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since June 19, 2001


Darrin White — Murdered by the System

From: Dennis Wilsher <pcac-webmaster@telus.net>
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2000
Subject: Another Father's Suicide- Our Court System Killed Him

I have just received the most unpleasant news that Darren White of Prince George, B.C., Canada has been found near UNBC (University of Northern B.C.), apparently he killed himself.

Darren White had been reported as a missing person this week and he had been under extreme pressure since JUDGE MASTER BAKER of the BC Supreme Court ruled that he must pay $2000 per month support, his income was $2200.

....Further information and details will be posted as it becomes available.

Another [four] child[ren are] once again left fatherless in Canada tonight.


Bruderheim, 2000 03 18

My heart is heavy as I'm writing this.

According to Todd Eckert, a fathers' advocate who had been involved with helping Darren White (Darren couldn't afford a lawyer), the total amount of alimony/support Darren White had been ordered to pay was $2,071.

Just a few days ago I received a call from Todd Eckert. He was concerned that Darren White, a father of three children who was being destroyed by his ex and the judicial system had disappeared and was feared to have done away with himself. Todd said that the RCMP was trying to find out what happened to him.

What worried Todd was that Darren White had written his will and had bought a lottery ticket with other people in the group home where he resided after he had been forced from his home. Darren White had scratched out his name on the lottery ticket and written in the name of his brother.

Three days ago a public service announcement to draw people's attention to the disappearance of the man was broadcast during the evening news. As you know from Dennis Wilsher's message, Darren White has been found, dead.

Darren White was facing three separate domestic violence allegations, all apparently false, had to appear in eight different court hearings during the space of last week (Family Court, Court of Queens Bench and B.C. Superior Court), was ordered to pay $2,070 in child support (half of that is alimony to his ex who had left him, took the children and denied him child visitations), and was given two days to vacate his home. He had nothing left to live on.  Darrin was on a disability allowance, and the judge ignored that Darrin had the obligation to pay $438/month in child support for the child of his first family.

Why should he have bothered to keep on living? How was he supposed to manage? Do you realize that he didn't even qualify for welfare? But while he was still alive he was a deadbeat dad, wasn't he? Deadbolted and beaten dead (by the enormous anti-male bias in our courts, in the bureaucracy and in our society) is a more fitting description, and Darren White is only one in millions.

When you cut a man's skin, he bleeds too, but when you destroy him and rob him of everything he lived for, his spirit dies. In the case of Darren White, a father and a man died, murdered by the system. Darren White became a victim of the planned destruction of our families. His children pay the price.


The following is a letter written by Darrin White's daughter Ashlee.

I am writing on behalf of Darrin Bruce White. I am the oldest of his four children. My name is Ashlee A D Barnett-White. I am angry at the justice system and Maddy White ( my step mother ). No one would listen to my father , no one would give him a chance to speak. In this century everyone hears the woman and not the man , this is a very sexist matter that needs to be dealt with.

My dad was an abused husband, he was abused by his wife, and the justice system. My dad was a very good father and wanted the best for all four of his children , his children at this time are 14, 10, 9, and 5. All of us children were his life. He wanted everything he could possibly give to his children and what he couldn't. The most important thing he gave his children were his love, and being there for them. He loved all of his kids equally, and with all his heart. He was a kind man who fought a good fight but no matter what he did or said, he could never win with this system. Things need to change for all fathers going through this same thing. We need to help, too many kids go without a father because of this , too many kids are hurt.

My dad would never hurt anyone. He was strong, caring and tried to help as much as he could.

Now Maddy is trying to keep away from the people that really loved him, were he was born and raised, and were his family lives. I know in my heart this is wrong and somebody has to do something. My grandfather and my uncle are out in Prince George at this very time fighting for him. And for his rights. Please help bring my daddy home were he belongs, and were he would like to be. I know deep down in my heart if you help we will win , and help every other father out there without his rights.

I may be 14 but I know where he belongs, and so do you. Please bring my daddy home.

Sincerely with thought,
Ashlee A D Barnett-White

To Reply to my message please send to Tommygirl@music.com

(Darrin's Nemesis, Maddy, eventually released the body of the man she hounded to death and wasted with the help of the legal system, a man who had been a good father to his children.)

More information about the circumstances of Darrin White's death.


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Posted 2002 01 12
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