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since June 19, 2001



Alberta Government's website promotes hatred against men

The site depicts women as saints, healers and madonnas, and men as just men — well, it shows men and boys to be violent and not trustworthy, of course, although women and men engage to equal extents in violence against one another, and even though women commit the vast majority of violence against children in families.
   It is hard to overcome hate-propaganda directed against men, especially if it is driven by virtually unlimited taxpayer funding — of which most is provided by men for feminists and women, and of which much is used to fund
misandrist (man-hating) propaganda that vilifies men.
   Meanwhile there is no funding for men's issues or for programs that strengthen families (
for every $1,000 spent to deal with the effects of family disintegration, only $1 is spent to prevent that disintegration); and men are in trouble because they can't afford treatment or medication either commit suicide or are often simply shot to death.
   No wonder
men in the developed nations live on average, depending on country, from about six to 13 fewer years than women do.


  • Extremist and cunning misandry:

Alberta FV round-table discussion workbook (2.5MB PDF file)

Update 2004 03 03: The Alberta Government's FV Roundtable website was revised on about 2004 03 03 to remove most of the misandrist material but still contains quotes from, references to, and citation of misandrist feminist advocacy study reports.  The workbook is now no longer accessible at the Alberta Government's website.  The link shown above will provide you with a copy of it, a 2.5MB PDF file)

November 11, 2006 Very quietly and without any fanfare at all, during October 2006 the Alberta Government acknowledged that men can be equally abused by women

However, it appears that is as far as things will go for now. 

The help that will be made available to men and their children who became victims of abusive wives falls far short of what is available to women who claim to be battered by abusive husbands.

It needs to be explained to the government that a pointer to 911 and to the sole women's shelter in Alberta that may make two beds available to men requiring shelter (provided those two beds are not required for women) is not good enough to eliminate the serious, deliberate and criminal discrimination against men in this area of government policies and objectives.*

*There is a great need  to promote IMD (International Men's Day) to raise awareness, largely even amongst men, about systemic discrimination against men: A YouTube video about discrimination against men (off-site)

A tool that is being used by the bureaucracy to construct the super-family

  • The Super-Family — 1
    By Walter Schneider, 2004 03 20
    Bureaucratic activists seek to expand the power of the bureaucracy by throwing more money at social problems that stem from father absence, cannot be solved with money and have a history of having been made worse by throwing money at them.
  • The Super-Family — 2
    By Walter Schneider, 2004 03 20
    Alberta Government's Roundtable on Family Violence and Bullying is a tool to glean selective positive aspects of traditional nuclear families for application in the construction of a super-family fashioned after the communist model of the community of women with the state as provider and protector and with the community of the taxpayers as breadwinner for the super-family.
  • The Super-Family — 3
    By Walter Schneider, 2004 03 21
    Propaganda for making the unpalatable palatable, to keep men from crying because "real men don't cry" about "pocket money for mom", that escalates the disfranchisement of fathers with the government assuming more and more of fathers' roles as providers and protectors — all but the paying.  Men must foot the bill for it all.

2004-02-21 23:01; e-mail message to Sheryl Fricke, Alberta Government, Children's Services
Re: Regional Workshop Guide & Workbook, Alberta Roundtable on Family Violence and Bullying

2004 03 05; e-mail message to Ed Stelmach (Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta) MLA for Vegreville-Viking
Re: Alberta Government persists in the commission of a hate crime against all men.

2004 03 26 (postdated 2004 04 29) Ed Stelmach's letter in response
No subject, no file number (Not so subtly but inexplicably, the letter attempted to change the subject of the discussion.)

2004 04 09; My e-mail response to Ed Stelmach's letter
Re: Alberta Government persists in the commission of a hate crime against all men.

  • Institutional Resistance to Acknowledging Intimate Male Abuse

Eugen Lupri, Ph.D.; Professor Emeritus of Sociology; The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Revised paper presented at the Counter-Roundtable Conference on Domestic Violence, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, May 7, 2004. (MS doc. 86.kB — link removed, see note)

This is a discussion paper recounting the obstacles put in the way of an objective report on intimate partner violence.  Unfortunately, censorship is alive and well in Canada. It is better to let Professor Lupri tell what happened to that study report and why he chose to attend the Counter-Roundtable Conference on Domestic Violence rather than to participate in the government-sponsored FV roundtable discussion.  He made that decision after he had been told that an expanded version of the commissioned document would not be published in connection with the biased information that the powers promoting and preserving the feminist anti-male ideology and dialectics at the Alberta Roundtable on Family Violence and Bullying published and distributed.  Here is Professor Lupri:

This paper was an unpublished and expanded version of a commissioned document that I, with Dr. Elaine Grandin, had prepared for the Family Violence Prevention Unit of Health Canada in the summer of 2002. It had survived four rounds of review, but for reasons that I shall detail later, the National Clearing House on Family Violence had not yet published it. After one year of stalling, I felt that the Family Violence Prevention Unit was no longer interested in the commissioned document. Since then more recent cross-cultural and other studies have reported some of the most compelling evidence undergirding the position that women are no less violent than men. Because of these newer findings, I decided to expand and revise the paper. By early January, the paper had evolved as "work in progress." I shared the paper with interested colleagues and friends and asked for their comments. I followed one major principle of evaluation: Do empirical data support the idea or theory that I am proposing? I thought, quite innocently in retrospect, that members of the Alberta Roundtable and the powers that be would also be interested in the paper. It was an updated and detailed report on male abuse [by women —WHS] with some cross-cultural and comparative findings on man-to-woman violence. I was wrong.
(Full Story — sorry, but Prof. Lupri asked that his paper presented at the Counter-Roundtable Conference on Domestic Violence be removed from this website, "...until the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence has published the brochure..."  That would be the brochure that he has been prevented from getting published for more than two years now. You must understand that I had to comply with Prof. Lupri's wish.  Censorship is alive and well in Canada; and it works very effectively in very practical ways. —WHS)


Half the incidents of violence between partners in families involve male victims.  However, although Alberta has roughly 50 women's shelters, there is not a single one for men and their children.  Furthermore, as far as Ralph Klein's government and Iris Evans, Minister of Children's Services, are concerned, there is

No Gender Balance

Are your tax dollars being put to good use when, in connection with solving the ostensible problem of violence against women, the government uses propaganda and produces and publishes photos that are discriminatory against men to drive home its point?

The photos under discussion here are being displayed at the Alberta Government's family-violence website (Update 2004 03 03: Most of the misandrist material has been removed from the website). Copies of the photos are accessible farther down in the following text, along with comments derived from a cursory content analysis of the photos.

It appears that the Alberta Government's photos, and the false, misleading, selective, editorialized and misandrist information about men and women in regard to family violence were put up especially for the occasion of a series of family-violence round-table discussions that are supposed to determine solutions to the problem of violence against women.  Is that bargaining in good faith?

Most violence against children, by far, is being perpetrated by women.  Most violence against the elderly is being perpetrated by women.  The majority of FV injuries in partner violence is the result of mutual violence in which women more often than men strike the first blow.  Women are slightly more likely than men to be the perpetrators of partner violence.
   However, most people are not violent at all, especially not those that are and remain married to one another.  Across Canada, there are about 80 or so murders a year resulting from partner violence, about a quarter of the victims are men.  Murders of men killed by contract killers are not identified as being family-violence-related. 

In comparison, about 10,000 fatalities a year occur in Canadian hospitals due to medical maltreatment and wrongly prescribed or wrongly administered medications.  Another 20,000 fatalities occur in Canadian hospitals on account of neglect and inopportune infections.  Do we run government-funded propaganda campaigns against medical doctors and nurses?

It needs to be said that most allegations of partner violence made by women are as false as the Alberta Government's FV propaganda and never make it into court.  However, for purposes of gaining the upper hand in divorce battles, false allegations serve nicely for the woman to gain control of kids, car, cash and castle. 
   The lawyers call a false allegation of partner violence or child abuse "The Silver Bullet".  By the time the smoke clears and the mirrors are put away, the alleger has the man safely put away or at least removed from "her" house, with the man having to supply a good portion of her income, including the mortgage payments, while he is no longer allowed to see his children or to put a foot into the house or apartment he is paying for. 

All of that happens long before the first divorce-court hearing takes place.  By that time the status quo has been established, and the judge will tell him that "in the best interest of the children" he may no longer see them or come close to his home — for both of whom he will continue making the payments (by law) until his children are 18 or finished with their university education, whichever may take longer.

Although the Alberta women's shelter organizations constantly clamor for more funding (they presently receive roughly $13 million annually), it appears that they have a dearth of clients allegedly affected by the violence of their male partners.  Therefore they have a need to fill empty beds with indigent women that are not at all victims of family violence.

59% (189) of women residing in shelters, in Alberta, on April 15, 2002, were [alleged] victims of abuse and the remainder were admitted for reasons other than [alleged] abuse, such as housing problems. Of those admitted for [alleged] abuse, 94% were [allegedly] fleeing psychological abuse, 77% [alleged] physical abuse, and 59% [alleged] financial abuse.

40% of women who use the shelter are not [alleged] victims of [alleged] domestic violence; this is consistent with 1995 and 1998.

Source: StatCan: Family violence in Canada: a statistical profile 2003

More importantly, when shelter statistics relating to family violence are being propagated and propagandized, the shelter advocates make no mention of those statistics found by StatCan.  Then all women that sought accommodation in Alberta's women's shelters are tallied as victims of men's abuse.

The photos at the government site that are being discussed here are being displayed randomly at the Alberta Government's website, from a collection of 29 photos, of which some are duplicated — thereby doubling their chance of being displayed and through that also doubling their impact on visitors to the site. It seems that the duplicating of selected photos was not done by accident but that those duplicated photos were deliberately selected for duplication to double their impact.

The following is a list of the graphic files and my analysis of the first impressions each photo makes. If you wish to see one of the photos in its original size, please click on the thumbnail image.


A pre-pubescent boy with a pre-pubescent girl(?), in harmony and each having an arm around the other's shoulder.

2.) Two boys and two girls going down a playground slide, having fun. (Kids should be warned not to try going down the slide more than one at a time. Four at a time is an invitation to a very serious accident. I hope that if any kids try that and get hurt, their parents will sue the pants off Children's Services.)
3.) A female MD holding a stethoscope to a smiling girl's chest.
4.) A small girl holding her hands in front of her face.  Perhaps she is playing "peek-a-boo", but in the context of the site most people will think at first glance that she is scared.   
   The photo is duplicated in photo #8.

A girl and a boy holding the hands of a smaller girl. They seem to be laughing at the little girl, most likely not having fun with her but having fun at the little girl's expense, because the little girl is not laughing.


An older girl and older boy laughing with a younger girl.


A happy child running through a meadow.


A duplication of photo #4.
   A small girl holding her hands in front of her face.  Perhaps she is playing "peekaboo", but in the context of the site most people will think at first glance that she is scared. 


An obviously staged photo of a teenaged boy that brandishes a clenched fist at the observer.

10.) A pensive teenaged boy. He doesn't look happy at all. Is he just unhappy or contemplating something bad? Maybe he is guilty because he has done something bad already.
11.) Girls and boys playing tug-of-war. There may be a mom at the end of the rope, but that individual's face is covered up.
12.) Happy dad and happily pregnant mom, with their happy daughter riding on dad's shoulders. Mom wears an apron, obviously still working hard at performing her duties, while dad is relaxed and wears casual clothing.
13.) A peaceful mom in Madonna posture with her contented toddler?  A picture of tranquility?  It is more likely that in the context of the FV website most people will consider the woman to be devastated and exhausted, perhaps after having suffered physical violence. (Have another look at the photo in association with others from the site.)
14.) An older couple apparently congratulating what could be their grandson on his graduation.
15.) A happy couple (the woman seems to be Caucasian and could be his second wife) with teenaged boy and girl (their children? Maybe not).

Teenaged boy and girl flying a kite.

17.) Laughing mom, son and daughter playing -- maybe a video game, with dad not laughing. Dad appears to be outside of the group of the happy three.
18.) Mom instructing her daughter(?), while dad in the foreground is horsing around with his son.
19.) Mom and dad at the breakfast table. Mom has their son on her lap, while dad jokes with their daughter.

Mom with toddler, in classic Madonna posture.


Mom resting, with her daughter snuggling up to her.


Two smiling women engaged in conversation.


A baby's hand in the hand of an adult.


A mom giving her child a bath.


Dad, daughter and mom with graduating son, admiring son's graduation certificate.

26.) An older man with a younger man. Both smile at the camera, but their relationship cannot be discerned.
27.) Female police officer speaking to older woman accompanied by her daughter in their home, with male police officer observing.
   The photo is duplicated in photo #28.

This is a duplication of photo # 27.
   Female police officer speaking to older woman accompanied by her daughter in their home, with male police officer observing.

29.) A man with his hand clenched behind his head (is he hand-cuffed?), with a male police officer reading him his rights and a female police officer standing by.

Discussion of findings

It is said that a picture says a thousand words. Those 29 photos used at the Alberta Government's website for the promotion of misandrist family-violence information say a lot, by my reckoning 29,000 words worth of statements.

I'll just give my overall assessment here in no particular order and not exhaustively, but a whole book could be written about what the pictures say and don't say.

  1. The police are there to help women, not men, and only women need help. (#27 & #28)

  2. Women engage in serious conversations with one another (#22), men perhaps cooperate long enough to smile into the camera (#26).

  3. Men are arrested in their homes (#29), heaven knows what for, but, given the context of the website, most likely because men do bad things to their wives and children.

  4. Women are natural carers, held in high esteem, depicted like the mother of God with the Christ-child. (#3, #13, #18, #19, #20, #21, #24)

  5. Not one of the photos shows men as healers, nurturers or instructors of children.

  6. Not one of the photos comes even close to insinuating that women are perpetrators of violence. Most important in that respect is how far removed that is from reality. Women are involved in perpetrating half of all partner violence, most of the violence against the elderly and 70 percent of serious and fatal violence against children in families. Men, either alone or with their partners, perpetrate 30 percent of all serious or fatal violence against children in families.

  7. Women are healers (e.g.: the female MD in #3)

  8. Men come into the picture when is comes to horsing and joking around with their kids. (#18, #19)

  9. Even teenaged boys can't be trusted (#10). The site contains no corresponding photo of a girl.

  10. It must have been a man that caused the little girl's grief. (#4 & #8)

  11. Men already at an early age obviously have serious tendencies to be violent. (#9) There is not a single photo of an equally threatening teenaged girl. The authors of the Alberta Government misandrist FV website should spend a little time talking to single moms trying to control abusive and violent teenaged daughters.

In summary: Men Bad, Women Good!

Some may say that there is no possible way that the Alberta Government, ostensibly run by the Progressive Conservative Party under a Premier that comes across as somewhat of a chauvinist, could possibly conspire with radical feminists to vilify and slander men, fathers yet.

Having grown up during the Nazi regime, I am an expert in recognizing propaganda when I see it. Boy, we have come a long way in refining propaganda and making it subtle since Joseph Goebbels was the Minister of Education in Germany.
   Joseph Goebbels is commonly being referred to as the Nazi minister of propaganda, but his official title was Minister of Education.  After all, did he not educate the Germans exceedingly well?
   The official title of Iris Evans is: Minister of Children's Services.  Does her portfolio include the duty to spread propaganda against men?  Her Children's services department is certainly doing a good job of that.  The question is why Iris Evans does not put a halt to her department committing a hate crime against an identifiable group.
   Moreover, her department not only breaks hate-crime laws, it also violates Canada's Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms by discriminating against men and fathers.

Consider that if you are a man, 70 cents out of every dollar spent on taking and selecting the right combination of 29 photos at the Alberta Government's misandrist FV website came from taxes that you as a man paid, largely to fund women's well-being and your very own demise.


By the way, if you as an Alberta man tried to get to get the ear of Iris Evans, minister of children's services, and you had no luck, never fear. I am sure that Jan Reimer of the NDP of Alberta (she is not even an MLA), formerly the mayor of Edmonton, must be looking after your interests as a man and father.
   After all, witnesses in the Legislature Building report that Iris Evans confers daily with Jan Reimer and Jan Reimer walks in and out of Iris Evans' office. Is Iris Evans sub-letting her abode at the legislature to Jan Reimer, or is Jan Reimer just a squatter?
   Consider that the two women are members from two opposing political parties that are sworn enemies and at opposite ends of the political spectrum.
   Consider further that when the lion and the lamb conspire it must certainly mean something. I wonder what the two women are cooking up on your behalf. With two powerful feminists looking after your and your children's interests, how can you possibly lose. Let me count the ways....

I wonder.  Does Ralph Klein know that Iris Evans, a minister in the Cabinet of Progressive Conservative Party, almost daily and often more than once on a given day confers with Jan Reimer, a radical feminist from the New Democratic Party and an enemy of the Progressive Conservative Party?

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