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David Clancy, an Edmonton police officer, shoots himself

A standoff with an Edmonton police officer ends when his body is found in a house surrounded by SWAT team and police officers

It looks as if the house was his, but that he was barred from entering it.

The evening news on TV had much coverage of the incident, although all that was said was that the man had broken into a house and was subsequently found dead, apparently through a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

What was behind the story was not said.  Almost all of the coverage related to the fears and measures that the surrounding neighbours experienced, who either were not allowed to enter their homes or not to leave them, until the body of the man was brought out of the house in which his death occurred. 

One of the police spokesman said that the man, a fellow officer, had died in the house.

The coverage was quite extensive and intense sensationalism without any information relating to what drove the man to apparently kill himself.  It was news manufactured out of virtually nothing.

However, the Toronto Star reported in an article dated May 4, that "Dean Parthenis, a spokesman for the Edmonton Police Service, said ...the 26-year-old constable's estranged wife was in the house at the time with some family members. All escaped safely."

References were made in the coverage on TV and in the Toronto Star article of the fact that:

Last May 14, an Edmonton police officer killed himself outside a grocery store as another officer pleaded in vain with him not to fire the revolver he had at his temple.   Const. Greg Seath had been suspended because of a perjury conviction and had spent much of the day walking to Fort Saskatchewan, just north of Edmonton, after leaving suicide notes and taking one of more than 50 weapons from his home.

What neither the article nor the TV coverage mentioned, though, was that Const. Greg Seath was charged with perjury in connection with disagreements he and his wife had with her former husband over child custody and access issues. He hadn't actually told a lie and not even ever signed any statements, but what he had said and what had been taped of the conversation in question differed.  It could be said that his less than perfect memory was the death of him.  (See that story)

There was more about David Clancy's death in the Edmonton Sun, May 5, 2002, but that story sheds little light on the tragedy, other than that it was claimed that, contrary to earlier claims, he and his wife had not been estranged.  That story, too, mentions the "purjury conviction" of Greg Seath.

Isn't it odd, though, that a married man has to break into his own home?

White RoseThe White Rose
Thoughts are Free

Posted 2002 05 05