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since June 19, 2001


The latest guff from the BBC on the elimination of men, and, some light entertainment

The following is an article that the BBC Two asked George McAulay to write for a new program called "IF" that is to come out soon.

Only in Your Sickest Dream, Sour Sister.

By George McAulay,
Chairman, UK Men's Movement,

March 05, 2004

Men are held in contempt by politicians and academe, but especially by the media, which holds that anything that discombobulates men is good. “If” asks “what would happen if men became biologically surplus to requirements”. To get an idea of how nasty this idea is ask yourself “ Why not a programme asking if Blacks, Jews, homosexuals or women are surplus to requirements?” We all know the answer, don't we?

Exterminating men is a long-cherished dream of the nutty lesbian separatist arm of the Feminist movement, a Feminazi Final Solution to the “men problem”.[1] The irony of it is that it is only the balls and brains of men that made possible a society of such comfort, leisure and safety that imbecile notions like this are being allowed house-room.

One year, tops, without men, and women would be back in the Stone Age. “If” has been dreamed up by and for the over-privileged and under-informed who live in the parallel universe of Tellyworld. She drives to work in a car she cannot service, on roads she could not, and would not make. They are, like most women, technological illiterates. If I'm doing a radio show, I've asked some of these bimbettes what frequency the station they work for broadcasts on, and I get a "Duh?". The radio waves; TV, sister, was invented by a man. Sister, how does your car's carburettor work, what's the difference between fixed and variable jets? What causes synchromesh gears to malfunction? Pound to a penny you can’t tell me, Honey-Bunny, and hundred times those odds that you couldn’t fix either. But I bet you know a man who can. Every damn thing that is useful to humanity was invented or discovered by a man: rocket science and all them satellite do-hickeys, it was a man, anaesthesia and air travel, men, penicillin and plastic, men, micro-chips and magnesium, men, refrigeration and radio receivers, sub-sea oil and sellotape, thermo-dynamics and transistors, washing machines and Wonder bras, all men. OK, so the gel-filled bra was developed by a gal. Ain’t that something? A zillion years of evolution, and all chicks can come up with is a low-tech tit-lifter.

Men invent things, and they do the lion’s share of making and maintaining them. Men like to tinker around with things, see how they work, and how to make’em work better. Women don’t – ain’t wired that way. When my kids were small, one looked up at me, a broken space-alien zapper in his hand. Programmed by nature to resist Martian occupation, The Mite demanded, “ Daddy fix it ? ! ” . Engrossed elsewhere, I essayed diversion - “ Mummy fix it.”

Kids tell it like it is.

“Can’t. Daddy fix it.” At three he knew which sex fixes things. Telly-bimbo doesn’t; everybody she knows works in an office, talking. Mostly crap. The material riches she enjoys are made by robots in a factory manned, sorry, wimmined, by a lesbian collective.

Ladies, get real. Check out a road-gang the next time you drive home in the snow. See any chicks? A track-gang? Any wimmin? Gender-hustlers in the (Sh)equal Opportunities Commission sponsored over three hundred programmes to shanghai women into Science and Engineering. Women weren’t trampled to death in the rush to engineer. Wonder why? Male oppression, probably. Fact is, the media do a big splash on say, a woman who fixes power lines, a shot of her up the pylon, then maybe a shoot with her wearing some girlie things to show you can have it all. They don't cover the army of wimmin who then become lineswomen, because that never happens. Neither do they do a follow-up piece when, a few months later, she decides that she'll apply for that office job, as she doesn't like working in all weathers, or hard physical work, and she especially doesn't like the idea of getting killed.[2] Pioneers running backwards doesn't make good TV.

I’ve only just lightly touched the material side of male elimination here: it would take a book to cover the social, spiritual, and psychological implications of male elimination. Men, women and children civilise each other when they bind into a family unit. Each brings a particular essence of masculinity and femininity into the raising of their children's home that is not competitive, but complementary.[3] The damage done to society by the Feminazi’s successful 30-year campaign to remove the father from the family is now becoming undeniable, and angry, saddened, unguided and fatherless children are now angry, saddened adults, more prone to addiction, drunkenness, crime, homelessness, mental and physical health problems, and much more besides.[4, 5] So, Sweetie, your “If” is a very bad idea. “If” you try it, there are men and women out there who will stop you.

Footnotes and references added by F4L:

  1. Why have any men at all? — Comments on an interview of Prof. Mary Daly, radical feminist lecturer in women's studies, who discusses Sally Miller Gearhart's proposal that the number of men must be reduced to ten percent of the human population.
       Prof. Mary Daly, a prominent feminist who, after much trying to refuse to oblige, resigned in protest — so they say — from her teaching position because her university board (Boston College) demanded that she open her women's studies classes to male students.

  2. Death by NumbersMen make up 19 out of every 20 serious or fatal job accidents.

The Wisconsin Workman's Compensation Office has statistics which they do not publish but which are available upon request. In Wisconsin in 1984, 74% of all work-related illnesses occurred in men while only 26% happened to women. This is in spite of the fact that documentation shows that men fail to ask for or get medical care in our society even when they need it. Men just will not ask for help, another culturally taught trait! Men are 12 times more likely to become a job fatality. As regards partial disablement due to work related accidents, men represent 80% of the total; and men are 14 times as likely as women to sustain permanent disablement that is job related. Work is a dangerous place for men; in fact work is a dangerous condition of male life.... (Full Story: Death by Numbers)

  1. Not all that much has been written about the complementarity of the sexes being necessary for the raising of children, for the smooth functioning of society and for the very existence of civilization.  It is a complex subject that touches virtually every aspect of our civilized existence and of the history of civilization. The complementarity of the sexes is so all-pervasive in the human condition and in the circumstances of civilization that is has always been taken for granted.  It never needed to be explained because it was as natural as the air we breathe; and that, too, we miss only once it is gone.  Only the implementation of the international agenda for the planned destruction of the family that came about with the advent of communism and its daughter, feminism, has made it necessary to point out the need for the complementarity of the sexes.
       Each child needs both a father and a mother in his life to become, on average, a well-adjusted, physically and psychologically healthy, productive citizen.  That is because both men and women, although, as humans, essentially much the same, possess some important unique, innate, respective qualities that only one or the other sex can contribute.  A mother may try to fill a father role as well, but she can never be a father. She can only imperfectly emulate a father's contributions to the raising of a child.  In doing so, she cannot devote all of her capabilities as a mother to the raising of that child.  The converse is true of fathers.  They are faced with a comparable handicap if they attempt to be both, a father and a mother, to a child.
       Children raised by a single-, or by two same-sex parents lose out in many ways.  The outcomes in such children are on average inferior to those in children raised by two married biological parents, one of each sex.  Children raised by single mothers, for example, experience on average the risk of a level of social pathologies that is more than two times greater than that in children raised in married families headed by a biological mom and dad.
       The differences between children raised by parents of only one sex and those raised by two biological parents of both sexes are so important that only someone wishing for civilization to sink back into barbarism would suggest that men be eliminated from children's lives.  Not even the worst totalitarian regimes in history ever thought of such a ludicrous idea.
       A specific search for the topic will provide links to some interesting and illuminating articles on the complementarity of the sexes.
  2. Fatherlessness or Father Absence

For the best part of thirty years we have been conducting a vast experiment with the family, and now the results are in: the decline of the two-parent, married-couple family has resulted in poverty, ill-health, educational failure, unhappiness, anti-social behaviour, isolation and social exclusion for thousands of women, men and children.

— Rebecca O'Neill

  1. Fathers, Fatherhood and Fatherhood Issues (index to articles)

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