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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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Index to some of Stephen Baskerville's articles

  • Free Congress Foundation
    The Next Conservatism #40:

    Why Sex is Better than Gender

    May 11, 2006

Full Story (archived article, off-site)


"The child support system is utterly corrupt and perhaps the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the public."

"Following its resounding successes in stopping drug use and eliminating poverty, the government now sets out to save marriage."

"If we truly wish to restore marriage, we must change not males but laws. Yet we are refusing to face this politically unpleasant truth and filling the public payroll with therapists and police."

Griffin Stone’s excellent piece (‘When your wife kidnaps your child’, 24 August) on child-stealing from fathers implies that it is a British problem. In fact, it is rampant throughout the English-speaking world and beyond....There is nothing baffling about Mr Stone’s ordeal. It represents a direct assault, ideologically driven and bureaucratically enforced, on the family and the social foundation of civilization itself.

Canadian Senator Anne C. Cools addressed a Washington audience of 2,000 public policy and community activists today, calling for shared parenting and criticizing family courts and "radical feminist extremism" for destroying fatherhood.

2002 05 27, Washington DC

Amid the war against terrorism both abroad and at home, as we send our servicemen overseas to defend our homes and country, Attorney General John Ashcroft can apparently find time to undermine our heroes here on the home front by continuing federal action to destroy their families and children.

A little-noticed commission is beginning work in Virginia that has major implications nationwide for both families and governmental ethics. Every four years, each state is required to review its guidelines for child support. In Virginia the outcome may be less remarkable than the process.

Fatherhood is now the rage:  presidential initiatives, federal staff conferences, congressional task forces and resolutions, federal grants, new nonprofit organizations, and media reports now “promote” fatherhood.

Yet the nation’s discovery of fatherhood also has a darker side:  law enforcement initiatives targeting “deadbeat dads,” federal registers monitoring millions of parents, databases and information gathering on American citizens accused of nothing, new cadres of armed, plainclothes police, and endless “crackdowns” on allegedly dissolute parents. Campaigning for president, Al Gore calls for incarcerating more fathers.

The article appeared in the Winter 1999 issue of The Women's Quarterly, a publication of the Independent Women's Forum (www.iwf.org). For information write info@iwf.org or call 800-224-6000
The article was also reprinted in fathermag.com under heading of "Why Is Daddy in Jail? --for the crime of wanting to see his child."

    Never before have we seen government officials walk so freely into the homes of private citizens who are accused of nothing and help themselves to whatever they want, including their children, their life savings, their private papers and effects, and eventually their persons.

    The last five years has seen an explosion of campaigns dedicated to the crisis of fathers who are cut off from their children.

    Few fathers realize how dangerous the current smear campaign against fathers is until they arrive home one evening to find the children gone and themselves summoned to court.

    Stephen Baskerville suggests that fathers can accomplish much if they become politically active, in fact, that it is especially divorced fathers' duty to do that.

    Stephen Baskerville's website

    White RoseThe White Rose
    Thoughts are Free

    Posted 2002 10 25