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Post Kinsey  — The Fallout of the Sexual Revolution: Illegitimacy 

Post-Kinsey proportion of babies born to unwed mothers (1960 - 1990)
[Shown in Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences, p. 123]

It boggles the mind that so many of our social engineers insists that there is no such thing as an illegitimate child.  They define the problem down and thereby pretend that it has gone away.  Unfortunately, by defining the problem down, the only aspect that goes away is our concern for it.  The problem itself and it's consequences are still very much a reality, in fact, because of the abrogation of our traditional fears concerning a given problem, it shouldn't surprise us that the problem and its consequences will escalate and perhaps become uncontrollable.

The Heritage Foundation, in a report titled "HOW WELFARE HARMS KIDS," stated that,

     Welfare also plays a powerful role in promoting illegitimacy. Research by CBO Director O'Neill also shows, for example, that a 50 percent increase in monthly AFDC and food stamp benefit levels will cause a 43 percent increase in the number of illegitimate births within a state. Illegitimacy, in turn, has an enormous negative effect on children's development and on their behavior as adults. Being born outside of marriage and raised in single parent homes:  

  • Triples the level of behavioral and emotional problems among children;
  • Nearly triples the level of teen sexual activity;Doubles the probability a young woman will have children out of wedlock; and,
  • Doubles the probability a boy will become a threat to society, engage in criminal activity, and wind up in jail.

The authors of the Heritage Foundation report state in their conclusion :

         In vetoing the welfare reform legislation passed by the House and Senate, President Clinton has embraced the central erroneous tenets of liberal welfarism.  The Clinton Administration's report on welfare, which formed the basis for the President's veto, makes clear a belief that rapid and automatic increases in welfare spending are essential to the well-being of children and that any attempts to slow the growth of future welfare spending will significantly harm children. 40 The organizers of the recent Stand for Children rally share a similar view.

         The President's veto and the Stand for Children rally are both founded on the failed hypothesis that combating poverty through more generous welfare spending is crucial to children's future. This thinking is simply wrong. An expanded and more expensive welfare system will not benefit children. Instead, expansion of welfare leads to greater dependence and illegitimacy, which in turn have devastatingly negative consequences on children. Those truly concerned with the welfare of children must seek a radical transformation of the welfare system aimed not at increasing welfare spending and enrollment, but at reducing dependence and illegitimacy. That is the core of Congress's reform.

Obviously, welfare isn't the only reason for illegitimacy.  No doubt, liberal sex-education in our schools has much to do with it.  It is most certainly no accident that the steep rise in any of the social pathologies indicated on this page coincide with the advent of the liberal sex-education agenda.


1. HOW WELFARE HARMS KIDS, By Robert Rector, Senior Policy Analyst, and Patrick Fagan, William H.G. FitzGerald, Senior Fellow, The Heritage Foundation, Backgrounder No. 1084, June 5, 1996  http://www.heritage.org:80//library/categories/healthwel/bg1084.html

The following links are to some of the graphs shown in Judith A. Reisman's bookKinsey: Crimes & Consequences

In viewing the information presented here, consider that the new type of sex-education which promotes liberal attitudes toward sexual relations of all kinds didn't come into existence until the Kinsey Model became the basis of the restructuring of our morals in about the mid-sixties.  That restructuring was done through the efforts of SIECUS, an organization that arose out of the Kinsey Institute in 1964.  The foundation of the new sex-education agenda is that children are sexual from birth, that any kind of sex can feel good and that any child is entitled to feel good.  If sex feels good it must be good for you.

The departure from the traditional morals in the new sex-education agenda is that the dangers of sex are not being addressed.  Because the traditional constraints were thrown out of the window, we now have a multitude of epidemics that are destroying our society.

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