The Doctrine of Woman

T H E   L O S S   O F   R E A L I T Y

The Physical Differences:

The Word of God operates in the realm of reality.  The Apostle Paul speaks of women being honored and protected by their husbands because they are the “weaker vessel” (1 Peter 3:7).  In the coming great Tribulation, because women are weaker they will be slaughtered unmercifully.  That is why “seven women will take hold of one man in that day, saying  . . .  ‘let us be called by your name; take away our reproach’!” (Isaiah 4:1)

In the physical area alone, the Feminists have done a number one  us.  No woman can really be a fireMAN, policeMAN, or soldier.  But you say, “wait a minute!  They are already!”  WRONG!

In all cases, the physical standards have been lowered!  Quotas have been set to “force” women into men’s roles.  I have interviewed dozens of professionals who disavow what’s going on with hard-core Feminism and their fields of work.  None agree with the feminization of America.  I know these professional facts:

  •  FAA pilot examiners see women pilotesses break down and cry when under pressure.

  •  Policemen bee-line to a policette’s call for backup because they know the woman really can’t handle a tough physical confrontation.

  •  The Army is talking about re-configuring tank seats, length of guns, etc., if forced to put women in combat roles.

  •  Firemen watch firewomen pass less grueling tests to qualify on the force.  The firemen laugh under their breath at the lack of REALITY but can’t do anything about it for fear of their jobs.

The Destructive Feminization of the Army:

According to the Cox News Service, “Women in Combat” Army Study Commissioner, Elaine Donnelly, sees a weakening of the military by putting the butch Feminists in warfare roles.  She states, “equal opportunity is not the primary purpose of the military.  The purpose of the military is to defend the country.”  Donnelly is reacting IN REALITY to Army gender tests which truly show the incapacity of women for most physically strenuous jobs.  For example, only 7 women out of 100 could score 60 on a push-up test, while 78 percent of men can exceed that standard!  Seventy-seven percent of women had flunked a Navy test for shipboard hose-dragging while only 0.5 percent of men flunked!

By establishing gender-neutral testing, the military found it may scatter a few women around in specialties but end up with fewer women in the services!  Now the military is in a vice squeeze – whether to bow to REALITY or to the Feminist socialist/communist agenda for continuing to neuter males in specific and Mankind in general!

Remember, the Bible has already spoken!  Women are the weaker vessels!

Several new books speaking to REALITY and tell it like it is.  Brain Sex by Anne Moir (Carol Pub. New York, 1991), notes:

 The sexes are different because their brains are different.  [The brain] processes information in a difference way, which results in different perceptions, priorities and behaviors, . . .  It is time to explode the social myth that men and women are virtually interchangeable, all things being equal.  All things are not equal, (p. 5).

 The truth is that virtually every professional scientist and researcher into the subject has concluded that the brains of men and women are different.  [But] there has seldom been a greater divide between what intelligent, enlightened opinion presumes – that men and women have the same brain – and what science knows – that they do not, (p. 9).

 Most of us intuitively sense that the sexes are different.  But this has become a universal, unshared, guilty secret.  We have ceased to trust our common sense, (p. 10).

Dr. Jane Stump in her book WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE?  HOW MEN AND WOMEN COMPARE (Quill, New York, 1985) absolutely destroys the unisex concept and totally proves the biblical perspective in regard to the creation and differences of men and women.  Her text is laced with thousands of remarkable differences.  Check the Appendix for her incredible statistics.


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