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February 22, 2003


By Dale O’Leary


P.O. Box 41294, Providence, RI 02904


AIDS in Africa

AIDS has killed and will kill millions in Africa.

And now what we suspected has been confirmed. Pro-homosexual activists, sexual revolutionaries, and population controllers jumped to unjustified conclusions about how the HIV was spreading through the continent. These conclusions lead to prevention campaigns that ignored the real risks. Why? Because the pro-homosexual lobby’s first priority was to do nothing that would stop their sexual revolution and the pro-homosexual lobby pressured those working on the problem to see things their way. Three articles published in the March 2003 edition of the International Journal of STD & AIDS (p. 148-172) document this terrible failure.

To read the original articles:

Go to the website www.roysocmed.ac.uk and click on

Latest news,

Press releases,

Get more information about the controversial March issue of the International Journal of STD and AIDS,

Then go to the bottom of the press release and click on:

Mounting anomalies in the epidemiology of HIV in Africa: cry the beloved paradigm

Let it be sexual: how health care transmission of AIDS in Africa was ignored

Heterosexual transmission of HIV in Africa: an empiric estimate

According to the articles only 1/3 of HIV infections in Africa are sexually transmitted, yet influential AIDS experts have claimed for years that heterosexual transmission accounted for 90% of HIV in Africa.  According to the article “Let it be sexual: How health care transmission of AIDS in Africa was ignored” by Gisselquiest et al, it now appears that this conclusion was drawn “despite rather than from the available evidence.” An unbiased evaluation of the evidence reveals that “health care exposures caused more HIV than sexual transmission,” with contaminated medical injections being the biggest risk. As the title of the article suggests, certain people wanted to believe in heterosexual transmission.

According to the IJSA’s press release “People often see what they wish to see.”

In the concluding paragraph of the article, “Mounting anomalies in the epidemiology of HIV in Africa: Cry of the beloved paradigm,” the authors (Brewer et al) write: “Dispassionate assessment of our conclusions admittedly depends on a willing suspension of disbelief, since the current paradigm is deeply embedded…” Why is the paradigm so deeply embedded? Because pro-homosexual activists have shouted down anyone who challenged it.

Brewer et al end with: “Finally, Africans deserve scientifically sound information on the epidemiologic determinants of their calamitous AIDS epidemic.” The pro-homosexual AIDS lobby has consistently castigated those who opposed their policies as rejecting science. Now it is clear that science was never on their side.

Several years ago I wrote an article on AIDS and STDS among men who have sex with men which showed that in spite of claims of success the condom education policy had failed and why. That same failed policy was pushed in Africa with even more tragic results. Given the total failure of the AIDS establishment at home and abroad, it is long past time for them to be replaced with people whose first concern is public health.

What can be put in place right now in Africa is a sterile needle policy. It’s not that difficult. All drugs supplied to Africa should be shipped in or with disposable needles. All used disposable needles should be returnable for a refund, because poor people will try to reuse the disposable needle unless they have a motivation not to. All multiple use needles should be turned in for a credit.

Blood transfusions with untested blood should be stopped. Blood drives to collect non-contaminated blood for Africa should be mounted. The possibility of artificial blood products should be explored. A massive campaign of education concerning transmission of HIV by blood should be instituted.

The pro-family, pro-life movement needs to take the lead in this area. Funding should be cut from those organizations whose willful blindness has resulted in so many deaths. Perhaps a good lawyer should start a class-action suit against these organizations on the behalf of the African victims.

If you do not have a copy of One out of Two: AIDS and STDS among Men who have Sex with Men, email Heartbeat News with a request and it will be sent as an attached RTF file. [An on-line version is accessible here in Dale O'Leary's Web pages. —WHS]

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Posted: 2003 02 23