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The Toonie (a.k.a. the Screw)

Toonie is the nick name for Canada's $2 coin. The name is a take-off on the nick-name for Canada's $1 coin (which has a loon on its tail side and is called Loonie).

All traditional versions of the Toonie carry a polar bear on their tail side. The sex of the depicted polar bear is indeterminable.

2$pbear_M.JPG (49537 bytes)

In the year 2000, the Canadian Mint produced a new version of the Toonie.  The new version, too, carries a polar bear, this time obviously a sow-bear in the company of two cubs, and, as part of its inscription, the word KNOWLEDGE.

2$pbear_cubs_M.JPG (48227 bytes)

Seeing how the Canadian dollar is becoming more and more worthless, right in step with and inversely to our ever-increasing levels of taxation that result primarily from Canada's efforts to make life comfortable for the female detritus of the destruction of our families, for the victims of the destruction of our economy and for our "underprivileged and oppressed" minorities, the knowledge I gained from the new $2 coin is that in Canada even the polar bears get screwed. Maybe a better nick name for the new $2 coin will be Screw.

By the way, the natives are becoming restless. A man told me the other day that he found a way to equalize the female Canadian soldier in UN uniform that is depicted on Canada's new $10 bill, the Beaver. He uses a ball point pen to modify her image, so that she is equipped with the right weapon, a pair of testicles and a penis. (Not that I would recommend to anyone to express his displeasure with Canada's totalitarian gender politics by defacing the increasingly worthless Canadian currency in such fashion.)

beaver.jpg (26406 bytes)

See Ideology in Art and To preserve and protect for additional comments relating to Canada's new $10 bill and to learn how the bill got its name, Beaver.

Posted 2001 02 28