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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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2013 04 15: Symantec (makers and distributors of Norton Antivirus) and O2 now filter/block the website of Fathers for Life and *BOTH* of its affiliated blogs. Click for details.

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Yes, the website for Fathers for Life and its affiliated blog are being slandered and censored. (Click for Details)

If you are a fathers-rights or pro-family activist, then it is quite likely that your website or blog is being, slandered and censored, too. (Click to check that out)


Main page for reports on attacks

Over the years, hackers have made a few attacks against the website of Fathers for Life.  In view of the latest one of those, it seemed a good idea to record and show from  now on the nature and extent of attacks that took place.  Perhaps that will help others to recognize similar attacks and to be able to prevent them from happening.

Anyone having experienced similar attacks may be willing to share his experiences and any good ideas for coping with such attacks.

Date Nature of Attack Cause Action Taken
from way-back-when until now

There has been censorship of pro-male and pro-family websites and blogs for many years.  Although that is not of the nature of specific hacker attacks against this website, F4L has nevertheless been affected by it all along, but there have been two noticeable exceptions, described in the first of the following items.

  1. Website Statistics for Fathers for Life, 2006 to 2013 Summary Trends of monthly page views over time for the ten most-popular subject areas at F4L
    Eight subject areas show declining traffic trends.  Two show increasing traffic trends, even though those two subject areas are made up of web pages that have received little promotion and no updates for years (one of the authors passed away in 2006).  The web pages at those two subject areas have been authored by two different woman, one each for each of the two subject areas.
  2. Filtering and blocking of men's human rights websites and blogs (more than a hundred have been identified as of 2013 05 18 -- mosts of the sites and blogs are listed under "Roll of Honour -- List of URLs for websites filtered/blocked by O2 and Symantec" in the right side-bar at dads & things; you may wish to comment at this link)

    Let no one have any illusions about this.  This filtering and blocking campaign is massive, total and totalitarian.  O2 and Symantec blocked even one of my blogs that has virtually no traffic and no contents to speak of.  That blog got rated "hate-site" and was blocked after it had a total of about 24 visits, of which most were by me.  The blocking was perhaps triggered by this commentary and happened within four or five days after that commentary had been posted.
Filtering and blocking software,
Censorship through search engine
Good luck to anyone who can circumvent or thwart that sort of thing, but it comes with the job of being politically-incorrect in an increasingly fascist political landscape.

Still, if you wish to find out more about some of that, contact John Kimble, (leave a comment at this link).
2013 03 15 403 error when attempting to access home page or a few other pages of the website File permissions had been altered File permissions restored
2013 04 19 A repeat attack, targeting some of the same pages and about the same number of files.  Here is an account of the details:

A feminist shopping list of things to hate

On April 19th. 2013, the website of Fathers for Life and its affiliated blog dads & things became the victims of a hacker attack, apparently inspired, executed and or paid for by feminists who hate specific things, pages and graphics at the website of Fathers for Life, and who hate its affiliated blog, dads & things, for linking to some of the material at Fathers for Life.

The hacker attack is the second one experienced by Fathers for Life within about a month.  It is censorship through vandalism, in essence terrorism....(continue reading at dads & things)

File permissions had been altered File permissions restored, and file transfer-routines made more secure
Posted 2013 03 19
2013 05 21 (added info on hacker attack dated 2013 04 19)