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since June 19, 2001


Aaron Dookie kills self and daughter

Based on a Sep. 30, 2002  Toronto Star article.

Man kills self, daughter in garage

Wife told him she wanted a divorce, police say

Full Story

All the standard ingredients are there:

...despondent over his failing six-year marriage, killed his young daughter and took his own life in the family garage....Police believe the pair died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

...Dookie's 37-year-old wife, ...found the bodies after arriving home shortly after midnight. [The article doesn't say why she came home so late on a Sunday night.]

"...the trigger for this tragic event was Mrs. Dookie's intention to end the relationship,"....

...suicide note...gave instructions...their bodies were to be cremated....Dookie [the father] was quite despondent.

...there was no indication the father would do something like this. "He idolized his daughter," ....the couple appeared to be getting along...."...never any trouble at the house,"....

...the man's wife told police they had not been getting along but were staying together because of their daughter.

Dookie's wife has a 10-year-old daughter from a previous relationship,...

....incident has left people on the quiet residential street in shock....

....We'd see him out there with the little girl on her bicycle. They would sometimes go around the block."

"That poor little girl," he said. "It's too bad ... she was so innocent."

...."It's sad to know something like this could have taken place,"....

"I don't know what could have pushed him over the edge this way."

The article is a little different from the run-off-the-mill murder-suicide story. No mention is made of the grieving mother or that her husband was a terrible, brutal beast. I wonder whether the story would have been different if the police or social workers would have come to visit even only once. I imagine that if the mother would have done the deed, more questions would have been asked as to what her husband did to her to make her do it.

I suppose that the article would have taken a different spin if the method used in the murder-suicide would not have been so mundane.

The article mentions "Mrs." Dookie (once), the "wife" (seven times), the "husband" (once) but not "Mr." Dookie, only the "man" (four times), "Aaron Dookie" (twice), and "Dookie" (eleven times), but it did mention that Mr. Dookie was the "father" (once), but not that Mrs. Dookie was the mother or a mother (only indirectly.

The article did not present a story about a family, not even really about a murder-suicide affecting a family and equated marriage with a relationship by using the two terms interchangeably.

Too bad that people, primarily women, are being taught to seek fulfillment of their right to be happy but not how to live up to their obligation to fulfill their social and biological destiny, that the best personal fulfillment is found by raising the next generation of citizens and in working to perpetuate society and civilization.

Those things used to be taught in families, school, church and community. Now the only input touching those aspects is from TV but not in a positive manner. On TV it's the glamour of the single life, "Sex in the City", and that men, especially fathers, are stupid and not needed.

There can be no joy in destroying what we once had, including the very lives of our children. It was better before feminism destroyed cooperation, mutual respect and love.


Once upon a time, the girls were as true as gold....
When then a couple entered the covenant of marriage, little was needed.
One wrote in the contract of love's oath instead of name and title simply a cross.
The cross [to bear] didn't come afterwards.

That was a glorious time. That was a glorious time.

— "The Weapons Smith", by Lortzing. (Opera written in about 1850)

The latest summary of research investigating the consequences of marriage break-up and of the promotion of the culture of divorce and cohabitation was produced by CIVITAS (UK), "Experiments in Living: The Fatherless Family", by Rebecca O'Neill (Sep 2002)

See also the study report: [US] Taxpayer Costs of Divorce and Unwed Childbearing: at least $112 billion a year (2008, Institute for American Values; Georgia Family Council; Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, and Families Northwest)

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Thoughts are Free

Posted 2002 09 30