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since June 19, 2001


Jehovah's Witnesses are being subverted from within and begin program for vilifying men


The observations by Sean Kelly with respect to Jehovah's Witnesses having been friends of the family are right on the mark.  Jehovah's Witnesses are always welcome at our house, firstly because I'll will always be grateful to them for helping me to polish my English-language skills when my family moved to Canada in 1962, but more importantly because we always saw eye to eye on the politics of sex and the devastating influence that feminism has had on the politics of sex and on our society.

I have not yet seen the issues of the publications mentioned by Sean Kelly, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is reporting the truth about what he observed about the feminist subversion from within having spread to the Jehovah's Witnesses.  It would be great if you could all write to the addresses Sean Kelly identified, but don't stop there.

Bring the issue up for discussion the next time Jehovah's Witnesses come to visit you.  We need friends, not enemies, and so do the Jehovah's Witnesses.  It'll be far more effective to discuss things with them than to send them away without talking to them.  Tell them that now that they have begun to spread lies and propaganda by feminist man-haters, you find it difficult to accept that anything they have to say to you could possibly be the truth.

Some of the information linked at the bottom of this page you might want to keep on hand for the next time Jehovah's Witnesses come to visit you.  Of course, it'll come in handy in discussions with anyone else who's fallen victim to feminist propaganda.


-----Original Message-----
From: SEAN KELLY [mailto:noddi@esatclear.ie]
Sent: Saturday, November 10, 2001 5:40 PM
To: Positive Parenting Ireland; Non-Disposable Daddies Ireland
Subject: Jehova's Witness Domestic Violence/Suicide

Dear Friends

I had a visit from two friends of mine last evening who are Jehovah's witnesses. They know the issues that I am interested in i.e. Pro-Father, Pro-Children, Pro-Life. They usually leave me copies of the 'Watchtower' and 'Awake' magazines. Usually, there are good articles in both written in a gender neutral and helpful perspective. Some articles I have seen in the past include articles related to dealing with problem Teenagers to Positive Parenting to the Importance of the Family, etc., but it appears that a new and sinister influence is exerting itself on the 'Awake' magazine. I think that we should sit up and take notice of this and make our objections heard to the publishers of 'Awake' because as I understand it, there are 100 million copies of this magazine printed in over 50 languages worldwide every month and are given out free of charge by witnesses all over the world.

The two issues that concern me are the issues of October 22nd 2001 and November 8th 2001.

In the October issue in question, the principal subject being discussed is Suicide with an article whose title is 'Life is worth living' , on the front cover you have two attractive smiling girls in their mid twenties. On page 2 there is a woman in her 40's in a second photo sitting on a jetty looking pensively into the water with the heading 'Although most people naturally love life and cling to it, Suicide is on the increase worldwide. Why? What are the underlying factors involved? How can this deadly urge be resisted? One immediately is conveyed with a notion that suicide is a problem that only affects women.

In the November 8th issue the picture on the front cover is of a crying traumatised woman with unkept, greasy hair on a telephone, obviously ringing the police or Women's Aid. Over her shoulder, there is another picture of an aggressive looking man wrestling with her. The heading in big bold letters at the bottom of the page is 'Help for Battered Women...' Articles inside the magazine on the subject include:

'Maybe this time he'll change..' on Page 3. (In this article there is a picture of a man smiling, a benevolent smile, while over his shoulder there is another picture of the same man with an evil and violent angry grimace on his face).

On Page 5 ' Why do men batter women...'

On Page 6 'Machismo - A Global problem'

On Page 7, there is a colour picture of a man and a woman wrestling in front of two twin boys of about three years of age.

On Page 9, there is a picture or a woman being counselled by another woman and the heading is 'Help for Battered woman' and so it goes on and on and on...

The impression being conveyed is the typical 'Womens Aid - NOW' propaganda that only women are victims and only men are perpetrators. I urge you all to write to the Jehovah's Witnesses who are the publishers of 'Awake' magazine at WallKill, New York, 12589 USA or Box 280, Ingleburn, NSW 190, Australia -or The Ridgeway, London NW7 1RN, England- or Box 4100, Halton Hills, Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 4Y4, Canada -and/or Newcastle, Greystones, Co Wicklow, Ireland.

In my experience Jehovah's Witnesses are, by and large, good living, family oriented, peace loving and kind people. However, it is obvious that some elements of militant feminism have infiltrated the ranks of their editorial staff and I feel that it should be nipped in the bud. Please partake in this effort as your silence will allow the feminiazi's to use more innocents to convey their message of hatred and family destruction.

Yours sincerely


For objective information relating to domestic violence, refer to:

The Family Violence Index

For objective information relating to suicide statistics in various countries, refer to:

Suicide Statistics

See also: Video on violent women

Posted 2001 08 19