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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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Opposing the Feminization of Canadian Jurisprudence

At the Karla Homolka trial, plea-bargaining resulted in Homolka receiving a very light sentence for her participation in the murders of two young girls and her not even being charged in the rape, torture and murder of her own sister. It appears that the deal that was struck was so iron-clad that no further trial of Karla Homolka can take place. She is presently serving time in prison, studies to become a social worker and will become eligible for parole shortly.

The circumstances of the plea-bargaining became the motivator for Senator Anne C. Cools to sponsor Canadian Bill S-3, for the express purpose to prevent another such miscarriage of justice.


This enactment provides for the circumstance where

(a) a "plea bargain", defined as an agreement between
the accused and the prosecution concerning sentence or
any other disposition of the court, is accepted by the
court, and

(b) it is subsequently established that the accused failed
to disclose or misrepresented facts relevant to the plea

Read the full text of the Bill.

Senator Anne C. Cools sponsored the bill and gave a speech to Parliament on March 19, 1996 prior to the second reading of the Bill. 

A letter to the Alberta Justice Department,

In response to a call for input to a discussion paper on a proposal for a new Prevention of Family Violence Act.
The letter contains the full text of the proposal as well as comments on the individual sections.
 http://fathersforlife.org/doc/comments.doc   (74 KB, MSWord 6 Doc.)

The Feminization of Canadian Jurisprudence

Alberta Report, August 9, 1999, page 36

Reach for the top

The gap between lower and upper court philosophies widens


Full Story

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