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since June 19, 2001


New Version of Alberta Government's FV Roundtable web site

Much of the misandrist material got removed by the Alberta Government — on or just prior to 2004 03 03.  Is that a good reason to celebrate a victory?

It is encouraging to see the changes that were made, but let's not get up our hopes too high.  (Update 2004 03 05: See postscript)

The people that constructed the previous misandrist (man-hating) version of the Alberta Government's FV Roundtable website are still around.*  We have absolutely no idea of the full extent of their power and influence in the whole process and whether that power extends as much as it did before to taint the roundtable process itself (what we do know is that their power is obviously not limitless, or the revisions would not have been made).  Nor do we know in the least whether equitable levels of funding will now become available for pro-family and pro-male organizations in proportion to the demographics of the Alberta population. I will be pleasantly surprised if that should be the case, but I have misgivings. 
* See a critique of that version of the website

Some of the sources of misleading statistics that were previously cited by Children's Services are still being cited now, right in the Alberta Family Violence Roundtable Fact Sheet that seems so impressively balanced now, and so are the misleading and false statistics those sources promulgate. The Fact Sheet states, for example,

What is the Impact of Family Violence?

Family violence affects all of us, whether we are victims, perpetrators, family members, friends, co-workers, employers, service providers or average citizens. Its effects can be felt across generations of a family. Victims may be physically or emotionally scarred for life. Children who are exposed to family violence may become victims or abusers themselves[3]. As a society, we all pay the price of increased social, health and criminal justice costs - estimated at well over $4 billion per year in Canada.

From the footnotes in the Fact Sheet:
3.) Dauvergne & Johnson, 2001.

Dauvergne & Johnson are not renowned as friends of either men or families.  They have done their fair share of spreading misandry (e.g.: http://www.harbour.sfu.ca/freda/articles/statsw.htm) by means of the taxpayer-funded reports they produced.  It is not known to me that they ever once stressed the fact that the vast majority of violence against children in families is being committed by mothers, and that the children most at risk (a 30-times higher risk, compared to children raised in families headed by two married biological parents - one of each sex) are those that had their natural fathers, their natural protectors, expunged from their lives.

Furthermore, the last sentence in the quoted paragraph mentions the costs of family violence as being "estimated at well over $4 billion per year in Canada."  The source of that estimate of "well over $4 billion per year" stated "$4.2 billion", but "well over $4 billion" is a much better sound bite, isn't it?

That estimate stems from a discredited study report produced by taxpayer-funded, radical, man-hating, family-hostile, extremist feminists.  It is to the credit of the FV roundtable organizers that they now, in the revised version of the FV Roundtable web pages, no longer cite that discredited study.  The study was based on shoddy, biased advocacy research and on a selective, skewed study sample, but why do the FV Roundtable organizers still use an estimate fabricated by the authors of that discredited study?
   They know that estimate is an elaborate, costly lie.  Can they not let go of it because so much tax revenue was invested to fabricate it?  There is absolutely no credible foundation for that estimate.  The estimate is a wild exaggeration.  I challenge the FV roundtable organizers to produce credible corroboration for the estimate and demand that in the meantime they must not use that estimate or any other statement of claim from questionable and biased sources. For the FV Roundtable organizers to do otherwise proves that they are bargaining in bad faith.

 * Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women. Changing the landscape: Ending violence-achieving equality. Final report of the Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women. Ottawa, Ontario: National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, 1993; quoted in the Alberta Roundtable on Family Violence and Bullying Regional Workshop Guide & Workbook (of which I have a copy, a PDF file; 2.5MB); apparently no longer available at the Alberta Government's website but obviously still alive and at work. 
The full study report is available as per the following: Changing the Landscape: Ending Violence—Achieving Equality. Final Report of the Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women, Minister of Supply and Services, Cat. no. SW45-1/1993E, 1993.  I don't know whether the report is available online anywhere, but I do have a hard copy of it. —WHS

The list of the authors of "Changing the Landscape" is a veritable Who's Who of Canadian haters of men and families.  The report is being cited and quoted in close to 300 different web pages throughout the world, and it is a standard text in women's studies programs.  Thus a discredited 1993 Canadian report produced by man-hating feminists, funded through Canadian tax revenues provided in the large majority by men, is still spreading misandry throughout the whole world and not just in Alberta.  The misandry fanned by that report has become part of the fabric of the lives of hundreds of millions of people, and there are literally many thousands of similar reports, many of them produced in Canada through Canadian taxpayers' hard-earned money.

The war against men and families is still going in full force, and the battle for equitable rights for men that engages us in Alberta is far from being over, let alone being won.

We won one little skirmish — better, we pushed the antagonists momentarily back; and they scurried, unharmed, to the safety of the anonymity of their taxpayer-funded offices.

I would have confidence in having made some progress if the perpetrators of the hate crime against men that was committed via the previous version of the Alberta Government's FV Roundtable website were to be taken to task and if an apology to men and fathers were to be issued by the Government of Alberta.

Is that asking too much?  Not at all.  Some Canadian judges were removed from the bench and asked to attend "gender" sensitivity indoctrination courses for doing far, far less and raising the ire and wrath of radical feminists than was done by the Alberta Government with taxpayer funding against the providers of the vast majority of tax revenue collected in Alberta, all men.


PS. When I picked up our mail March 4, 2004, it contained an invitation from the Office of the Minister of Alberta Children's Services to attend the Family Violence and Bullying Workshop, to be held March 16, 2004 at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton.  The invitation had been mailed March 1, 2004.
   With the same mail I received an information package that contained, in addition to a document produced by the Family Violence Prevention Office, Interdepartmental Committee on Family Violence Summaries (Sep. 2003), a copy of the Regional Workshop Guide & Workbook. The latter document contains much false, misleading, skewed and misandrist (man-hating) information that is based almost entirely on seriously flawed and discredited advocacy research.  That "workbook" had been available online at the objectionably misandrist version of the Alberta Government's website for the FV roundtable (available now at F4L - 2.5MB PDF file).  It had been made inaccessible along with most of the misandrist information that had been deleted from the more "gender-balanced" and ostensibly neutral version of the web pages that either on or just prior to March 3, 2004 replaced the former misandrist version of the Alberta Government's FV-Roundtable Web pages.
   Consider that at the same time the information package containing the same misandrist information that had been accessible at the misandrist version of the website got mailed out to me, the changes to a more neutral and balanced version of that website were in the final stage of being produced.
    The toning-down of the FV Roundtable website was obviously nothing more than what is commonly referred to as a snow-job or "pulling the wool over people's eyes."
   Therefore the conclusion is inescapable that, while the Alberta Government realized that some damage-control had to be done to save its image in the eyes of the many people that access the FV Roundtable website, its real intention, to intensify the sowing of discord between men and women through promoting hatred against men has not changed. 
   Let there be no mistake:  that is the Alberta Government's intention, or else that misandrist workbook would not have been mailed out at the same time the toning-down of the website was in the final stages of being completed.
   That is violence by proxy, and there is no excuse for that.  Violence is a crime, and so is the promotion of hatred against an identifiable minority.  Men comprise about 48 percent, and women 52 percent, of the adult population in Alberta.
   During Hitler's Germany, hatred against Jews was being spread by a government ruled by tyrants.  In Alberta, today, hatred against men is being spread by a government ruled by a tyrannical ideology.  What is the difference? (See also Now and Then)

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From: Ken Chapman [omitted]
Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2004 12:34 PM
To: Advocate
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Subject: RE: New web site

Sorry - I had nothing to do with it, but it is a good piece of work isn't it!  I know gender bias awareness is a central concern of the project organizers.  I see that consciousness is working for positive effect and impact.  I think any kudos should go to them.

K.J. (Ken) Chapman
Cambridge Strategies Inc.
#208, 10080 Jasper Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5J 1V9
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From: Advocate [mailto:male6@telus.net]
Sent: March 3, 2004 11:42 AM
To: Ken Chapman
Cc: [omitted]
Subject: New web site

Please tell me that you had something to do with the completely gender neutral edition of the fact sheet?
I am impressed. There is hope yet!!

Calgary, AB, CA
Where law ends, tyranny begins

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Posted 2004 03 03
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