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Thomas Alaimo

Thomas Alaimo's suicide letter shown below was forwarded by Robert Palumbo, Ph. D., Psychologist (received February 5, 2003)
This is an open letter to the judges and lawyers of the Judicial system, particularly in Suffolk County [NY State, U.S.A.]

What you are doing for a living is immoral. Intentionally delaying trial endlessly so that judges can feed their lawyer friends pockets at hundreds of dollars as hour is wrong. The concept of mandatory arrest violates the most basic concepts of the Constitution, which you have sworn to uphold. A man is innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. You cannot imagine how stressful it is to be strongly accused of a crime incarcerated, forced to come to court about a dozen times or so, while spending thousands of dollars of hard-earned money defending oneself. The concepts of the right to a speedy trial and the right to face one's accuses are flagrantly violated. Just because a person claims that they're being harassed, does not necessarily make it so, in fact, very often, the defendant is the victim. This is especially in a divorce situation where tempers are high, and each side has much anger and resentment. I have seen this occur many times in your courts....My story is hardly unique. I suggest that the accuser be present in trial each and every time the matter come to court. The plaintiff has no idea of the hell these accusations bring because they don't seem to have to appear in court, while the lawyers rub their greedy hands together each time controversy erupts. Divorce is ugly business. The dissolving of a marriage is a sad thing. It feels like a death. But the court makes if far worse. The only winners are the lawyers. What right does a person have to take away the life savings of a couple for a couple of weeks work? An order of protection prevents the couple from communication, which is especially important when children are involved. Doesn't it just make sense for a judge to hear both sides at least once early in the divorce proceedings? Or do you think justice is better served by waiting months before the chance to be heard? May God himself help you to make the right decision. Money corrupts absolutely. A person has the right to make a living but holding justice hostage for large amount of money is sinful


Thomas J. Alaimo

On February 6th or 7th, 2001, Thomas Alaimo went into the woods of Suffolk County, NY, U.S.A. and hanged himself, one of many thousands of fathers who take the ultimate avenue of escape each year from the relentless persecution by  predatory legal systems in the developed nations.

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Posted 2003 02 10