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since June 19, 2001


Dale's Web Pages

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by Dale O'Leary; for NARTH

Dale's Web pages

HTML Version of Dale's Disk


This material has been prepared for those who are interested in promoting the truth about homosexuality.  Think of it as talking points.  It may be used without attribution.  The more people who say the same thing, the better.  A few facts repeated over and over again can be more powerful than libraries of information.  We have only to consider how our opposition has succeeded by repeating the same lies over and over, until even our friends believe them.

Feel free to copy the contents of these pages in their entirety and share them with friends.   Don't hesitate to ask for more information.  The Irving Bieber Memorial Library East Coast Branch, National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), has assembled volumes of material which is available to researchers.  The material has been carefully organized and summarized.  If you are interested in a particular topic, a list of available material can be e-mailed to you.  I would be happy to discuss any research project or provide background for any article.  I am very distressed to see so many of those who share our concerns either writing without facts or using incorrect information.  Since the vast majority of information in our files comes from research by self-identified homosexual persons and their allies, it is a very powerful weapon.  Think of me as a supplier of ammunition in the battle for the family and for the very precious souls who are trapped by deadly lies.  Remember, the facts are on our side.

Some of you may have already received some of this material on an earlier version of Dale's Disk.  Several pieces have been substantially enlarged with new material — in particular section 6 of the AIDS report and "How to prevent homosexuality in boys," and a section on Change were added.  The RTF version contains 364 pages when printed out. 

Note for the RTF Version:

The files are saved in RTF (rich text format) from Microsoft Works and it should be possible to open them with Macintosh and IBM-type computers.   However, a Macintosh formated disk is now available, which you can request. 

Be sure to request the computer to show all files (*.*) since most word processing programs will only show you their own type of files.  If you have a problem reading the disks, email me. I now put out an email newsletter Heartbeat News with updates to this information.  Just send your email address and you will be put on our list: 


—Dale O'Leary

Table of Contents


A report on AIDS and STDs among men who have sex with men.  This material is crucial for those who are fighting AIDS education courses, particularly when the claim is made that AIDS education is necessary to save lives.  This well documented report shows that AIDS education has failed to protect the most at-risk population and that even if a cure for AIDS were found tomorrow, homosexually active men would still be at high risk of death from other STDs.  The report contains an extensive bibliography on the subject. (66 pages)


A report on the childhood experiences of homosexually active men.  The report  contains an extensive bibliography. — This report reviews the research on the childhood experiences of homosexual men — research which strongly suggests that there are common patterns of childhood experience.  This research points to the possibility that changes in family dynamics, recognition of early symptoms, and early intervention could prevent a homosexual outcome in many cases.  Given the real risks involved in male homosexual behavior, parents, pediatricians, teachers, and religious leaders need to know the options available to them.  This material is essential to counter the assertion that homosexually attracted men were born that way.  (51 pages)

  1. CAUSES — Is Homosexuality Hardwired? 

An article discussing the causes of homosexual attraction in men.  (2 pages)

  1. GENETIC — Understanding the "I was born that way" argument 

Review of studies claiming a genetic cause for homosexuality.  (14 pages)

  1. PREVENTION — How to prevent homosexuality in boys 

A short list of simple suggestions plus references from the literature.  (8 pages)

  1. HOMOSEXUAL PARENTS — Response to the Vermont Psychiatric Association Amici Brief in the Vermont Marriage Case 

An article with footnotes on homosexually active persons as parents.  (25 pages)

  1. Diversity or Tragedy: Deconstructing the Essential Father 

A review of the controversial article by Silverstein and Auerbach which claimed fathers aren't essential.  (11 pages)

  1. Sexual Child Abuse and Homosexually Active Men 

Looking at the research on sexual abuse of boys.  (7 pages)

  1. Is adult/child sex always abusive? 

A response to the article in the APA Psychological Bulletin by Rind and Bauserman.  (7 pages)

  1. Pedophiles plan for legalizing their perversion 

More on Bauserman.  (5 pages)

  1. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors child 

A report on the negative aspects of support groups for homosexually attracted adolescents.  This report contains material of use to those combating such programs.  (9 pages)

  1. Safe Schools 

The safe schools campaign is supposed to make school safe for "gay" children when it actually puts them at risk. (3 pages)

  1. Review of the video "It's elementary" 

The review discusses how teachers manipulate children in anti-homophobia programs.  (2 pages)

  1. Opposing anti-homophobia education proposals

This file contains materials used to fight anti-homophobia education proposals in Rhode Island.  (4 pages)

  1. The American experience in Sex Education

Transcript of a speech [by Dale O'Leary] analyzing the Irish sex education programs (RSE) explains the dangers of Values Clarification and other aspects of sex education.  (10 pages)

  1. NJ Supreme Court Defines Moral Teachings as Bigotry 

Short commentary on the decision. (2 pages)

  1. Gay affirming therapists condemn changing clients' sexual orientation, recommend changing religious orientation 

Quotations from articles attacking religion.  (5 pages)

  1. Why homosexually attracted persons think we hate them  (1 page)
  2. Understanding Homophobia

A short article on how the current debate over homophobia causes homosexually attracted persons to re-live the rejection they experienced in childhood.  (2 pages)

  1. The Need for a Sexual Revolution

A speech [by Dale O'Leary] given to a Delaware pro-life convention on how we have to confront the ideology of the sexual revolution if we are going to win this battle.  (10 pages)

  1. A collection of short comments (3 pages)
  2. Anheuser Busch Targets Homosexually Active Persons

Research shows that alcohol abuse is directly related to HIV infections among homosexually active men. (7 pages)

  1. Changing Sexual Orientation

A collection of material on change of sexual orientation, which includes reviews of the literature on change, surveys and meta-analyses of research on change, studies on psychotherapy, group therapy, behavior modification, religiously mediated change, spontaneous and adventitious change, and opposition to therapy for change.  (119 pages)

  1. Christian Health Care and AIDS Prevention 

A short article on what Christian health workers can do. (3 pages)

  1. How to prevent teen suicide (2 pages)
  2. Heartbeat News - 1999 to ....

The material for these studies has been provided by the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH).  Those who would like to find help in dealing with same-sex attraction may call NARTH.

Donations to NARTH will be greatly appreciated. NARTH, 16633 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1340, Encino CA 91436, (818) 789-4440



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