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since June 19, 2001


Hasbro, producer and distributor of toys, discriminates against boys!

Sep 28, 2002

Didn't the feminists insist all along that competition is the bane of a peaceful society, a sinister plot of the patriarchy?

Imagine how surprised I was to find this on Wired News today:

Sally Ride Toys With Engineering
(Making the Grade 2:00 a.m. PDT)

The first American woman in space has a new mission: Get more girls interested in science and engineering. To that end, Sally Ride is sponsoring a toy design competition for middle-schoolers. By Katie Dean.

A toy-design competition? Promoted by a feminist? How can that be? Is it for real?

Going to the "team rules", it becomes clear that this is not a competition between any and all kids, but it is one designed to give girls a very heavy advantage over boys

"A team must have between 3 and 6 members, at least half of them girls."

That means that it's quite all right to have teams with three, two, one or no members who are boys, as long as at least between half to all of the team members are girls.

It means that competitions between girls' and boys' teams or between all-boys teams will be impossible, but that all-girls teams and teams with just one to three boys on them will be allowed to compete, as long as no more than half of any team is comprised of boys.

I suspect that the winner will be a team with boys on it, as such a team is more likely to be technically creative and advantaged. An all-boys' team is obviously too much competition; that must be why such teams are ruled out.  It would be irresponsible of any parent to let any child of his participate in the competition.  It is as bad and discriminatory as having Blacks ride in the back of the bus.

The footers of the toy-design-competition-pages at the site inform that:


The web pages at the site are copyrighted by HASBRO.

HASBRO, SMITH COLLEGE, and Sally Ride Science Club are the sponsors of the ToyChallenge Competition.

Follow the links identified through the icons for the three "sponsors" of the toy-design competition and you get a first-hand impression of how the sexist promotion of a gender agenda is made to work at the middle-school level.

It's all done with impunity. Now wonder the girls shown in a photo at one of the web pages describing the competition stick out their tongues.

Who is interested in all those tech-toys anyway, girls or boys?  It is time to remind HASBRO and to write to them.


2002 09 28

Dear Hasbro,

Although our children are grown up now, they still have a need to buy toys for their children, and so do we. My wife and I have thirteen grandchildren, and we always took and still take great care in selecting the kind of toys our children and now our grandchildren received for presents.

We became aware of the sexist and discriminatory ToyChallenge competition launched by Sally Rider and sponsored by you. It is a competition that puts girls at an unfair advantage over boys. In consequence we will exercise greater care than usual and make sure that no toys produced and distributed by Hasbro will be bought by or for any of the members of our extended family.

We will gladly resume our traditional buying habits as soon as you demonstrate that you put an end to your sponsorship of Sally Rider's discriminatory scheme to advance girls over boys.


Walter H. and Ruth Schneider

P.O. Box 62

Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada, T0B 0S0

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Posted 2002 09 28