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since June 19, 2001


Post Kinsey  — The Fallout of the Sexual Revolution:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

[Shown in Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences, p. 133]

The following links are to some of the graphs shown in Judith A. Reisman's book Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences

In viewing the information presented here, consider that the new type of sex-education which promotes liberal attitudes toward sexual relations of all kinds didn't come into existence until the Kinsey Model became the basis of the restructuring of our moral standards in about the mid-sixties.  That restructuring was done through the efforts of SIECUS, an organization that arose out of the Kinsey Institute in 1964.  The foundation of the new sex-education agenda is that children are sexual from birth, that any kind of sex can feel good and that any child is entitled to feel good.  If sex feels good it must be good for you.

The departure from the traditional morals in the new sex-education agenda is that the dangers of sex are not being addressed.  Because the traditional constraints were thrown out of the window, we now have a multitude of epidemics that are destroying our society.


See also other sources of information relating to the escalating epidemic of STDs and what can be done about STDs and to curb the epidemic:

Note: What many pieces of advice often don't mention is that sexual intercourse is not the only way by which STDs can be transmitted.  For example, virtually all STDs (and many other diseases) can and will be transmitted when intravenous drug users share needles, but that is not all. Improperly sterilized needles used in a doctor's offices, clinics and hosptitals, for instance, are one of the major reasons for the spread of AIDS in Africa and other underdeveloped nations.
   It must also be stressed that the risk of contracting an STD it far greater with anal than with vaginal intercourse.  The anus is designed for extrusion, not for intrusion, and is therefore more vulnerable to be an avenue by which STDs can and will be transmitted.  One out of two homosexual men contract an HIV infection.

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2003 03 19 (added references to information on STDs)