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since June 19, 2001


Carrier Punishes Boy Scouts Because of Moral Stand

  Special message from AFA President, Donald E. Wildmon   

AFA Update!

Carrier Punishes Boy Scouts Because of Moral Stand

Join One Million Moms and Dads in their defense of the Boy Scouts of America!

The Carrier Corporation (makers of Carrier air conditioning products) has apparently decided to punish the Boy Scouts because the organization will not allow homosexuals to serve in leadership positions. Because the Scouts would not lower their moral stand, Carrier stopped financial support for the Scouts.

The Boy Scouts teach boys how to grow physically, morally and spiritually. Carrier has taken a stand favoring homosexuality and punishing the Scouts.

Charles Eschenfelder, Carrier's Corporate Communications Manager, confirmed that Carrier pulled funding of the Scouts as a result of the homosexual leader ban. "Carrier's employment policies clearly prohibits any type of discrimination and our ability to support community based organizations are limited, therefore we strive to direct resources to organizations that share our company's goals for community betterment."

From Mr. Eschenfelder's statement, two things are clear. First, Carrier is doing the very thing they say they are opposed to–discriminating. Their discrimination is against the Boy Scouts because the Scouts have taken a moral stand, with which Carrier disagrees. According to Mr. Eschenfelder, employing homosexuals leads to "community betterment" and the Boy Scouts do not.

Second, under Carrier's policy, the North American Man and Boy Love Association (a radical homosexual/pedophilia organization whose motto is "sex before 8 or it is too late") could be eligible for Carrier support because they do not discriminate against homosexuals.

Carrier is the air-conditioning company. Send your e-mail to Carrier today. Then forward this email on to your friends inviting them to join OneMillionMoms.com.

(Or copy and paste) http://www.onemillionmoms.com/carrier.asp or

Thank you.

Donald E. Wildmon



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Posted 2002 04 30