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since June 19, 2001


Politics of Child Support

Politics of Child Support

American Political Science Association
The two articles below have just been published in the current (October 2003) issue of PS: Political Science and Politics, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Political Science Association and one of the most widely-read and prestigious journals in the field (http://www.apsanet.org/PS/oct03/toc.cfm).  The first article is by a feminist in response to my article in the December 2002 issue of the same journal.  The second article is my response to her.

Naturally, I had to use measured language in a scholarly journal.  Yet the fact that neither she nor any other apologist for the divorce industry can even contest more than a small part of this argument confirms that the analysis of the problem many of us have put forth is correct:  The child support system is utterly corrupt and perhaps the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the public.  It is legally and morally bankrupt and its operatives have no moral authority to tell anyone how to be "responsible."

Special thanks to Ed Truncellito for help with many things.

Stephen Baskerville

Revisiting 'The Politics of Fatherhood': Administrative Agencies, Family Life, and Public Policy

Jo Michelle Beld


The Politics of Child Support

Stephen Baskerville


The original article that provoked the exchange is:

The Politics of Fatherhood



Stephen Baskerville, PhD
Department of Political Science
Howard University
Washington, DC  20059
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Posted 2003 10 16