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Education — Key Page

Now that feminism spread from its communist roots (see Matriarchy in USSR — off-site) to the whole world, the forcible removal of children from their parents' homes is escalating and spreading throughout the world as well, foremost in those countries where feminist totalitarianism made the greatest advances.  See the report identified here:

Brainwashing the Children... A Global Report, Part 4

by Jill Cohen Walker

May 24, 2006 02:23 PM EST

As the battle for total control over our children escalates, the bastions of social services in almost every nation are working overtime to steal them and turn them into state property. This is a global effort, not just an assault on American children, and no effort is too great to those who want to brainwash the children and make them citizens of the new global order.
(Link to story, Link to index for all four parts of the report)

Here follow two pointers to articles that describe similar efforts in the same time frame to brainwash children at opposite ends of the world.  Is that serendipity or a concerted effort that is part of a global agenda?  It is most likely the latter.

  • Gay School Guide

By Kelvin Healey, Herald Sun (Australia), 2006 06 04

VICTORIAN schools are being advised to dump the words "mother" and "father" by a controversial new teachers manual that promotes the cause of same-sex parents.

Out of sensitivity to same-sex parent families, teachers should use "parent" or "carer" instead, the manual states.

Schools should also put up posters of gay celebrities in schools and not use gender-specific toys, the free Learn to Include teacher's manual urges. (Full Story — off-site; that link no longer works, and the page was apparently not archived, but here is a larger excerpt from the article.)

Throw Momma from the Train - And Dad, Too?

Just in time for Mother's Day, the California Senate has voted to approve S.B. 1437, a measure that could eliminate mom and dad from school textbooks. (Full Story)

The pursuit of the planned destruction of the family is part of the systematic re-engineering not only of civilization but of humanity itself.   Think of it as evolution in action. 

It is unavoidable: in any society in which the basest ideology, the one that is the cheapest because it requires no sacrifices by its adherents, is permitted to thrive unopposed and in which all moral standards are normalized down to the level of that ideology, that ideology — no matter how deplorable or despicable it may be in absolute terms — will rise to dominate all others.

To gain an impression of how effective such a program is and what its consequences are, check PROPAGANDA IN THE PROPAGANDA STATE [the USSR]

...For those Marxists who insisted on creating the world's first classless society, children meant everything. Adults would repeat, "Under communism there is only one privileged class – the children.
     Stalin and his circle declared a war (as in the civil war) against the counter-revolutionary forces, traditional peasants, and called the young to the front lines.  Often Pioneers confronted a familiar enemy: their parents." [The Pioneers were the children in the Russian youth movement.  They were encouraged to rat on their parents and were depicted as heroes if they did. --WHS]

The state of the education system:

Have no illusions that the problems with America's education system are national ones. Once you read Tom DeWeese's article and know who's behind "The Fix", you'll come to the conclusion that you know also why  "The Fix" is destroying education in all developed nations.

The National Education Association (NEA), just prior to the anniversary of the horror of the Twin Towers attack, urged its members in a directive not to lay blame on Islamic terrorists but instead to lecture students on America's sins. For a day or two, there were some indignant outbursts. But few pointed out the connection between the unconscionable state of American education and the ideological hold the NEA has on our public schools and system of higher education.

L.A. Unified has hundreds of excellent instructors. But no one asks them their secrets to success, and most of the time no one praises them. Often their principals don't even know who they are.
August 28, 2010|By Jason Felch, Los Angeles Times

Alexander Super, a former public school teacher in New York, looks at the issues raised by the big downward revision of student test scores in the city.

  • The following is a link to an article on the key issue that is being addressed in the two articles identified above; the issue being that teachers unions have always persisted in refusing to permit the grading of teachers' performances according to the students' test scores.

L.A. Unified presses union on test scores, Los Angeles Times, August 22. 2010

The district wants new labor contracts to include 'value-added' data as part of teacher evaluations.

Better alternatives are available:

2010 09 02 (added links to articles about teacher performance ratings)