The Doctrine of Woman

T H E   C O M M U N I S T   C O N N E C T I O N

Welcome to Communist/Socialist America!

Your read it correctly!  The anti-family push and the Feminist ideology actually came from raw, evolutionary Communism.  Karl Marx[1] saw society moving up the evolutionary ladder.  Family, sex differences, male leadership were all classified as antiquated and ready for the social and even biological junk heap.

Women would be truly equal.  Mothers would no longer be needed.  The society would be the basic unit and have full charge of the kids, not the family.  Father influence and leadership would disappear.  Daycare centers, abortion and mother only families would replace Dad’s and the home environment.

So when you see the push and shove to get women into the army tanks and onto the streets as police, you know it’s the warmed-over American brand of old Communism!  No one cranked this out more consistently than the English atheist and socialist Bertrand Russell in his 1929 volume Marriage & Morals, (Liveright: New York.

Russell wrote:

 There is a powerful force which is working towards the elimination of the father.  This is the desire of women for economic independence, p. 210.

 Women with young children should receive a wage from the State on condition to devotion to the care of their children, p. 211.

 This State care would have the advantage of enabling women to care for their children themselves without degrading dependence upon an individual man, p. 212.

 The economic power of the father should come to an end, the father being “of no more importance than among cats and dogs”! p. 213

 Women will soon no longer desire children, p. 215

 Feminism . . .  will have a profound influence in breaking up the patriarchal family.  The substitution of the State for the father  . . .  is in the main a great advance, p. 216.

 Soon, all the reasons for traditional morality will have disappeared, and new reasons will have to be found for a new morality, p. 304.

Shockingly, what Russell wrote seven decades ago, has almost completely come to pass, at least as far as the cutting edge of Western Society is concerned.

With the Russian Revolution of the 1920’s, many of these things were put into place in the anti-God “new world order.”  Sexual distinction was blurred.  Women manned the shovels and guns.  But by the late 1980’s, the Russian women revolted and expressed a deep female urge to “go back home.”  And that they did.  Stupid American women push for Sexism laws (which means you can’t say a thing if they’re not job qualified), abortion, daycare centers (so they can stay single and keep working) and rights for rights sake without any moral obligation.


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My Notes:

1.) See The Manifesto of the Communist Party, by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1848/49)

2.)The Daycares Don't Care website contains a very large collection of information on the inherent problems with daycare.
   You may be interested in its section on the Communist/Socialist origins of the institution of daycare.

Walter H. Schneider
Fathers for Life

2005 03 28 (added reference to the communist origins of the history of daycare)