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since June 19, 2001


Dr. Peter Jaffe, speaker invited to the Alberta FV Roundtable pre-meeting, May 6th, 2004

Dr. Peter Jaffe - Founding Director of the Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System, and a member of the Clinical Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology as well as a part-time Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Western Ontario.  Dr. Jaffe was a member of the Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women and an expert witness in two Ontario inquests into domestic violence, in addition to being appointed to the Joint Committee on Domestic Violence to provide advice to the Attorney General on the implementation of jury recommendations.


Judge defends lobbying for abused wives
Rare disciplinary hearing: Integrity jeopardized in domestic violence cases, legal groups say [Peter Jaffe implicated]

Tom Blackwell
National Post

Yvonne Berg, National Post


Judge Baldwin had been asked by the government to chair a committee made up of outside activists, lawyers and government officials, that was supposed to come up with a plan of action against domestic violence. It stemmed from an inquest into one of several murder-suicides in which men killed their female partners.

The report came out in mid-1999 but almost a year later, some members of the committee wrote to Judge Baldwin to complain that few of its proposals had been implemented. They asked her to contact the government and request that it print 2,000 copies of their report and support a summit on woman abuse.

Judge Baldwin forwarded their letter with a short, three-paragraph missive of her own. It said she endorsed the others' requests and noted she has observed no noticeable change in how lawyers deal with abuse cases in her court, despite the report's call for changes.

The letter soon leaked to the media. Dr. Peter Jaffe, a psychologist and member of the committee, admitted at the hearing yesterday he had freely distributed the letter.

"[The letter] showed me that, based on her feminist ideology and gender profiling, she was not open-minded," Peter Cornakovic, one of the complainants and a member of the group Fathers are Capable Too (FACT), said after the hearing.

Children exposed to woman abuse see, hear, and are aware of violence against their mother by their father or their mother's partner. (Jaffe, quoted in Spousal Homicide and Research, by Eeva Sodhi, https://fathersforlife.org/Sodhi/fvcans3.htm)

Dr. Jaffe’s data and research is unidirectional and highly biased as it side-steps the female-male and female-child violence.[9]

FVC 2000 p. 17: Presence of emotional and financial abuse[10]: "Research in the area of family violence has indicated that some women find emotional abuse to be more disturbing than physical assaults, … reportedly, the deleterious effects of emotional abuse can leave women"

Source: Spousal Violence, by Eeva Sodhi, (FVC 2000, stands for a StatCan publication Family Violence in Canada 2000, link and quote at https://fathersforlife.org/Sodhi/fvcans2.htm

Children from violent families can provide clinicians with detailed accounts of abusive incidents their parents never realized they had witnessed. (Peter Jaffe, David Wolfe and Susan Kaye Wilson, 1990, "Children of Battered Women")

A search of the Internet for <"Peter Jaffe" abuse women> will provide you with more than 500 search returns containing links to articles, books and quotes by Peter Jaffe that show men as abusers of women or children.
   A search of the Internet for <"Peter Jaffe" abuse "men"> will provide you with more than 300 search returns containing links to articles, books and quotes by Peter Jaffe that provide information on men as abusers of women and children and on what men need to do to end being such bad people.

That cannot under the best of circumstances be considered a balanced approach to social research pertaining to family violence, but it is without a doubt an approach that is very profitable for Peter Jaffe.

Dr. Jaffe should fit in well with the FV Roundtable, whose objective it is to raise awareness and fear about the relatively trivial "problem" of family violence, thereby to maintain the flow of funding for the women's shelter industry and related programs for women.

Full list of invited speakers, including background information

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