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Suing the police?

Law Society of Upper Canada welcomes court decision on contingency fees
   TORONTO, Sept. 11 [2002] /CNW/ - The Law Society of Upper Canada today welcomed the court decision to allow for contingency fees in Ontario.
  "We are pleased with yesterday's decision," said Professor Vern Krishna,Treasurer of the Law Society. "This is a landmark decision and a victory for all Ontarians. Contingency fees allow for greater access to justice, particularly for struggling middle class families that may not be able to afford legal service otherwise."

When I read this, my first reaction was to get a number of men together who have been falsely charged with DV, sexual assault or child sexual assault during the course of some dispute and bring a class action civil suit against a major Ontario police force and/or the Crown and therapists. Of the many cases I know of, I have yet to hear of a woman charged other than in the articles by Blatchford and Wente, who documented a couple of cases in which the women got six months house arrest for perjury in court regarding false rape allegations.

Being of the opinion the rate of false allegations will not diminish until stiff penalties are awarded, I'd like to see the male equivalent of the Jane Doe case in Toronto. Catherine Ford made fifty-five false allegations receiving only house arrest for one offense. God knows how many other women are out there having done or currently doing this.

Should this course of action be of interest or anybody have any advice or experience along these lines please contact me.


Dave Prichard

Write to Dave Prichard


Note: Suing the police, therapists or any other professionals will in the long run help only the lawyers, but not the average citizen. 
   The lawyers will get paid and therefore have an incentive to avail themselves of cases for which they at best would have received only legal aid fees or that they would not have wanted to take on. 
   The average citizen will be doing the paying, whether he had his day in court or not.  He'll pay through higher taxes, reduced government services, increased government service fees and increased fees for the services of therapists who of course get paid more to cover their higher insurance fees. 
   The insurance companies don't want to lose out because the lawyers created themselves a new source of income.

However, there may be short-term gain for long-term loss - increasing loss of personal freedoms, liberties and security from malicious prosecution.  Justice is what the legal industry makes it to be, not what we think it ought to be. —WHS

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