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Missouri: SB 551 move-away bill killed

From: Dave Usher  
Sent: April 13, 2001 05:53

Subject: ACFCmo: SB 551 move-away bill killed


Thanks to Mike Loebner for catching this big fish. We won! The Senate ripped the Yeckel / Simms move-away changes out of the bill.

[Full Story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 2001 04 13] (Link no longer functions, and no archived copy of the article could be found)

Dave Usher

We must now grant to fathers the same right to be in the family as we have granted to women in the workplace

If a young boy cannot grow up expecting to be a father and husband, then how can this be America?

— Dave Usher

The American Coalition for Fathers and Children
800 978-DADS
ACFC Missouri Coaltion Website

We should be thankful we don't get as much government as we have paid for.

— Will Rogers

A word of caution to the overly optimistic.  Although, as per the newspaper article,

The [Missouri Supreme] court said that judges should use the state statute instead of precedents set by past cases,

that must not be taken to mean that judges must do so. Without any doubt, if the wording in the preceding paragraph reflects accurately what the Supreme Court judges said, that leaves the door wide open for liberal judicial discretion in the lower courts. Only time will tell. I'm sure that what will actually happen now will be affected largely by how much this ruling might cut into the earnings of the divorce industry.

The court said that under the statute, relocation requests should be judged on whether the move is in the best interests of the child and whether the relocating parent is acting in good faith. If the relocation is permitted, courts must order visitation and telephone access or custody that ensures "the child has frequent, continuing and meaningful contact with the nonrelocating" parent.

Courts also are supposed to specify who pays for transportation costs.

Let's hope for the best. At least it is a step in the right direction.


The transcript of :

Supreme Court of Missouri
Case Style: Laurie (Woods) Stowe, Respondent v. Donald Ray Spence, Jr., et al.,(FN1), Appellants.

See also:

California "Move Away" Bill Defeated By Massive Opposition, Men's News Daily, May 10, 2006

See also: Family Law — Table of Contents

Posted 2001 04 13
2003 05 02 (added reference to Family Law — Table of Contents