The Doctrine of Woman    

T H E   F E M I N I S T   M O V E M E N T   C A N   D E S T R O Y
W O M E N,   F A M I L Y,   M O R A L I T Y,   G O D L I N E S S

Mary Kassian, a former Feminist, writes of the coming holocaust of the Feminist philosophy.  In her powerful book THE FEMINIST GOSPEL (Crossway: Wheaton, 1992), she concludes:

 The social and political agenda of the feminist movement expanded as the philosophy of the movement evolved.  Women initially wanted to overcome their biological differences in order to be equal with (i. E., the same as) men.  They thus sought legal freedom for abortion, changes in marriage and divorce law, tax reform, universal daycare, pay equity, affirmative action in employment, and changes in language.  In the second phase of development, their agenda expanded their attention from naming themselves to naming their world. They emphasized female strengths and women's capacity for love, acceptance, peace and empathy; and added issues such as … homosexual rights, aboriginal rights … Finally, feminism moved into a third phase of spiritual awareness.

 By the time feminism had reached its third phase of development, its earlier goads were well on their way to being realized.  North American society had moved toward accepting an integrating the feminist view of abortion, daycare, divorce, sexual liberty, and affirmative action into common policy.  The agenda … had also progressed toward mainstream integration.  The mainstream acceptance of the feminist agenda caused the movement to lose its distinction.  …  Feminists are becoming difficult to identify, not because they do not exist, but because their philosophy has been integrated into mainstream society so thoroughly.  The philosophy is almost unidentifiable as feminist, for it is virtually indistinguishable from mainstream, (pp. 250-251).

What Has Feminism Really Done To Us?

God presents Himself in Scripture as male.  He wants us to know Him in this way.  He sent His SON (not daughter) to die for us.  The intent of the Feminists is obvious.  They wish first to destroy gender difference in our human relations and then to feminize the very nature of how God presents Himself to our sense.

But other areas are as important:

To maintain sanity, we need to return language to common usage.

 We have policemen and policewomen.  Policewoman implies, by her physical weakness up against a man, that she is physically less.  If there is a burglar in your house, you don’t want to hear the dispatcher say “we’re sending the policewoman right out”!

 We have pilots and pilotesses.  If the plane is in trouble and the hydraulic system is out (which will require massive male strength to get the plan down), you don’t want to hear “this is the pilotess speaking, and I can’t control, with my limited upper body strength, this plane any longer”!!!

 If you’re on the roof of a burning building, you don’t want to hear the little voice of a firewoman holler “jump, I’ll catch you”!


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