The Doctrine of Woman

T H E   B I B L I C A L   D O C T R I N E   O F   W O M E N
A N D  I T S   I M P L I C A T I O N S

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The Biblical Doctrine of Women and its Implications

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This is written to cover as nearly as possible the full scope of Womanhood, especially the biblical perspective, but also, the destructive cultural philosophy that [is] so damaging to women, home and family.

Some will say the language uses is too harsh or even insulting.  The wording may be strong, but in no way is the purpose to demean womanhood or specific women in general.  The purpose is primarily to alert women, especially Christian women, [to] the pervasiveness of Cultural Feminism.  Secondly, the intent is to counter this deadly movement, showing the exalted position God has given to women.


It’s six AM in the morning.  While mom is strapping a gun to her hip, dad is feeding the baby.  Neither parent says much to [the] other.  Clearly the husband of the house doesn’t like his wife, the [m]other and nurturer of their child, who jeopardizes her life by playing cop on the streets.

When the wife leaves the house, dad will have the torturous job of putting their tired and screaming child in the daycare center.  The baby has had an ongoing running cold for weeks and, at the center, the children just keep passing around their illnesses.

But this is the day of upward mobility for women – no matter what the cost at home.  Do those lost hours of seeing her child grow up mean anything to this woman in light of “her career”?  Does it make her feel powerful?  Is staying at home and infusing her very life into her baby no longer a noble cause?

What would make a woman give up being a woman?  Obviously, some thirty years ago, something was lost in our American social fabric that opened the doors for a popular culture fed and bred by feminist ideology.

The push of hard-core feminism came through a certain educational elite bent on the destruction of the family.  This Communist/Socialist philosophy was propagated by liberal and wacky writers which were held up as good in the college ivory towers.  The feminist concepts have infiltrated the law, journalism, sociology, and philosophy departments of the major state universities.  From these centers of secular brainwashing, our very language and mode of thinking has been progressively eroded.

So now when the wife heads off to work to “compete” in the man’s world as a “woman” policeman, she feels that’s the thing all liberated and modern women should do.  Her freedom to do so transcends the obvious limitations of her sex and her natural instincts as a nurturer and mother.

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