario Bill 117, a bill that makes men the Jews of the third millennium05/20/2013
The execution of men who show cowardice in the face of the enemy05/25/2013
The Great Train Robbery05/23/2013
The Industrial Revolution and the Plight of Men05/23/2013
The Judicial Manslaughter of Mark Edward Dexel05/20/2013
The Male Marriage Premium05/20/2013
The Pain of Custody Battles05/20/2013
The Secondhand Man Foreword05/20/2013
The truth about family violence in Canada05/20/2013
The truth about family violence in Canada05/20/2013
The truth about family violence in Canada05/20/2013
The UN Agenda: Some things for men to think about05/23/2013
The Undertaking Life05/23/2013
The wife at his side05/20/2013
The Wife at his Side -- An excerpt05/20/2013
To Preserve and Protect05/22/2013
To Preserve and Protect05/25/2013
To Preserve and Protect05/24/2013
UN Population Policies, World Demographics, Job Fatalities and the Extermination of Men05/20/2013
UN survey on what ails the world's children The state of children in Canada05/20/2013
United Kingdom, Suicide Rates 1971 - 199705/20/2013
USA Population Figures for the Years 1980 to 199605/20/2013
USA Suicide Deaths 1979 to 199605/24/2013
When it doesn't get any worse The life of a tramp05/20/2013
When She Was Bad: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence05/20/2013
Winning strategies in cases of paternity fraud05/20/2013
Woman faces prison after setting penis on fire05/20/2013
World Population Control U.S. Strategy and UN Policy Program05/20/2013
World War II Casualties05/20/2013
YWCA Week Without Violence booklet (2001 edition)05/23/2013

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