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since June 19, 2001


Kinsey — Consequences of the Sexual Revolution 


Kids And Sex: The Kinsey Connection, by Vanessa Warner, Research Specialist and Trudy Hutchens, Director of Research and Publications:

    "How did Kinsey come to the conclusion that children are sexual? That is the most frightening aspect of his story. Kinsey was a silent partner in the molestation of 317 children [at the very least].  In chapter five of his 1948 report on the human male, Tables 30-34 present data on children's orgasms—beginning with five-month-old infants.  See Table 34."

From Knox v. The United States: Legal Update — Attorney General Janet Reno's Effort to Legalize a Special Class of Child Pornography:


    "I would like to use the law of the land to do everything I possibly can to protect America's children from abuse and violence ..."

    Janet Reno, at the White House
    February 11, 1993

    Within months of Janet Reno's promise to "protect our children from abuse," the Clinton Administration's Justice Department filed a brief in United States v. Knox in favor of overturning a lower court conviction of Knox.  The Justice Department position, if adopted, would relax the higher standards of the Child Protection Act of 1984 and make it significantly more difficult for prosecutors to obtain convictions of child pornographers.  The Reno Justice Department asked the Supreme Court to reinterpret the federal child pornography statute in a way that will result in legalizing a substantial amount of child pornography, encouraging further criminal child exploitation.  This action sends a clear message to pornographers and pedophiles that the Reno Justice Department will no longer vigorously prosecute much of the child pornography that is now flooding America.

    Stephen Knox, a prior offender, was convicted of pos[t]ing and receiving child pornography through the mail. Federal agents searching Knox's home seized videotapes with titles like Ripe and Tender, Young Flashers, and Sweet Young Things.  According to the U.S. Court of Appeals, which found Knox guilty, three videotapes at the heart of this case exhibited girls clothed in skimpy attire or underpanties, "between the ages of ten and seventeen, striking provocative poses for the camera. ... The photographer would zoom in on the children's pubic and genital area and display a close-up view for an extended period of time. The films themselves clearly were designed to pander to pedophiles." One video advertisement leered, "It's almost like seeing them naked (some say even better)."

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