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since June 19, 2001


Hunger for Justice in Berlin

Richard Vikstrom, American citizen

VioDelahais@aol.com schrieb:

July 4, 2001 - Hunger strike - Day 1 for Richard Vikstrom

The imprisonment of my colleague from the French NGO, SOS ABDUCTION TO GERMANY, has prompted an appeal for a hunger strike, in order to underscore the desperate situation still facing families held hostage by noncompliant governments. A year after negotiations at the highest level no US parent has seen their child in Germany. Every year 800 French children are trafficked into Germany, their names changed and identities erased, in violation of international and European conventions.

In my own case, German authorities maintain the issue is a private domestic matter, and US Federal orders pursuant to the Hague [Convention] simply do not apply. I have never even seen most of those bogus German documents.

I have argued to the contrary; whereas the 11th amendment grants jurisdiction to US Federal courts, the 14th amendment extends such jurisdiction to US citizens, especially to the subject matter at hand. Thus, the US citizens in this case cannot alternately seek equal protection under Federal law and later flee US orders under foreign flags of convenience. The passport issued by the US Secretary of State should therefore ensure such accountability; we should all be on the same page.

In my own case, however, the Office of Children's Issues has reissued passports to the abductor in preference to German law over US law, and over my objections. FOIA requests dating back years remain unsatisfied.

Certain time sensitive documents were received by the Office of Children's Issues for example May 3rd this year, and not forwarded to my attention until last week. This situation is made all the more intolerable, since I was actually in the Capital to meet my senators June 7th, to attend the annual PARENT International conference and to perform at the candlelight vigil before the White House. I had offered to meet my caseworker Martha Hutchens and invited delegates from that office to the expert lectures, yet no response was made. This would have been rather instructive, for the simple reason Ms. Hutchens cannot understand German!

Since the State Department thus avoids responsibility for its own actions and incompetence, I therefore ask US policy makers, before Congress once again adjourns for Independence day, to please bring our children home.

SKy's dad, R.A.Vikstrom
P.O. Box 87122, Chicago, 60680-0122, ILLINOIS
fax 773 493 5920 tel 312 504 0056 - liaisonsfrance@usa.net

International Internet Investigators Law Enforcement Network

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Posted 2001 07 05
2004 12 15 (reformated)