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since June 19, 2001


Olympics 2008

The International Olympic Committee meets in Moscow in mid-July to decide on the site for the Olympic Games in 2008, and Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is one of three cities under consideration.

Please, help yourself, your children and grandchildren and send the following text to the IOC at philippe.furrer@olympic.org.

Dear Monsieur Furrer:

The Olympic site selection committee should reject Toronto as the site for the Games in 2008. We will urge men via the World Wide Web to boycott the games if they are held in Toronto in 2008.

The province of Ontario recently passed a domestic-violence law that permits the seizure of property based on the mere allegation of abuse. This law clearly targets men and is contrary to United Nations and European Union civil rights mandates. It is of questionable constitutionality in most countries.

Rob Martin, who teaches constitutional law at the University of Western Ontario, states: "We are falling into the abyss of allowing hysteria to drive our public policy agenda. The leading source of hysteria today is domestic violence. This hysteria has led to a number of seriously misguided acts ..."

Canada's child-custody rights group, "Fathers Are Capable Too" (FACT), states: "The legislation pushes the judicial system back past the 12th century Magna Carta to the Law of Forfeiture that was rejected during the so-called Dark Ages of England."

Protest Ontario's darkness of the heart and its return to the Dark Ages. Reject Toronto.



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Posted 2001 07 01