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since June 19, 2001

European Disfranchised Parents Schedule Hunger Strike

In Berlin, Germany, July, 2001  (latest scheduled date)

The Self-assumed Power of German Family-Court Judges

We all are victims of the German judiciary and the complicit collaboration provided by affiliated offices (Youth Welfare Office, Social Services).

The German judiciary protects the parents who abduct our children and hold them captive in Germany. Even more shamelessly, with the assistance of its enforcement agents (State-youth-welfare offices and state governments) it extorts our money to finance those abductions.

The German Constitutional Law (Art. 6, § 4) asserts that the mother is to be put under the special protection by German society. Why not children and fathers?

Can we, especially fathers who are foreign nationals, expect from a nation whose Constitutional Law is glaringly sexist to be treated fairly in divorce proceedings?

Can we stand idly by when there are two million children in Germany, our own children included, who will never get to know their fathers?

Germans understand quite well our demand for the welfare of the children.
German politicians justify these mean, anti-human rifts in families on the basis of the separation of power of the legislative and judiciary branches of government.

The right of children to have alternating residency, and the abolition of the right to apprehension of children, that is what we — European parents — understand to be the well-being of children but not the constant posturing served to us by men and women in black robes.

May 21, 2001 we held a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Justice Building in Paris, France, to promote visitation rights relating to our children that are being firmly kept in Germany. Following orders by irresponsible bureaucrats, we were for hours surrounded by police officers (http://www.isonet.fr/vendome). We will simply not accept that.

A system (judges, attorneys, bureaucrats in Youth Welfare Offices, Social Service Offices and the other state offices) that produces year after year thousands of half-orphans and wants to sell us that bill of goods under the cloak of the "welfare of the children" is an insane system running amok. Danger is in the making for our future society.

The self-assumed power of German family-court judges over our families must end

We will begin a hunger strike of undetermined length We are ready to die

Come to Berlin on the 11th of July Come thereafter Come on the subsequent weekends (latest scheduled date)

French and American parents who have not been able to see their children for years,
contact: children@isonet.fr

Please note this date:

Paris, Place Vendôme, 15. septembre 2001, Call for a world-wide demonstration against the planned destruction of the family at the hands of established powers, judges, and attorneys.

In case you want to print this flier out, a more printer-friendly version of just the text shown above is available in MS Word format.

For the background on the issues involved, refer to the transcript of a speech delivered by Karin Jäckel, Dr. Phil., a well-renowned German author of books on family issues, at the recent Parental Abduction Conference, June 7-9, 2001, Washington, DC, USA.

Contact Information:


Maurice Elfeke (France) — in jail, he can be contacted at

Herr Maurice Elfeke
JVA Hannover
Fuhlenburger Landstrasse 145

Olivier Karrer (France) — he can be contacted at OKarrer@aol.com (See Note 1)

Media List (to be added)

Legislators and Government Officials (to be added)



  1. "Acquittal : Olivier Karrer was acquitted on 8 April 2008 before the district court Hamburg Barmbek of the accusation by the German mother of the common son that he tried in the year 2002 to kidnap his son." By Karin Jäckel, Ph.D., April 11, 2008; unfortunately, Karin Jäckel's account of the Karrer case is in German and not available in English.

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