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since June 19, 2001


Dr. Betty Bastien, speaker invited to the Alberta FV Roundtable pre-meeting, May 6th, 2004

Dr. Betty Bastien - a Professor in the Access Division at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Calgary.  In addition to her doctoral dissertation on Indigenous Science, whose title is Blackfoot Ways of Knowing, Dr. Bastien is celebrated for her work in Blackfoot child development theories, Indigenous research methodologies, and intergenerational trauma among First Nation peoples.


  • Natives have an enormously high incidence rate of foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) that is in many native communities as high as or higher than 70 percent of all children born.

  • Native communities have an enormously high rate of father absence, primarily on account of natural fathers being dead (largely on account of suicide or other forms of violent deaths) and on account of being imprisoned.

  • The incidence rate of suicide in Native communities is several times higher than the Canadian average and in Nunavut it is higher yet than that prevailing in the Russian Federation, the country that has by far the highest suicide rate and experiences the worst level of social and economic decay of all developed nations.

  • Eighty percent of women inmates in federal prisons are Native. About 30 percent of male federal prison inmates are Native. That is out of a population sector that comprises about 3.5 percent of the Canadian population. That means that, in spite of Native sentencing circles that keep Native criminal offenders out of our prisons and jails, Natives are on average about 12 times more likely than an average Canadian is to wind up in a federal prison.

If that is what the Natives learned from "Blackfoot child development theories, Indigenous research methodologies, and intergenerational trauma among First Nation peoples", should one not wonder what there is to celebrate, perhaps that "Indigenous research methodologies" kept the Natives in the stone age for so long?

Given those dismal results, those statistics surely don't say much in favour of Indigenous child development theories. It would seem that Dr. Bastien's theories are very remote from reality and perhaps have no connection to reality at all.

The question is why the government-sponsored feminist gender advocates promote social models with such dismal performance records. The reason is not merely political correctness. Their main aim is to dismantle not only the traditional nuclear family through the removal of fathers, but to promote the abolition of the Western cultural hegemony. In their minds no social costs are too high to achieve that goal. They believe, just as the early communists did whose ideology they transformed into radical feminism, that out of the ashes and rubble of our once well-functioning society a better socialist state can be constructed. That cannot be achieved unless the Patriarchy is first completely deconstructed. That goal was first identified and promoted by Carl Marx and Fredric Engels, the authors of the Communist Manifesto.

Far-fetched? Not at all. Virtually all of the leading women's studies lecturers call themselves Marxist- or socialist feminists (a.k.a. radical feminists).

Dr. Bastien should fit in well with the FV Roundtable, whose objective it is to raise awareness and fear about the relatively trivial "problem" of family violence, thereby to maintain the flow of funding for the women's shelter industry and related programs for women.

A search of the Internet for <"Betty Bastien" abuse women> will provide you with about 16 search returns containing links to articles and quotes by Betty Bastien that show men as abusers of women or children.
   A search of the Internet for <"Betty Bastien" abuse "men"> will provide you with about 10 search returns containing links to articles and quotes by Betty Bastien that provide information on men as abusers of women and children and on what needs to be done t put an end men being such bad people.

That cannot under the best of circumstances be considered a balanced approach to social research pertaining to family violence, but it is without a doubt an approach that is profitable for Betty Bastien.

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Posted 2004 04 18
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