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since June 19, 2001


Hunger for Justice in Berlin

Michael Hickmann

Michael Hickmann, of South African nationality, is one of the hunger strikers and is on his way from South Africa to join the others in Berlin.  He is presently attempting to obtain the support by Nelson Mandela.

mandboys.jpg (25709 bytes)Michael and his sons in April 2000, the last time he was allowed near them.
Michael's sons, John-Michael and Sebastian, six and two at the time, were abducted by their mother, Nicola, and maternal grandmother, Ursula Focken of Wilhelmshaven, Germany, on Jan. 21, 1996.

The Hague Convention

(Concluded October 25, 1980)

Article 3

The removal or the retention of a child is to be considered wrongful where -
a) it is in breach of rights of custody attributed to a person, an institution or any other body, either jointly or alone, under the law of the State in which the child was habitually resident immediately before the removal or retention; and
b) at the time of removal or retention those rights were actually exercised, either jointly or alone, or would have been so exercised but for the removal or retention.

Article 5

For the purposes of this Convention -
b) "rights of access" shall include the right to take a child for a limited period of time to a place other than the child's habitual residence.

More excerpts from the Hague Convention can be found at Michael Hickmann's Web site.

Germany ratified the Hague Convention and is a signatory to it, however, it appears that the will of the German people and their representatives mean nothing in the eyes of the German judiciary which is now in absolute power in Germany as firmly as Hitler was when he flaunted international law by invading neighbouring countries.  Is the flaunting of international treaties an irradicable German trait that has its roots in Nazi ideology?

Karin Jaeckel, Dr. Phil., addressed the issue of Germany's routine violations of the Hague Convention at length in an address she delivered in Washington, D.C., June 7-9, 2001, at the Parental Abduction Conference organized by P.A.R.E.N.T. International, at the Hilton Garden Inn.

From: Anja DIETRICH [mailto:anja@skihorizon.com]
Sent: July 4, 2001 02:54
Cc: mike@hickman.co.za
Subject: same destiny - michael hickman

dear walter,

i am a close friend of michael hickman, a south african father of two children who also have been abducted to germany, already five and a half years ago. i don't know whether he contacted you already or not, but please, could you help by refer a link to his homepage www.hickman.co.za so people visiting your site will also hear about michaels tragic story. It should be our all goal to widespread as far all information concerning child abduction! Thanks so much! For my part, I am german citizen, currently living in France and very ashamed of the practices of german justice system concerning child abduction. I will support you and any organisation concerning this issue in any way I can.

Next step will be the hunger strike in Berlin, all of you going keep the spirits up, their is tremendous support, it's for your children!


Anja Dietrich

Subject: vulgar language and verbal abuse by german politician

Michael Hickman 135 Torquay Avenue, Durban 4052, South Africa
Email: hickman@dbnmail.co.za Tel: +27 31 4662043 Fax: +27 31 4665746 Mobile: +27 82 5729866


Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder
Dienststelle Berlin
Schlossplatz 1
10178 Berlin
Bundesrepublik Deutschland


Dear Bundeskanzler Schröder,

I would like to bring to your attention the following very disturbing trend, which once again brings us Germans into disrepute World wide.

As part of our campaign to make people aware of the plight of my two children John-Michael and Sebastian Hickman and of nearly 2 million other children who are being denied their basic human rights in Germany I have been sending out press releases to German politicians in Niedersachsen.

In response to these press releases I have had only negative reactions and abuse from the politicians concerned. The worst being this one from a politician at local government level from the city of Wilhelmshaven.

I copy the original emails directly to this letter for your information.

----- Original Message -----
From: Joachim Muench <Jo.Muench@t-online.de>
To: <michael@hickman.co.za>
Sent: 10 July, 2001 20:59
Subject: Re: Mahatma Gandhi: First they ignore you - Then they laugh at you - Then they fight you - Then you win.


> KISS MY ASS you fucking michael hickman


Original Message -----
From: Joachim <Jo.Muench@t-online.de>
To: michael hickman <michael@hickman.co.za>
Sent: 10 July, 2001 21:04
Subject: Re: Mahatma Gandhi: First they ignore you - Then they laugh at you - Then they fight you - Then you win.

> You are a fucking silly Idiot......


Such abuse of someone who is technically viewed as a foreigner although of German heritage certainly does not go down well in the outside World.

It is also not in line with your own personal policy on the treatment of foreigners and contributes very much to the dislike of us Germans by so many in the outside World.

I entrust that you will take appropriate steps to rectify the situation
Yours respectfully
Michael Hickman

It sure makes one wonder what kind of justice, let alone sympathy, someone who is fighting to have his human rights restored in Germany can expect from people who elect politicians that use such foul language.
   It made me decide to post a comment about Lebensborn that I had been holding back.  Perhaps it is not that far off the mark after all.
   Read that and make also sure you follow the links shown for The White Rose shown at the end of this page.  Learn how far German abuse of human rights can go.  

Is it in the blood? I don't think so, because I grew up there and don't feel like that.  It must be the national political climate, perhaps a heritage that Germany simply is unable to escape.

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Posted 2001 07 04
2001 07 11 (To show Michael Hickmann's letter to Chancellor Schroeder)
2004 12 15 (reformated)