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since June 19, 2001


Hunger for Justice in Berlin — Lebensborn (Source of Life)

Walter H. Schneider [ ]
Sat 01-06-30 08:53


Maurice Elfeke, an American father of French origin got arrested and jailed as he wanted to enter the court house in Germany where the mother of his children wanted to have the family name of his two sons changed against his will.

He was jailed for failing to attend a court hearing about which he had not been notified.  Twelve police officers in plain clothes surrounded him, crowded out a camera man and a friend, slapped Maurice in handcuffs, put him into a car and drove him away.

Gee, the Gestapo is really getting to be frisky in Germany.   They used to wait with arrests like that until the early morning hours, when it was still dark.

It is being alleged that Maurice caused DM45,000 (US$19,350) in damages by urinating on his ex-mother-in-law's lawn, at the house to which Maurice's sons had been abducted by their mother, even though Maurice had been awarded custody of them in France, before their mother took them away after she had first abandoned her role in the family for a few month about three years ago.  Did his ex perhaps get mad at him because she didn't have a chance to yell at Maurice for leaving the seat up after he was done?

Maurice must very likely remain in jail at least until after the summer break of the judicial industry in Germany is over.  It appears that there is no possible way to get him out before his case comes to court.  As of now the French and American embassies in Germany tried in vain to get him released.  In the battle over this and related issues, even though Bill Clinton strongly objected to the German tactics used in bolstering its population numbers when he visited Germany last, it appears that the German Eagle dominates, while the American one hasn't taken flight yet and perhaps didn't notice that his feathers got ruffled?

A revival of German power politics? It sure looks like it.   Given the tactics used in the abduction of about a thousand children per year to Germany, it may well be that the Nazi-principle of "Lebensborn" is being revived by the Germans.  Lebensborn (source of life) is said to have been a program used by the Nazis to produce blonde and bue-eyed "Aryan" children, using SS officers as breeding studs with foreign nationals.  The existence of the program is more than a rumour.  It had been discussed at the Nuremberg War Trials.  The sentencing is long gone and done, but the practice is still being used.  It seems that no lessons were learned, and that the efforts teaching them were in vain.

The motivation exists for the Germans.  Their Eagle may seem to be stronger than anyone else's, but apparently that's where things end.  They have a great need for the children produced by foreign nationals, as they no longer manage to produce enough just by themselves.  Germany is experiencing an accelerating decline in its birth rate and is expected to see its population shrink over the next 50 years from the present 81 million to 58 million people.  It is hardly surprising that the Germans have given up on having families and children.  How many penalties is any prospective father willing to take?  It's getting to be that even the best men shy away from getting married and even from having sex.

Considering the tactics used against Maurice Elfeke and many other foreign national parents whose children were abducted to Germany and are being kept under wraps there with the active participation and aid of the German justice system, the effectiveness of the strategies used in making Lebensborn a reality appears to have come a long way.

Give the German's some credit.  They have a long history of using the politics of the iron fist.  It sure looks as if they finally found the correct ingredients for a receipe to make them work.  With a world that appears to be populated now by a multitude of Chamberlains, why not, eh?

What has the world come to when routinely mothers get off free after murdering their children and fathers get jailed for wanting to be in their children's lives?

Olivier Karrer set up a web page at which you can write to Maurice Elfeke.  Would you write to him? Send the URL for the page to your friends, please.   http://www.isonet.fr/maurice/




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Posted 2001 07 04
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