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since June 19, 2001

Economy/Economics: GDP Comparisons

GDP per Capita: United States / Specific Nations
Behold the evidence of the systematic deconstruction of a nation's economy, that of the USA (and, of course and by default, that of Canada).

This web page shows comparisons of GDP per capita over time for the USA vs. 22 other nations.

Relative to all other nations, of those nations, only the USA, Canada and Zimbabwe made no gains and lost ground instead during the past ten years.

The information shown here was produced with the help of WolframAlpha, a computational knowledge engine.

The graphs shown are snap shots of the WolframAlpha results produced in June 2011. If you wish to obtain the up-to-date results instead, click on the links shown above each of the graphs.

GDP Ratios
(Negative slope means the U.S. economy lost ground
relative to the country used in the comparison.)
GDP Comparisons in absolute US$
United States / Afghanistan

United States, Afghanistan

United States / Australia

United States, Australia

United States / Brazil

United States, Brazil

United States / Canada

United States, Canada

United States / China

United States, China

United States / Egypt

United States, Egypt

United States / France

United States, France

United States / Germany

United States, Germany

United States / India

United States, India

United States / Iraq

United States, Iraq

United States / Italy

United States, Italy

United States / Luxembourg

United States, Luxembourg

United States / Japan

United States, Japan

United States / Mexico

United States, Mexico

United States / Russia

United States, Russia

United States / Saudi Arabia

United States, Saudi Arabia

United States / Singapore

United States, Singapore

United States / Taiwan

United States, Taiwan

United States / Ukraine

United States, Ukraine

United States / United Kingdom

United States, United Kingdom

United States / Venezuela

United States, Venezuela

United States / Zimbabwe

United States, Zimbabwe

Of the economies of the countries shown, the ones that lost ground relative to all others during the past ten years are those of the USA, Canada and Zimbabwe, and of those, the economy of Zimbabwe declined the most.

Why is that is not being presented as major news in the Main-Stream Media?

You may wish to make comparisons of the GDP per capita for countries not shown or for different combinations of countries.  That is easily done.  Follow any of the links identified for the comparisons shown and make the required changes of the names of the countries identified in the search terms.

Posted 2011 04 19
2011 06 14 (added GDP comparisons in absolute US$, added also comparisons for U.S. with Luxembourg)