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False Abuse Allegation — Main Page



Abuse of 209a Restraining Orders -- Here is some of the evidence

A short Bibliography

Chaos in the courts to become a principle of the justice system of Ontario


Don't Make Her Mad; Just Expose Her Abuse (It is strongly recommended that you visit the web page identified in the following quote)

Question for men: Ever hear a woman tell you, "Just give me a reason!" or "All I need is an excuse"? She's telling you she's aware of her legal advantages, and that making her angry enough could provide her with just enough inward justification to destroy you with a false allegation. Simply making her mad could cause you to lose your freedom, kids, reputation, career, and finances.

Reacting to such an abusive woman's insane sense of entitlement, too many men respond with hostility and contempt (which, too often, backfires): it can be as simple as "hogging the remote" or as incendiary as cheating. This site advises men against "acting out" toward her in any way, because that could give her all the excuse she needs to fabricate an allegation.

Instead, we advise men to "let her be her threatening self," long enough for it to be captured via surveillance. Yes, we advocate the use of surveillance <http://www.dontmakehermad.com/protectyourself/> to expose the outrageous intimidation that women wield against men who would make them angry. This site provides men with the tools they need to prove their innocence. Armed with technology, men can show the legal system and the world that they are not the aggressors that the feminist culture claims them to be.

If you live in the US, you should first consult the Practical Guide to Taping Phone Calls and In-Person Conversations in the 50 States and D.C.

If you don't live in the US, use the Practical Guide to Taping as a source of information on avenues that may be open to you in your case. 
   It is advisable in any case and regardless of where you live to discuss the strategy or tactics for taping you wish to use with your lawyer.
   How To Enforce Visitation Rights Yourself, by David Usher, covers additional details and recommendations pertaining to taping of conversation.  His advice and recommendations apply specifically to getting the police to enforce your child-visitation rights.  However, his advice and recommendations with respect to the taping of conversations apply in a general fashion also to instances of false abuse allegations.  David Usher provides specific recommendations on how to record and file what you may hear and is appropriate, and on how to make use of it when you present it in court.
   Most importantly, pay attention to Dave Usher's recommendations to use your recorded evidence in regular court and only as a very last resort in family court.  See How To Enforce Visitation Rights Yourself, by David Usher.

The key in David Usher's advice is that interference with an access and visitation order for you is most likely a criminal offence on which the police must act if you request so.  Just as importantly, your visitation rights must be spelled out quite precisely, and you must have with you a copy of the court order that spells them when you request the police to enforce your rights.

Nevertheless, the police in many provinces in Canada and eleshere are very reluctant to become involved and often use every excuse imaginable to avoid from becoming involved in what they claim to be a civil matter.  Still, interference with a court order is not a civil but a criminal matter. 

Take the wind out of the sails of the police by insisting that your lawyer demands that in addition to the details of your visitation schedule the court order also spells out that the police must act to enforce your visitation rights if your visitation rights are being interfered with.

False Allegations

  • In the US, there are an estimated 520,000 false rape allegations a year — 98.1% of all reported cases.  (Eeva Sodhi, Debunking Domestic Violence Statistics; Rape
  • False Rape Reports from Adults

  • The case of Alligator Dave — An Ontario man who, although he already got jailed without trial and had his ribs broken while in jail, doesn't take it lightly to have been falsely accused of having raped his ex-wife (in the presence of the police, no less!).  He is now fighting in the courts to become exonerated, and he is doing quite well on his own, without a lawyer.
       Years ago Dave Thornton earned his laurels as the well-renowned Alligator-Dave, the bane and Nemesis of Ontario crown prosecutors and other officials that try to twist the law into a pretzel.  No doubt, he will do just as well now, fighting for his own rights, as he did then, when he was fighting for the under-dog, the common man.
       Then he was so famous that he was featured on W5.  Will he become that famous again?

  • A must-read:
    The Home Office Caught Stirring Up Hatred — Again!
    "Angry Harry" debunks hate-motivated government rape "statistics"

  • False allegations taken to new heights: the Chicago Sears Tower

Getting Rid of Dad

Cov_081792.jpg (4924 bytes)

False allegations levelled against men who are said to have sexually abused their children have become the weapon of choice in custody battles following divorce and separation.

(Full Story)

One Story of Millions

And a follow-up: The victim of the abuse of 209a Restraining Orders appears in a TV program

Prevalence of Domestic Violence

Recovered Memory Therapy — Does it really help the patient?


Senator Anne C. Cools, a champion in the fight for the truth and against family violence

Senator Anne C. Cools opposes abuse of process to make false abuse allegations a principle of the Ontario justice system.

Senator Anne C. Cools: on false abuse allegations

Senator Anne C. Cools on the false perceptions regarding female innocence relating to child abuse, neglect and murder


Violence is Aberrational Behaviour

When Zealots Sexually Abuse Children — 4 year old girl abducted by social workers and subjected to invasive "rape examinations" to prove sexual abuse in false abuse allegation.

Wife Stabs RCMP Officer — He is Charged and Loses Children.

A feminist reporter's views on false abuse allegations

Additional information and help-links

Contributions are welcome!

There is a scarcity of information relating to false abuse allegations.  It appears that the situation is of concern only to those who are accused.  For them it is devastating — even when no conviction takes place.

False abuse allegations are far more frequent than generally admitted by the powers.  Perhaps the powers are more aware of the extent than they care to admit, after all, they are the ones who promote the use of false abuse allegations -- amongst other things by relaxing the rules of evidence to the extent that virtually anything can be acceptable, even glaringly trumped-up claims.  Could the reason that such information isn't systematically collected be that our legislators and the judiciary are ashamed to provide the evidence which will prove that jurisprudence is based on hype and not on truth and justice?

Lacking any concrete figures pertaining to the frequency of false abuse allegations, in the future I'll post here information that reflects the assessment by authorities in the legal industry as to the prevalence of false abuse allegations.  The estimates made by some authorities state that in the order of 85% or more of allegations made in contested divorces are false.

Theresa Petkau reported at the Family Violence Workshop in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 1998 09 26, that the police officers whom she interviewed during her study for her masters thesis "ACCOUNT AND ACCOUNTABILITY: PATROL CONSTABLES' PERCEPTIONS OF WIFE ASSAULT SENSITIVITY TRAINING, A QUALITATIVE EVALUATION" (EXECUTIVE SUMMARY), reported that the incidence of truly battered women is extremely low.  One officer recalled that he encountered only two in numerous calls over a period of many years to incidents of alleged domestic violence.  My son-in-law who is working with a woman who for ten years was a police constable specializing in domestic violence incidents, reported at a public forum with Erin Pizzey, in Edmonton, Alberta, 1998, 09 27, that his coworker had stated often that 95% of abuse allegations are false.

In a Canadian study of separated parents, mothers made two thirds of the child abuse allegations, while fathers made a third of the allegations.  Women's rates of substantiation, suspicion, unfounded allegations, and malicious allegations compared to those of the men making the claims appears to demonstrate a bias against men reporting abuse, and a bias in favor of women making abuse claims.  -- Ontario Incidence Study which is discussed at greater length in Bala et al, Allegations of Child Abuse in the Context of Parental Separation ( Calgary: Canadian Research Institute for Law & the Family, 1999)

The table supplied with that article translates to the following graph.

OISabsalleg.gif (7486 bytes)

Note: The percentages in the table from which the graph was generated contained figures identifying that 33% of all false abuse allegations are made by fathers, and that of those 21% were considered to be malicious.   It appears that a typo occurred in the source document and that the figure of 21% should have been 0.21%, or else the percentages of the categories of allegations made by fathers won't add up to 33% of all allegations made by fathers and mothers.

The Ontario Incidence Study on Child Abuse and Neglect  (1993 data) found the following:

All Cases of Child Maltreatment in Ontario (1993, OIS-3)
Perpetrators Investigated Substantiated
Female 23,130 6,112 29%
Male 25,399 7,119 30%
Unknown 2,164 280 13%
All* 43,717 12,010 27%

* "All" excludes "missing cases."
See breakdown of the details of the statistics in the table.

There are many reports from people who found themselves the target of such allegations.  The numbers of false abuse allegations will be, and are, extremely difficult to determine.

Allegations by women can be made with impunity, often simply by making an anonymous phone call, but also often with the support of personnel at battered women's shelters, who apparently are only too eager to help out women who go there, often as part of their divorce strategies, to compose the affidavits in which such allegations surface.

If allegations are found to be false, they virtually never result in an indictment, let alone a conviction for perjury.  For that reason, the number of false allegations doesn't make it into the criminal records from which justice statistics are compiled.

One woman at the public forum with Erin Pizzey in Edmonton reported that she had worked for many years as a helper in battered women's shelters, but that she finally had to quit that work on account of the lies that were being manufactured there.  She spoke of the practice of using make-up teams who would conspire to execute make-up jobs that would fake injuries on women and children, of which photographs were then taken that were incorporated into affidavits claiming abuse by men.  Such photographs are extremely effective.

The strict rules of evidence used in Criminal Court proceedings don't exist in Family Court, and no other corroborating evidence such as medical reports by doctors is required.   Even though allegations of domestic violence aren't under trial in a custody hearing, these pictures are nevertheless presented to make a case for "property rights to children" and are extremely effective in making a lasting impression about the violence of the father who is being railroaded into damnation, exiled from his family and a life-time of paying child support for children whom he is most likely prohibited from even seeing again.

In the case of Gary deVriess, an Edmonton man, it took a prolonged court battle to get his ex-wife—who was proven to have made serious false allegations—convicted of perjury.  The process took many thousands of dollars and over thirty sessions in the court.

Gary deVriess was forced to declare bankruptcy on account of it.  He had his bitter victory, but still can't see his daughters, because they are afraid of retributions by their mother if they get in contact with him.  The allegations made in that case served their purpose.  They established the status quo—mother custody—and that was maintained in the custody decision "in the best interest of the children."  Gary's case is by no means an isolated one.  Battered women's shelter personnel and lawyers alike call false abuse allegations "the silver bullet."  They work without fail and always get their man.

In the US, DNA analysis of convicted felons serving time for rape with aggravated assault shows that in 30% of their population the semen found on or in their alleged victims doesn't match that of the alleged perpetrators.  28 of  the men serving time for rape and studied by the US DoJ were released as a result, seven more have since been released.  The average length of time served by the 28 men released initially was 7 years in prison.  That still leaves open to question how many of the cases of alleged rape in which the DNA analysis was a match between the alleged perpetrator and the semen found in or on the victim were in truth cases of consensual sex.  For an example of what can happen in the case of so-called marital rape or date-rape, consider the case of the Australian man who was convicted of raping his wife after he and his wife engaged in consensual sex.

We must never forget that justice statistics are based on convictions, not on the actual number of crimes perpetrated.  With justice systems that are enormously biased in favour of women and against men, it heaps insult upon injury for all men to extrapolate from the number of crimes (convictions) by men and women and to draw thereby conclusions as to the propensity of either sex to commit crimes.  We must also never forget that the vast majority of all people -- virtually all, including men -- are neither criminals nor violent.  False abuse allegations have done away with that perception, a result of a prolonged propaganda campaign by heterophobes that has had all of society in its grip ever since the redfems took over the women's liberation movement.  

Violence is aberrational behaviour in all humans.  Both sexes are equally likely to perpetrate it, but virtually all people don't.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the fear of violence in our society is escalating, although that is perhaps more as a result of expanded definitions of what constitutes violence than it is a reflection of the harm done on account of violence. For instance, murder rates in Canada have been steadily declining since 1975, to be now, at 1.76 per 100,000 cap., almost half of what they were in 1975 (3.05 per 100,000 cap.), with spousal murder convictions — about one tenth of all murder cases, with one quarter of spousal murder victims involving men — having seen similar declines. (See also The troubles with DV murder statistics)

It is also a fact that it is most likely people who grew up fatherless who commit violence.  It is furthermore a fact that a large majority of convicted prison inmates are products of fatherless homes.  We owe that legacy to the vilification and destruction of our families.  Contrary to what the heterophobes try to instill in us in all walks of life—from kindergarten to the evening of our lives—the traditional nuclear family is still the best and safest environment in which to live and to bring up children who will be good and productive citizens.  If we want to cut poverty, misery and violence in our societies, let's strengthen our families and not permit anyone to promote an agenda of their destruction.

It is time that we begin again to consider and promote the good things in the life of civilization:  our families and all of the positive aspects that come with them.  Anything else is a poor substitute.  It is time to declare a ban on the "gender war" — a misnomer, because it was never a war between the sexes but, rather, is a fight for domination of the world by heterophobes, in an attempt to destroy our families so that society can be made over in "her" image.

One of the most fascinating and pertinent findings of an analysis of data from a longitudinal study of a birth cohort over 21 years in Dunedin, New Zealand, is that 88% of men and 65% of women who became embroiled in severe partner violence (either as perpetrator or victim) were insane according to the Diagnostics and Statistics Manual of the American Psychiatric Association ("DSM—III—R").  [U.S Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice; Research Brief Findings About Violence From the Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study, by Terrie E. Moffit and Avshalom Caspi, p. 5)]

One story of millions:

(Quincy, Massachusetts) The Patriot Ledger
Friday, July 10, 1998

[Readers' opinions]

Fatherhood Coalition

In your story on the Fatherhood Coalition's court protest in support of Harry Stewart, Nancy Scannell from Massachusetts Coalition of Battered Women's Service Group says that a few months ago the coalition held a protest in support of a Fall River man accused of sexually abusing his children and violating a 209A restraining order.

I know this man, Ray Saulnier, and I know the truth of his situation. His ex-wife did indeed accuse him of sexually abusing his children during his divorce, but he was not being tried on that issue.  The district attorney closed that case years ago, deciding not to prosecute. Saulnier was on trial for two counts of violating a restraining order.  He was accused of being seen by his children.  Despite the fact that he had many witnesses who testified that he was elsewhere, he was convicted on one count.

Ray Saulnier is one of the thousands of innocent victims of the sexual abuse and domestic abuse witch hunts. His children are also victims, victims of the modern-day witch burners -- the zealous prosecutors and battered women's advocates.

Mark Gilbert


Harry Stewart appeared in TV program by "Chronicle" WCVB TV (Massachusetts), aired February 17, 2000.

"Out of Order?"  is a transcript of a TV program by "Chronicle" WCVB TV (Massachusetts), aired February 17, 2000.  This was a program about false abuse allegations, allegations by women who use the process of 209a restraining orders to gain strategic advantages in divorce and custody battles.  The program looked at the abuse of 209a restraining orders from the viewpoint of fathers who become abused by the legal process — legally, but unjustly.  The call-ins that followed the show were 3:1 in favour of the TV program, that is three out of four callers agreed that there is massive abuse of 209a Restraining Orders.

Another Follow-up:

Massachusetts News

Harry Stewart Seeking to Get His Children
Totally Exonerated on All Charges of Abuse


 By Mark Charalambous

April 13, 2001

The father who was sent to jail for six months in 1999 for refusing to sign a false statement that he had abused his wife is now seeking to recover his children after being totally vindicated earlier this year of all charges of abuse by a probate judge.

The ordeal is not yet over for Harry Stewart, however. He says the greatest tragedy has been to his children. His former wife has had custody of their two boys during the six years that she fraudulently tormented him. ...

Full Story

Additional Information about the case

Wife Stabs RCMP Officer -- He is Charged and Loses Children.

Regardless of the evidence that showed that the wife, who was an RCMP constable herself, inflicted cuts on her arms and hands that she alleged were inflicted by her husband, the husband, with cuts to his face, head and neck, was arrested and charged.  Subsequently, even though the criminal charges against him had been dismissed in court and the prosecution did not intend to appeal, he was suspended without pay and had to undergo disciplinary action.  He is now suing the RCMP for a variety of reasons.
    Our best wishes are with him.  Let's hope that his children, who now lack their father's protection, are safe in the mean-time.  It seems that it is dangerous to leave them with a lying and violent mother.
    However, if even the RCMP can't and won't protect its own and even actively persecutes its own officer who was quite openly and clearly falsely accused, what hope is there for any other man facing such false allegations, especially when women are being increasingly encouraged to make such charges, even if there is no evidence of abuse? (Full story)

See also:

  • DVStats.org — a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims.

    The primary purpose of the site is to shift public perceptions of such violence away from political ideology, and instead toward objectively verifiable scientific research.
  • Video on violent women

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