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E-mail message to Ed Stelmach, 2004 03 05

Re: Alberta Government persists in the commission of a hate crime against all men

From: Walter H. Schneider,
Sent: Friday, March 05, 2004 2:55 PM
To: Vegreville Viking
Cc: RedDeer.South@assembly.ab.ca; Edmonton.Strathcona@assembly.ab.ca
Subject: Alberta Government persists in the commission of a hate crime against all men.

To the Hon. Ed Stelmach (Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta)
MLA for Vegreville-Viking

Dear Mr. Stelmach,

Re: My previous message to Sheryl Fricke, Children's Service, titled: "[F4l] Extremist
      and cunning misandry: Alberta FV round-table discussion workbook",
      dated Sat 2004-02-21 23:01, of which you received a copy (available online at

Sheryl Fricke has not yet deigned to respond to that message. I ask of you to be so good and let me know whether the Alberta Government will cease and desist to spread hate against all men.

A government that spreads anti-male feminist propaganda commits violence by proxy, and there is no excuse for that. Violence is a crime, and so is the promotion of hate against an identifiable minority.

During Hitler's Germany, 70 years ago, hate against Jews was being spread by a government ruled by tyrants. In Alberta, today, hate against all men is being spread by a government ruled by a tyrannical ideology. What is the difference?

Certainly, the Alberta Government toned down the contents of its man-hating website for the FV Roundtable, but that appears to have been just a snow-job.

While the changes to the website were being made and in the final stage of completion just prior to uploading them, hard copies of a misandrist document, the unabridged version of the "Regional Workshop Guide & Workbook" that is now no longer available at the Alberta Government website, were being mailed out through the regular mail.(1)

No matter by what means it is being promoted, hate is still hate, and to promote it against a minority is a crime.(2)

It is difficult to believe that you and the PC Party of Alberta are in charge of what appears to be a run-away bureaucracy driven by radical-feminist ideologists.  Surely, things can't have deteriorated that far, and somebody must still be at the helm of our ship of state that seems to be at the verge of foundering. At any rate, the legal responsibility for any misdeeds of a government still rests with those elected to head it.

I look forward to your response.


Walter H. Schneider

 Box 62, Bruderheim, Alberta, Canada, T0B 0S0

Fathers for Life


  1. The Workbook is available online at <http://fathersforlife.org/doc/FVroundtableworkbook.pdf> (2.5MB PDF file)

  2. Details at: <http://fathersforlife.org/fv/Alta/rtd/20040303revision.htm#PS20040305>

Cc:Men's rights activists throughout the world
Pro-family activists (also throughout the world)
Some Alberta MLAs
Media in Alberta, Canada and the USA

Ed Stelmach's response (2004 03 26)

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Posted 2004 04 09