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since June 19, 2001


Dr. Kathy Cairns, speaker invited to the Alberta FV Roundtable pre-meeting, May 6th, 2004

Dr. Kathy Cairns - Professor in the Faculty of Education, Division of Applied Psychology, at the University of Calgary.  Dr. Cairns' areas of expertise include psychology of  gender, sexuality, sex therapy, as well as individual and marital counselling.


Compared to the more popular speakers invited to the pre-meeting of the Alberta Family Violence and Bullying Roundtable, Dr. Kathy Cairns appears to be moderate, genuinely interested in alleviating social problems regardless of gender of people seriously affected by inequities, and not focused at all on men as abusers.
   Given that her interest appears to center on the homeless, it remains to be seen what her contribution will be with respect to abuse issues at the FV Roundtable.
   Mind you, even Dr. Cairns appears to be blinded to some extent to the plight of men and their disproportionately large share of homelessness. She considers homeless younger people, women and kids.  It appears that women, not men, warrant special concern.  Still if there is any gender bias in her views, it appears not prevalent.

In one report that contains Dr. Cairns' name, men are mentioned twice as often than women, a total of four times in one paragraph.

The links between homelessness and health are incontrovertible. Homelessness is associated with higher rates of accident, injury, physical and sexual assault, and a range of physical health conditions including tuberculosis, skin infections and conditions, poor blood circulation and foot problems. Rates of mental illness among the adult homeless population are estimated at between 10 and 50 per cent. In addition, in his recent study of homeless men in Toronto, Dr. Stephen Hwang found that they had higher mortality rates compared to other Toronto residents. Mortality rates were eight times higher among men aged 18 to 24 years, four times higher among men aged 25 to 44 years, and twice as high among men aged 45 to 64 years.

It seems that Dr. Cairns is affiliated with objective social researchers and research.

A search of the Internet for <"Kathy Cairns" abuse women> will provide you with 5 search returns of articles that mention Dr. Kathy Cairns, but none of those are overly or disproportionately concerned with women as abused victims.
   A search of the Internet for <"Kathy Cairns" abuse men> will provide you with 4 search returns to articles that mention Dr. Cairns, but not in the context of exaggerated concern with men as abusers, although they do mention men as victims of social neglect.

That is an encouraging sign.  It may also be a reason why Dr. Cairns seems to have been unable to promote her name to the same extent as that achieved by the more biased speakers at the FV Roundtable.

It remains to be seen whether Dr. Cairns fits in well with the FV Roundtable, whose objective it is to raise awareness and fear about the relatively trivial "problem" of family violence, thereby to maintain the flow of funding for the women's shelter industry and related programs for women.

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Posted 2004 04 17
2006 03 04 (added link to Feminism for Male College Students)