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Fatherlessness, the lack of natural fathers in children's lives
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since June 19, 2001




The fatherless society is the title of the cover story of the November 17, 1997 issue of Der Spiegel *

That issue of Der Spiegel, a widely-read German newsweekly in the style of Time Magazine, depicts social devastation and calamities resulting from the gender wars that we have all become only too familiar with.


Divorce and custody, custody disputes, access denial, children who suffer the consequences of their parents' strife:

  • Devastated family finances;

  • Bankruptcies of fathers;

  • False abuse allegations;

  • Men incarcerated and losing their jobs on account of false allegations or because they are in arrears with child maintenance payments because they lost their jobs or are unable to find one on account of criminal records they obtained from allegations made,

  • Fathers going on a hunger strike to gain attention to what is being done to them and their children,

all are issues far too familiar for far too many people, and they are issues that are escalating in severity and frequency.

Cov_081792.jpg (4924 bytes)

False allegations levelled against men who are said to have sexually abused their children have become the weapon of choice in custody battles following divorce and separation.

It may surprise some to see that the extent these problems have become an epidemic that has societies all over the world in its grip. It is more than a firm grip. It is a choke-hold that may well bring civilization to its knees.

* According to author Karin Jäckel, the term fatherless society was coined by Vienna psychoanalyst Paul Federn shortly after the First World War.   According to Jäckel, Federn warned in connection with that about the rapid decay of moral values which would thereby endanger the institution of the family and with that the whole fabric of the State. (Karin Jäckel, Ph.D., Germany devours its children — Families today, exploited and burned out, pp. 30, 31; Rowolt Taschenbuch Verlag; German language, ISBN 3-499-60929-0)

Fatherlessness — A growing problem caused by public perceptions on the importance of fatherhood

Fatherlessness is a growing problem and a controlling factor for crime rates that is being driven by public perceptions. What are some of those perceptions?  Here are some trend-line comparisons that put public perceptions of men and fathers into perspective, relative to other concerns of interest to the public.

  1. Fatherhood, Motherhood, Parenting


  1. Fathers Rights, Mothers Rights


  1. Men's Rights, Women's Rights


  1. Fatherhood, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey


In case you have trouble seeing where fatherhood ranks in that, it is the magenta line on the bottom of the graph.

  1. Fatherlessness,Crime Rates


  1. Fatherlessness, Darning Socks


A heretical thought?

Western Chivalry is the most prominent reason for the destruction of our families.

It permits the promotion of the family-hostile aims of radical, extremist heterophobes and thereby the vilification of men, a prerequisite for the destruction of our families — the fabric of any well-functioning civilization. Chairman Mao knew that and laid out the blueprint for a course of social revolution that clearly is the pattern followed by today's radical, extremist heterophobes. Whether that is by intent or by coincidence, the tactics are devastating all of civilization.

It isn't mere hype to point out the virtually identical aims of feminism and Mao Tse Tung. The ideologies of both are rooted firmly in the communist ideology formulated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. For a more exhaustive treatment of that issue, check The Gender Agenda, by Dale O'Leary, and From the Personal to the Political, by Erin Pizzey.

Why is it that men, for fear of offending a minuscule minority, are so ready to forego their role of protectors of everything we hold dear in society? It is the fear of being labeled being misogynist when criticizing radical extremist factions of the women's liberation movement.

Radical, extremist heterophobes have no comparable compunctions. They are ruthless in the pursuit of their aims. Men and the rest of society just let it happen.

This website illuminates the consequences of society's passivity in the face of the most far-reaching make-over of society in the history of mankind.

This website is long on problems and short on solutions. That is an accurate reflection of what is happening. When the reverse becomes true, we'll be well on the way to recovery, but it will be a long road to travel. It will take many decades to undo the damages done to society during the last six.

If a finger must be pointed at the last major milestone on the road to the destruction of civilization, it is the change in the education system to child-centered learning in the 1930's. Largely, modern "advances" in making attempts to create "a better society" arose out of that. They created nations of individuals who have lost much of the capacity to critically and objectively examine social issues, mainly because flexible moral standards and subjective realities replaced absolute moral standards and objective truths. The increasing emphasis on self-centeredness brought about the philosophy of entitlements of individuals and the abrogation of the importance of the duty of individuals to society. Out of that arose our current system of rule by minorities. Thereby the gains that democracy had made during the preceding 200 years were largely eliminated.

We are now being ruled by a run-away, all-pervasive bureaucracy that is being dominated by family-hostile interest groups. That bureaucracy is growing at an ever-increasing rate, because with each administrative order a new government department is brought to life. Today, the majority of those orders concern themselves with subjects that escalate the removal of fathers from their families and that accelerate the abrogation of the sovereignty of families. The government increasingly inserts itself in the relationship between parents and their children. (Refer to Moral Decline Equals Economic Decline? for an overview of some indicators of current social and economic trends)

Our current system of government works according to the principles outlined by Ted Byfield, president of United Western Communications, the publisher of Alberta Report, Western Report and B.C. Report (now called The Report Newsmagazine).

The elites of today are not the ostensible leaders of government, church, commerce and industry. They centre themselves instead in three areas of society: the interest groups, the media and the bureaucracy. The interest groups propose, the media endorse, and the bureaucracy enact. The politicians and the leaders of business, cowed by the media, acquiesce.

— Ted Byfield, in the Alberta Report , March 9, 1998, page 44
(for a consenting opinion, see A Conspiracy For Fred, 2001 11 26)

It's a sobering thought, but it appears to be much worse than that. We must not forget that the interest groups in power have so much power because they comprise many of the leaders of church, commerce and industry, comprise and control much of the media, and, for all intents and purposes, comprise, totally dominate and control practically all of the bureaucracy.

(Fred Reed, in his article Why Is The Nanny State Descending On Us Like A Sack Of Bean Curd?, states that "America [by extension, the Western World] is succeeding where the Soviet Union failed.")

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