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since June 19, 2001


False allegations taken to new heights: the Chicago Sears Tower

In an article headed "CIA Told to Do 'Whatever Necessary' to Kill Bin Laden," the Washington Post stated that "Intelligence and law enforcement agencies attempt to run every threat [of terrorism] to ground to see if it is genuine."

To the millions of men that have been the subject of false physical- or sexual abuse allegations it will come as no surprise to see that some of the threats that intelligence and law enforcement agencies discover in the pursuit of terrorist activities are no more than false allegations by vindictive ex-wives.



Intelligence and law enforcement agencies attempt to run every threat to ground to see if it is genuine, officials said. The results at times have been unexpected. In early October, a woman called authorities to say it was her patriotic duty to report that her husband, who is from the Middle East, was planning an attack with eight or nine friends on Chicago's Sears Tower.

The woman sounded credible and her allegations were reported in the Threat Matrix. The FBI then detained her husband and friends. On the next Threat Matrix the CIA reported that the FBI might have broken up an al Qaeda cell.

Upon further investigation, the FBI learned that the woman was furious with her husband, who had a second wife. Her allegations had no merit, but the bureau discovered that some of the people were involved in an arranged-marriage scheme.

"Instead of terrorism," one official said, "we found an angry wife."

Another senior official said, "There can be a problem in a marriage and it results in, you know, an allegation that shows up in the Threat Matrix."

Isn't that an odd comment in the last sentence in the quote? The allegation under discussion was made by a vindictive ex-wife against her ex-husband — who had re-married — and his friends. Unless a man is involved in bigamy, "a second wife" usually means that the man re-married. Seeing that the article made no mention of bigamy, the allegation was not a problem in a marriage. It was a problem that arose long after a marriage had broken up and ended in divorce.

Aside from the fact that nine or ten men were arrested and kept in jail as a result of this false allegation, the costs of the sleuthing done by the FBI, CIA, local law enforcement agencies, aviation authorities and more in consequence must have run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It will of course be unrealistic to hope that any charges will be brought against the woman who made the false allegation. Charges are usually never laid, as women are entitled to make any kind of allegations with impunity and are virtually never held to account for any of the damages they cause.

If an allegation results in a man having to serve a sentence and is later determined to have been false, that will most likely still not result in charges against the woman who made the false allegation. Even if charges are brought forth against the woman and she should be found guilty, it will rarely result in more than an admonishment but *never* in a sentence as severe as the time served by the victim of the allegation and most certainly never in restitution for any damages caused.

They say that women don't lie, or if they are caught in a lie, that they made a mistake or were "credible." If all else fails, it is usually said that the woman couldn't help herself, that something or someone made her do it — perhaps hormones or the Devil himself or perhaps just anger — but most often it is a man who gets the blame when a woman commits a crime.

That's the way things have to be, because the feminists insist that women are pure and without blame, even though the only way in which that could be possible would be that all women are imbeciles and legal minors.

The only other and reasonable explanation is that some women are "terrorists in the family."

Update 2008 08 03:

UK: 1 in 5 fathers wrongly identified as the father

Patrick Wintour, political editor, The Guardian, Friday August 1 2008

Update 2008 05 08:

 Men are more visually aroused than women? Fact or fiction?
Research Shows Men And Women Look At Sexual Photographs Differently

(http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/67705.php, 17 Apr 2007 - 8:00 PDT)

A study funded by the Atlanta-based Center for Behavioral Neuroscience (CBN) analyzed the viewing patterns of men and women looking at sexual photographs, and the result was not what one typically might expect. (Full Story)

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Posted 2001 10 21