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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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Listing of Law Lists available via WWW

For those who've been around around a while, the name will come as no surprise.  What follows is probably the most comprehensive listing of law lists available via the www/net.

I thought ALL-SIS members might like to know that I have compiled a list of about 160 lists that might be of interest and use to law professors at:


I have already posted the URL for it on the LAWPROF list, but thought I'd let academic law librarians know who are not subscribed to LAWPROF.

I have also updated and revised my broader list of law-related electronic discussion groups, e-serials, and Usenet newsgroups, so that "Law Lists" now references about 1200 listservs, some 200 e-journals and e-newsletters, and about 200 Usenet newsgroups.  The URL is at:


I've added a search box to the keyword search feature and some instructions for how to best search my "Law Lists", including the all important how to search for phrases or the occurrence of more than one word or character string in "Law Lists".  The URLs are:



Hopefully these changes will make "Law Lists" easier to use to identify lists that might be useful for legal research, discussion, and networking.
I also am continually revising the "Law Lists" (instead of bunching up new information to add every three months or so), so it's very up-to-date as of August 1997 at:


The URL above is the text of my "Law Lists" without the Introduction (which provides background information about lists, how to use them and find them - including non-legal lists).  That's available at:


The main URL for my "Law Lists" is the one above at info.html.  You will notice that I split up the "Law Lists" into several parts.  Every 3 months or so, I put them back together again, so someone wanting the full text of my "Law Lists" can print it out, e-mail it to themselves, etc.  Last time I recompiled it was July 1997.  The keyword search feature searches the continually updated text at lawlists.txt, however, so everyone is assured of getting the most recent information as of the day they are searching "Law Lists".

Finally, I do not know to what extent you are introducing law students to electronic discussion groups, but I encourage you to do so.  I think it's important for them to learn early on some of the rules of Netiquette and some list protocols (such as never send unsubscribe commands to a list, but send them to the software that runs the list instead...:-)), so that they can more effectively use these electronic tools should they need to.


Lyonette Louis-Jacques
Foreign and International
Law Librarian & Lecturer in Law
D'Angelo Law Library
University of Chicago Law School


See also: Family Law Table of Contents

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