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Men Also Suffer from Domestic Violence Monday, 22 Oct 2007, FOX2 Detroit

History of the politics of DV

The Facts About Spousal Conflict: Personal Responsibility Must Be Expected in Public Policy.  Family violence myths debunked by the American Coalition for Fathers & Children (ACFC — Missouri Chapter)

The Nature of Domestic Violence Against Men

So, you think that you are being abused...or maybe you don't think so...

Telling the Truth about Domestic Violence

Controversy Within Family Violence Research

DVStats.org — a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims. (Off-site)

This search facility equates domestic violence to intimate partner violence between men and women in relationships.  It does not provide information on violence between homosexuals, siblings or violence against family members other than heterosexual partners and spouses, such as infanticide, child abuse or violence against elderly in families.

Domestic Violence and the Male Victim,
By Anne Lewis and Dr. Sotirios Sarantakos

Domestic Violence Policies: Where Did We Go Wrong?
By Sotirios Sarantakos

Leading Causes of Death by age group and sex
(US data for 1995, age group <1-24 years)

US Murders 1995

US Murders 1996

The troubles with DV murder statistics

[US] Domestic Homicide of Male Spouses by Females: A Review for Death Investigators, By Lt. Cynthia T. Ferguson, CNM, MSN

DVStats.org — a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims. (Off-site)

This search facility equates domestic violence to intimate partner violence between men and women in relationships.  It does not provide information on violence between homosexuals, siblings or violence against family members other than heterosexual partners and spouses, such as infanticide, child abuse or violence against elderly in families.

Alberta Government's website promotes hatred against men

Massive, government-sponsored hate propaganda that demonizes all Canadian men at the Canadian National Clearing House on Family Violence, a Health Canada web site

The ACLU Sports Hall of Shame — Hate Crimes Against Women?

Toronto Police Hate-Crime Policies  — Tools for the suppression of free speech, a symptom of universal national and international trends?

London Metropolitan Police Service launches hate-propaganda campaign against men (2005 03 16)

Researching the "Rape Culture" of America — An Investigation of Feminist Claims about Rape, By Christina Hoff Sommers, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Clark University

We've all heard that "one in four" college women will be victims of rape or attempted rape during their years on campus. Michael Wright takes a look at campus police records and comes up with... a different answer.
Read the article (off-site)

Neo Nazis and other overt hate groups are amateurs. THE HATE MONGERS explains how some elements of the women's movement use lies and hate to make big money for themselves, and how they harm our culture and our economy.


Men are More Likely Than Women to Be Victims in Dating Violence, UNH Expert Says
(UNH Media Relations, May 19, 2006; off-site)

...This research is part of the International Dating Violence Study, a multinational study of violence against dating partners by university students. A consortium of researchers around the world collected data from 13,601 students at 68 universities in 32 nations.

In the paper, Straus calls for an end to the focus on men as the only perpetrators of dating violence, saying the refusal to recognize the multi-causal nature of the problem is hampering the effort to end domestic violence and ignoring half the perpetrators. As recently as December 2005, the National Institute of Justice refused to consider applications for funding that dealt with male victims....

Abused Men - The Other Half of Domestic Violence involving adults.  Violence involving children is another story

Alberta MLAs are being asked for help

A letter to John Ashcroft, United States Attorney General,
Re: VAWA and Domestic Violence Against Men and Children

A letter to the Alberta Justice Department, in response to a call for input to a discussion paper on a proposal for a new Prevention of Family Violence Act

A tool kit to destroy families

Battered-Men Shelters

Battered Men — Resources and links, by Bert Hoff
   Additional information and help-line index

Battered-Women Shelters

Betty Friedan and her Lies — Carl Friedan tells his side of the horror story of his twenty-year marriage to his violent ex-wife.

Bill C-245 (1998), an act to amend the Criminal Code, penalties for sexual offences involving children, to be read the second time and to be referred to a committee

Domestic-Violence Industry: A Cult

Family Violence Studies: A Brief History, by Richard Bennett

History of domestic violence among male patients presenting to an urban emergency department.

C. Crawford Mechem, MD, Frances S. Shofer, PhD, Sharon S. Reinhard, BA, EMT, Sarah Hornig, BSN, RN and Elizabeth Datner, MD

From the Department of Emergency Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (CCM, FSS, SSR, SH, ED).

Address for correspondence and reprints: C. Crawford Mechem, MD, Department of Emergency Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 3400 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283. Fax: 215-662-3953; e-mail: mechemc@mail.med.upenn.edu

Academy of Emergency Medicine 1999 Aug;6(8):786-91
Abstract and publication details

Husband Abuse: An Overview of Research and Perspectives

Prepared by Leslie Tutty for the Family Violence Prevention Unit, Health Canada.

This discussion paper provides insight into the issue of abuse against men by their intimate partners. It summarizes information from three sources: literature on husband abuse, studies in which abused men describe their experiences, and conversations with representatives from approximately 40 family violence treatment programs and men's issues groups. 1999, 28 p. Full Paper (292kB PDF file - off-site)

Intimate Partner Abuse Against Men - Overview Paper
by Dr. Eugen Lupri and Dr. Elaine Grandin

For the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, Health Canada.

This document provides an overview of the available research findings on the nature and extent of abuse committed by women against their intimate male partners, as well as an examination of the various methods that have been used in that research. It identifies risk factors and the physical and psychological effects on victims. Finally, it considers issues relevant to prevention and offers suggestions on what individuals (victims, friends and professionals) can do and what resources and services they can access for help. 2004, 13 p.  Full Report (109kB PDF file - off-site)

Intimate Partner Abuse Against Men [and Boys]
A compendium of resources,
National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, Health Canada (off-site)

Video on violent women

Male and Female DV-rates

The implications of the report from which the excerpt shown below was copied are mind-boggling.

Unfortunately, the report is completely in graphics format, which is why the PDF file is so large.  Nevertheless, it is worth having a copy of.

The report is based on a an examination of a good number of DV studies from all over the world.  It confirms what those with open and objective minds have known for decades: interspousal violence is not a male monopoly.  It is at least as often committed by women as it is committed by men.

That the myth of men having a monopoly on that aspect of intimate partner violence persisted for so long in the face of so much evidence from reputable and even government sources is nothing less than evidence of the power of feminist propaganda promoted by people in thrall to a totalitarian ideology.

Japan joins the community of nations falling victim to the tactic of implementing domestic- or family-violence laws for the destruction of families

Lenore Walker's "The Battered Woman" has become the bible of family violence for people making their living off and promoting the battered women's industry.  Her husband, Morton Flax, shot himself.

Malicious Mother Syndrome — A letter from a handicapped woman who was abused — along with her sisters — by her own mother

Video on violent women

One Father's Story — The sad story of the destruction of one family on account of family violence.

Rape is a crime that is now being investigated routinely through the help of DNA testing

References Examining Assaults by Women on their Spouses or Male Partners: An Annotated Bibliography, by Martin Fiebert

Sex Differences in Aggression Between Heterosexual Partners: A Meta-Analytic Review, by John Archer, University of Central Lancashire

War in the Family — An account of one battle skirmish near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

WFN Press Release, Re: New (1997) Bureau of Justice Stats on DV

"Where’s My Frying Pan?" Women and Domestic Violence

Women Hit Too! — An article by Nancy Updike in the May/June 1999 issue of Mother Jones

The Myth of Female Innocence — Many "experts" state that the characteristics of serial killers include "male", "Caucasian", and exclude women.  What then are we to make of cases like these?

  1. Countess Elizabeth Bathory "of Hungary, who bled to death 610 peasant girls, whom she abducted and kept in her castle dungeon so that she could fill rejuvenating beauty baths with their youthful blood." (Patricia Pearson, "When She Was Bad: The Myth of Female Innocence," p. 156)

  2. On December 20th, 1985, Marybeth Tinning in Schenectady, New York, murdered the last of her nine children, a four-week-old baby girl Tami Lynn. The others, aged from a few weeks to five years, were killed by her over the preceding 14 years. The cause of all deaths had been diagnosed as SIDS. The community members had began to wonder after the sixth child died. Not until the ninth death happened were charges laid.

  3. Melissa Ann Russel: Internet Black Widow — She killed two men for their money and defrauded others, including the Canadian taxpayers, of theirs.  However, she did receive an early parole for a murder convictions in Canada, became a $50,000/year spokeswoman for battered wives, and then promptly picked, married, exploited and killed her next victim, an 85-year-old man.

  4. People like Jack the Ripper (he killed five prostitutes) are the stuff of movie after movie, book after book, headline-story after headline story in the papers.   People like Jane Toppan (a nurse and contemporary of Jack the Ripper who killed as many as or more than 90 patients for no other reason than that she wanted to set a record) and like Countess Elizabeth Bathory are forgotten, as is the fact that the vast majority of serious or fatal family violence victims fell victim to women's violence and also the fact that the vast majority of serial killers is female.

Patrol Constables' Perceptions of Wife Assault Sensitivity Training, A Qualitative Evaluation, Theresa Petkau, June 1998

Emergency Department Injury Surveillance Report

DVStats.org — a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims. (Off-site)

Video on violent women

The Bloody and Deadly Countess Elizabeth Bathory

Lesbian couples are far more violent than heterosexual couples

Erin Pizzey comments on A Lesbian DV Brochure

If the data collected are accurate, then Gay DV is the fastest growing sector of domestic violence.

The Facts About Spousal Conflict: Personal Responsibility Must Be Expected in Public Policy.  Family violence myths debunked by the American Coalition for Fathers & Children (ACFC — Missouri Chapter)

Knocked for six: the myth of a nation of wife batterers
by Neil Lyndon and Paul Ashton, The Sunday Times of London 1995 01 29

Quotes from and articles by Armin Brott 

Extracts from 'Manufacturing Concern'  (see also the message announcing  "Manufacturing Concern")

Husband Battering, a section in David Throop's Men's Issues Index

Wendy McElroy discusses: Feminist Urban Legends

Spare the rod and run for cover — When students hold the cards, school violence grows, especially among the girls

DVStats.org — a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims. (Off-site)

This search facility equates domestic violence to intimate partner violence between men and women in relationships.  It does not provide information on violence between homosexuals, siblings or violence against family members other than heterosexual partners and spouses, such as infanticide, child abuse or violence against elderly in families.

Myths and Facts about family violence (containing analyses and summaries of, and references and some links to, a large number of US Bureau of Justice reports and to Canadian and British sources)

Fact: Political correctness drives and taints the politics of domestic violence statistics

Fact: Quote from a press release August 27, 1997 by the Women's Freedom Network

Fact: Reena Sommer — Male and Female Perpetrated Partner Abuse: Testing a Diathesis-Stress Model

Fact: The "Rule of Thumb for Wife-Beating" Hoax
Wife beating was always illegal

Fact: The Super Bowl Wife-Battering Hoax

Fact: To round out the picture, have a look at the collection of articles at the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FORUM of the Shared Parenting web site.

Fact: Domestic Violence in Gay "Families"

Fact: FBI Statistics on Spousal Murder, they show that gender equality works in weird and wondrous ways.

Fact: Women are the gentler sex?

Newsletters: Common Sense and Domestic Violence

  • Canadian FV Statistics — A collection of information by E. Sodhi

  • Research on domestic violence against males:

DVStats.org — a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims. (Off-site)

This search facility equates domestic violence to intimate partner violence between men and women in relationships.  It does not provide information on violence between homosexuals, siblings or violence against family members other than heterosexual partners and spouses, such as infanticide, child abuse or violence against elderly in families.

An Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Based on Non-clinical Samples

Child Abuse: Statistics, Research, and Resources

DVStats.org — a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims. (Off-site)

Gender as a factor in the Family Violence Courts, by Eeva Sodhi

Husband-Killing Syndicates (h/t: http://news.mensactivism.org/node/17318)

At the website of The Unknown History of MISANDRY

FACTS which contradict what is taught in the universities and which even run counter to the assumptions made by critics of misandry.

Lesbian Child Sexual Abuse

Meet 'Women's Auxiliary of NAMBLA'

More deadly than the male
Media hide the fact women are far more likely than men are to kill their children. 

NSPCC research findings of women's role in the maltreatment of children in the UK

The extent of involvement of women in the sexual abuse of children

The quiet horror — The murder rate for U.S. females is highest in the first year of life.

Women commit at least as much child sexual abuse as do men

When statistics for all family violence victims are examined, it emerges that women, primarily mothers, perpetrate by far the largest share of incidents of violence in the family.

  • False Abuse Allegations

False Abuse Allegations, how many of them are there, and what are their consequences?

Getting rid of dad —False allegations levelled against men who are said to have sexually abused their children have become the weapon of choice in custody battles following divorce and separation.

Almost half of child abuse allegations that are being investigated are proven to be unsubstantiated.  Another quarter cannot be substantiated, although suspicions remain.


For a few decades now, and increasingly so during the past two, man-hating gender activists created and nurtured the perception that men are violent, especially against women.  All too often, examples of the violence by men are produced and used to extrapolate and project from them to all male members of the human species.  Common sense should tell anyone that such depictions simply cannot be true. 
    The vast majority of humanity, men or women, are simply not violent.  Moreover, men are being indoctrinated from childhood on that boys don't hit girls.  It used to be that girls were being educated that violence doesn't become them, but increasingly so in the last two decades girls are being taught to have the "right to hit back,"  from where it now follows in the minds of many girls and women that they have the right to hit, whether that is done by them in aggression or in retaliation.
    We must therefore not be surprised that violence by women is becoming more and more prevalent.  In many states in the US arrest rates for women in incidents of domestic violence are growing and now comprise about one third of all arrests in DV incidents.
    The truth, from an authoritative source, is,

 Adaptation from Michel Angelo's Creation (Adam)
 from the cover of David Thomas' Not Guilty : In Defence of the Modern Man

The History of the Development of the Popular Views and Politics of Domestic Violence, a collection of links to articles that explain the workings of the massive feminist propaganda campaign that served the purpose — quite effectively — to demonize all men.

The Nature of Domestic Violence Against Men

The following is Anne Bransdon's DV against men model from her Web site.  It is a great improvement on the power wheel from the Duluth model. (Click on the image to see larger version.)

ausmods.gif (19066 bytes)
copied from  Model 1999 at Anne Bransdon's site

Anne Bransdon's website is currently experiencing difficulties with accessibility, but Anne Bransdon gives permission to use her model far and wide.  Send an e-mail to Anne Bransdon.

So, you think that you are being abused...or maybe you don't think so

Looking through Anne Bransdon's excellent categories and indexes of types of abuse, many will without doubt recognize familiar aspects of every-day life they became subjected to over the last little while or over the period of their lives that they escaped from and consider to have been hell on earth.

There are many more people who are right now involved or have been in circumstances in which many of the items in Anne Bransdon's model play dominant roles, but many of those people don't realize at all that any of those aspects are at work to destroy their relationship, their love, their family and their lives.

The devil is in the details.  Maybe all that is required, for abusers and abused alike, is to consider an account by someone who was involved in an abusive relationship and who, even though he escaped from it, is still very strongly entangled in it.  It is quite obvious that the individual who wrote the account managed to get a good grasp on the mass of tiny details in everyday life that constitute abuse in his case.  It is also obvious that perhaps he is setting himself up to being abused by insisting that his abuser should act rationally.  Abusers abuse because they don't, and often can't, act rationally.

As Erin Pizzey explains in her discussion paper on how to deal with terrorists in the family (that was the original title of the paper, but it is now called "Working with violent women"), it is not reasonable to expect terrorists (that's what abusers are) to act rationally.  There is therefore not much point in expecting to be able to negotiate with terrorists.   What is necessary in trying to get terrorists to make concessions or to have them live by equitable principles is to make them live by the law.  A line needs to be drawn, and terrorists need to have pointed out to them what the rules are by which they must guide their conduct.  They need to learn what they can get away with and what not.  They need to learn that they can't get away with as much as they wish to get away with.

Here is the link to the story I mentioned.  The story is an excellent account of such details that an abused man began to recognize and analyse in looking back at the abuse he experienced through his abuser, the mother of his son, his former wife.

She Married The Great Satan…And Lived To Tell The Tale
By "Tex," her angry, abused ex-husband
Published at Dr. Irene's verbal abuse site

Telling the Truth about Domestic Violence

by David Fontes, Psy.D., CEAP, August 29, 1998 (PDF 67kB)

The essay by David Fontes is an objective and thorough overview of violence research and statistics. It provides truths that will surprise many, but its title, "Telling The Truth about Domestic Violence", is misleading.

Although the essay is very thorough in telling the truth, it mentions nothing at all about many forms of domestic violence, such as that against children, violence between siblings, violence by children against parents, or violence against the elderly. Therefore a better title for the essay would be, "Telling the Truth about Partner Violence", because that is the only type of domestic violence the essay tells about.  However, the essay is immensely valuable for debunking feminist claims about "domestic violence".

David Fontes' essay analyzes not only the fallacies inherent in misleading partner violence statistics, it also identifies the failings and shortcomings of the various and often even official, governmental (therefore apparently credible) sources of the partner violence statistics misandrist feminists love to use in their propaganda war against men and families.

It is deliberate and not an accident that the essay's focus is solely on partner violence. The article is a refutation of a "domestic violence" article by feminist Kate Orman.

Like all feminists that use distorted and selective "domestic violence" statistics as propaganda tools when speaking or writing about partner violence, so as to stress the victim status of women, Kate Orman, too, is blind to all forms of violence in families except men's violence against women. All such feminists, if they mention women's violence against men at all, use it only for propagandistic purposes. They use at best only what of it gets reported (the vast majority of it doesn't) and, most importantly, they only use it to falsely claim, and thereby indoctrinate the public into believing, that there are vastly fewer incidents of violence by women against men than there are of violence by men against women.

By such propaganda tactics feminist were successful over the years in making "domestic violence" a synonym for "violence against women".

Full Story


Controversy Within Family Violence Research

Reena Sommer, Ph.D.; University of Manitoba, Canada


Washington, D.C., 14-15 October 1995

I have been involved in the study of partner abuse for the past eight years. My interest in this issue began with my concern about violence against women. Initially, my examination of partner abuse focused on courtship violence and spouse abuse perpetrated by men. My sense of curiosity led me to go against what I believed to be the essence of partner abuse and examine the prevalence of abuse perpetrated by women. Quite to my surprise, I found that women too, abused their male partners at equivalent rates. This led me to search out other research examining this issue, and again to my surprise I found my findings were not an anomaly, but had considerable support.

Considerable controversy has emerged as a result of studies finding equivalent rates of abuse for males and females. The rift within family violence research centers on how researchers have approached their investigations. On one hand, there is the unidimensional approach to partner abuse advanced by feminists. They view abuse between intimates as a problem of women being abused by men whereby the abuse is perceived as a dichotomous variable (abuse/no abuse) and seen in its most severe forms. On the other hand, sociologists and family researchers view partner abuse as being gender neutral and occurring along a continuum with no abuse at one end and very severe abuse at the other end.

I would like to address this controversy by first providing a backdrop to how the divisiveness in the study of partner abuse developed, and then by discussing some of the methodological and practical issues that have contributed to it....

(Full Story)

The Magnitude of Family Violence

Family violence is a relatively small problem in relation to all other causes of deaths and injury.  It is difficult to understand why comprehensive information that permits a look at the relative numbers of victims is so hard to find.  Most likely the reason for that is that when information pertaining to victims of family violence is looked at in relation to victims of other causes of death, it becomes obvious that the number of family violence victims appears to be exceedingly and trivially small, and that is the last thing the proponent of the domestic violence industry want people to learn much about.  Therefore they keep that fact hidden and distorted.  They can easily do that, because they control what information we get to see.  They refuse with all their might to tell us the truth, nothing but and all of the truth.
    To take such an objective view provides another truth.  Boys and men comprise the vast majority of all victims of violence, but not only that, they comprise the vast majority of deaths in every major category of death except for the elderly, which are comprised largely of women.  That stands to reason.  Women are far more likely than men to survive into old age. Depending on country, their life expectancy is up to 14 years higher than that of men.
    So, because women comprise the vast majority of the elderly, it stands to reason that far, far more elderly women than elderly men die.  Nevertheless, feminists have absolutely no compunction in painting that circumstance – which is an outcome of all-pervasive discrimination against boys and men – as another manifestation of discrimination against women.  Go figure, the fact that women live far longer lives than men is, according to the feminists, due to sex-discrimination against women.  Let's not worry about that.  Such contradictions are prevalent in, and govern, feminist dialectics.
    However, on account of the changing demographics that are caused by and fuel the escalating destruction of our families, women face special challenges, both as victims and perpetrators, due to abuse of the elderly.   The population sector containing the elderly grows at an unprecedented rate in absolute terms and especially in relative terms with respect to the size of the younger productive population sector that has to bear the increasingly unbearably large responsibility to care and provide for those who can't produce anything any longer for themselves.  One of the consequences of that is an enormous increase (150% in the US from 1986 to 1996) in elderly abuse, predominantly cases of neglect of the elderly. (Trends in Elder Abuse in Domestic Settings, NATIONAL CENTER ON ELDER ABUSE, Elder Abuse Information Series No. 2 (PDF 42kB); see also Prisoners in Their Own Homes, by Glenn Sacks.  In addition, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch produced an excellent series of articles on the topic of fatal elder abuse and neglect in US nursing homes (it is estimated that tens of tousands of cases happen each year), Neglected to Death (Oct. 12 - 19, 2002).  See abstract and commentary relating to the articles and to the problem of elder abuse and neglect in nursing home and hospitals.)

Update 2004 06 24:

If you have concerns about these and other issues related to the condition of seniors, visit, contact and perhaps even join:

SUN — Seniors United Now

The up- and coming, rapidly-growing advocacy organization for seniors (55 years and over) in Alberta

There are in the order of about half a million or more people of age 55 and over in Alberta. If all of them were to join SUN, they would become the most powerful advocacy organization in Alberta; and seniors would no longer be robbed of their comforts and otherwise ignored.
   At the price of one package of cigarettes seniors will be able to gain a voice that will be heard by a government that otherwise can and will take from seniors what they worked for all their life to enjoy in their old age.

If you are concerned about how seniors are affected by the planned, systematic destruction of our families and society, a search at google.com (for elderly OR seniors OR grandparent OR grandfather OR grandmother site:https://fathersforlife.org) will provide you with the links to about 84 web pages at Fathers for Life that will be of interest to you.

Pure and simple, any claims that women are being killed by their boyfriends and husbands in large and ever escalating numbers are nothing but plain and unadulterated propaganda and fantasy.
    Furthermore, a slight majority of interspousal violence is initiated and committed by women.  However, any claims that men are the perpetrators of the majority of domestic violence become quite simply ludicrous when all types of domestic violence are examined.  When children are being abused, they, too, become victims of domestic violence.  Unfortunately, on account of the world-wide feminist-driven and feminist-inspired and sustained propaganda campaign against men, violence by women has become virtually invisible.
    The sad consequence of that is that ever escalating numbers of children are being abused by their mothers.  Those abused children, in turn, become then the next generation of adults who abuse other adults and primarily children.  Women commit the vast majority of all child abuse

All discussions of family violence revolve around the information shown in the following graph and the subsequent tables.  Unless we look at the information in the graph and keep it in mind, we'll lose sight of the fact that all discussions pertaining to women as victims of violence are addressing information that has been taken out of context.

Discussion of and links to sources of data

Murders in the US in 1995



of total 

Total Murders   21,597 100 
   Men   16,630 77 
   Women   3,752 17.4 
   Children (Source: CPS)   1,215 5.6 
Men murdered by girlfriends/wives   3% of 16,630 499 2.31
Women murdered by boyfriends/husbands   26% of 3,752 976 4.52

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report for 1995
Discussion of data


Murders in the US in 1996

of total 
Total Murders   19,645 100 
   Men   15,848 80.7 
   Women   2,711 13.8 
(Child Fatality Fact Sheet)
  1,077 5.5 
Men murdered by girlfriends/wives   3% of 15,848 475 2.4 
Women murdered by boyfriends/husband   30% of 2,711 813 4.1 

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report for 1996
Discussion of data

See also:

Women in intimate relationships are frequently portrayed by modern society as “the victim” when violence or a homicide occurs in intimate partnerships. These women continue to be seen by American culture as weak individuals who suffer at the hands of domineering, powerful, over-controlling men. The myth that spousal murder is committed almost entirely by husbands who kill their wives must be dispelled. In addition, there are discrepancies within the legal system, where a female is treated more leniently for murdering her husband, than when a man murders his wife. The criminal-justice system has failed to see equality in the crimes in the sexes, allowing for biased views that women are less malevolent than men and more prone to victimization. The stigma is intractable that women are more likely than men to feel remorse for what they’ve done. While this may be true for some women; for others, the truth is much farther away than many suspect. [Full story]


The relative propensity of the two sexes to be violent and the reasons why our perceptions about that became so biased and distorted.

  • Battered-Men Shelters

Sorry, although partner violence is an equal-opportunity crime in which partners of both sexes engage to an equal extent, there are no shelters for battered men in Canada, and perhaps one or two in the USA, apparently none in the rest of the world.

Well, that may not be quite true. If you are a man and need shelter from an abusive woman, you can find it in the local jail, but you can't take your children anywhere to protect them from an abusive woman.

If you are a battered man, check the following for some help and advice:

Battered Men — Resources and links

Additional information and help lines

If you are looking for a battered men's shelter, what is available to men is described in in a photo essay at The Shattered Men website.  A telling comparison is being made between typical women's shelters and typical men's shelters to identify the differences between the services available for male and female abuse victims.

  • Battered-Women Shelters – Index

Although partner violence is an equal-opportunity crime in which partners of both sexes engage to an equal extent, and although there are virtually no shelters for battered men (none in Canada), there are about 500 shelters for battered women in Canada and an enormously large number of battered women's shelters in the USA and other developed nations.  However, battered-women shelters do have their very own peculiar problems.

Are Abuse Shelters good for Children?

  • Domestic-Violence Industry: A Cult

    Thanks to dvmen.org for obtaining the permission to post the following five remarkable articles that were published between December 4th and 8th of 2001 by Dave Brown, senior editor and columnist for the Canadian newspaper The Ottawa Citizen.

Men challenge 'bible' of violence against women: A Toronto inquest will question the validity of a standard reference book, Tuesday, December 4, 2001.

Burying the ghosts of a violent past: Husband in wheelchair became focus of wife's rage, Wednesday, December 5, 2001.

'I learned it's a system that doesn't listen': Wife still terrified by threats from family violence specialists, Thursday, December 6, 2001.

Turning domestic violence into a religion: Inquest an epic social debate, Friday, December 7, 2001.

Cult of the domestic-violence industry: Where are the great numbers of victims we hear about?, Saturday, December 8, 2001.

Dave Brown mentioned in the last of the preceding articles that evidence of an epidemic of domestic violence against women does not exist.  He investigated and found that during the Year 2000 not one patient who had been a victim of domestic violence had been admitted at the Civic campus of the Ottawa Hospital (one of several serving a populace of about 1.4 million people).  He did find that at the Civic's emergency room during that year twenty-nine patients had been treated for injuries received in domestic violence incidents, but that number was not broken down by gender (it appears that the relationships between the perpetrators and their victims were not identified nor what proportion of the victims were children).

The report "Emergency Department Injury Surveillance Report, South Fraser Health Region April 1, 2001 - June 30, 2001", by the South Fraser Health Region Emergency Department provides similar findings.  Although the number of patients in the category "Homicide and Injury Purposely Inflicted by Other" who received treatment is not broken down by victim-perpetrator relationship nor whether any of the injuries were obtained in domestic-violence incidents, the report does provide a breakdown by sex.  Domestic violence victims comprise a very small fraction of the totals in those categories. (See Distribution of Cause of Injury, South Fraser Health Region Emergency Department)

See also the analyses of domestic violence statistics done by Eeva Sodhi, someone who devoted years of her life to discovering the Truth about Family Violence.

  • References Examining Assaults by Women on their Spouses or Male Partners: An Annotated Bibliography, by Martin S. Fiebert , Department of Psychology, California State University, Long Beach

"...206 scholarly investigations: 159 empirical studies and 47 reviews... The aggregate sample size in the reviewed studies exceeds 197,900."

The bibliography is also accessible at 

  • A letter to John Ashcroft, United States Attorney General,
    Re: VAWA and Domestic Violence Against Men and Children,
    by Robert A. Fink, M. D. April 9, 2001

  •  Women Hit Too! — An article by Nancy Updike in the May/June 1999 issue of Mother Jones identifies research findings by reputable social scientists that show that women predominate as perpetrators in incidents of domestic violence.  Links are provided at this page that will lead to the sources of the findings.

  • Betty Friedan and her Lies — Carl Friedan tells his side of the horror story of his twenty-year marriage to his violent ex-wife.

The new book Abused Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence, By Philip W. Cook, offers real solutions to the problem of domestic violence.  This pioneering book has received positive reviews from many leading professionals in the field, including Dr. Murray A. Strauss, Dr. Judith Sherven, Dr. James Sniechowski, Erin Pizzey, Dr. Malcolm George, and Reena Sommer, Ph.D.

  • A letter to the Alberta Justice Department, in response to a call for input to a discussion paper on a proposal for a new Prevention of Family Violence Act.  The letter contains the full text of the proposal as well as comments on the individual sections.  https://fathersforlife.org/doc/comments.doc   (74 KB, MSWord 6 Doc.)

  • Battered Men — Resources and links, by Bert Hoff (Sorry, it's extremely unlikely to find shelter in your location if you need it, but at least there is advice — and some help if you need it.)

  • Japan joins the community of nations falling victim to the tactic of implementing domestic- or family-violence laws for the destruction of families — ostensibly for the protection of women, in reality needless laws, as there are more than enough laws to provide protection to women already. (See also Parents' rights a demographic issue, by COLIN P.A. JONES, Special to The Japan Times, Tuesday, July 18, 2006)

  • Rape is a crime that is now being investigated routinely through the help of DNA testing.  DNA testing will and does clear a large number of falsely accused men as shown in the report by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs

About 25 percent of men accused and convicted of rape are innocent, perhaps as many as 40 percent — at least as recent as 1989, and many of those innocent men are still serving time for their alleged crime.  Obviously, women were either mistaken or lied in identifying the wrong man as their attacker.  That still leaves open to question how many of the men not exonerated by DNA evidence had in reality consensual sex.  How many rape charges in spousal rapes are false? The US DoJ report provides no information about that, but it would be definitely worth looking into.

  • 2004 09 16

    Convictions based on faulty hair analysis

    Today, The Globe and Mail carried the following article:

    Faulty analysis sparks call for review of cases

    Flawed hair findings used in convictions, Manitoba study says

    Thursday, September 16, 2004 - Page A7

    The article mentioned that 39 analyses were re-examined and tested against DNA evidence. Four analyses were found to have been "faulty". Under the circumstances, "faulty" is a euphemism for "wrong".

    The article says nothing about how many hair analyses had been used in all or whether selection criteria were used to pick the 39 Manitoba murder cases. How about rape cases, assaults and robberies that had no fatal outcomes but nevertheless resulted in severe sentences? (False or fabricated "evidence" are by no means a rare occurrence, see full story)

  • In the US, there are an estimated 520,000 false rape allegations a year — 98.1% of all reported cases.  (Eeva Sodhi, Debunking Domestic Violence Statistics; Rape)
  • Malicious Mother Syndrome — A letter from a handicapped woman who was abused — along with her sisters — by her own mother

From: Cathy Young
Date: 8/26/97 6:03 PM
Subject: Women's Freedom Network (WFN) Press Release - Domestic Violence


  • Sex Differences in Aggression Between Heterosexual Partners: A Meta-Analytic Review

John Archer
University of Central Lancashire

Meta-analyses of sex differences in physical aggression to heterosexual partners and in its physical consequences are reported. Women were slightly more likely (d = -.05) than men to use one or more act of physical aggression and to use such acts more frequently. Men were more likely (d = .15) to inflict an injury, and overall 62% of those injured by a partner were women. The findings partially support previous claims that different methods of measurement produce conflicting results, but there was also evidence that the sample was an important moderator of effect size. Continuous models showed that younger aged dating samples and a lower proportion of physically aggressive males predicted effect sizes in the female direction. Analyses were limited by the available database, which is biased toward young dating samples in the United States. Wider variations are discussed in terms of two conflicting norms about physical aggression to partners that operate to different degrees in different cultures.

Psychological Bulletin, 2000. Vol. 136. No. 5. 651-680
(0033-2909/00/$5.00 DOI: 10.1037//0033-2909.126.5.65)
(A ZIP file of the study (337kB – in English)
can be downloaded from the website of the Maenner Buero – Trier,
which contains an extensive bibliography on German- and English-language studies and articles on domestic violence.)

John Archer tested for various types of bias in the hundreds of studies he analyzed and found that bias is present to varying extents in some of them and needed to be allowed and corrected for.
   It must be stressed that studies based solely on police- or judicial statistics suffer from feminist-induced bias in self-reporting, biased police reporting, biased judicial decisions, and from major differences in psychological and social conditioning of men and women. 
   Women are far more likely than men to report that they experienced aggression.  Women are being encouraged to report transgressions against themselves, whether their allegations are true or false, while men are being pressured through social conditioning not to complain about women's transgressions.  What aggravates the differences are Zero-Tolerance policies, on account of which in many jurisdictions men will be arrested in partner-violence altercations, even if they are seriously injured and women are not.

Additional information and help-line index:

Men's Help Lines (International)

USA — Various States

     DVmen listed all the resource they could find for men and women at http://www.dvmen.org/dv-191.htm#pgfId-998197, by state.

USA — New York

Where to Find Help 

Note: The help-line information provided in the following comes from an article in Newsday.  If you are a man seeking help, it is unlikely that you'll be comfortable, or will even get the help you seek, with all but the Father's Rights Association of Long Island mentioned in the article.  I checked all of the other organizations over.  Just judging from their web sites, it appears that they'll not have much sympathy, let alone anything else, to offer to men, given that they do a fair bit of men-bashing at their web sites. —WHS

According to Clarice Murphy, program director for the Victim's Information Bureau of Suffolk, a man-or woman-who may be being abused should ask: Am I fearful of my partner's behavior? Am I afraid of being physically harmed? Do I feel I need to change my behavior in order to avoid harm? Does my partner control my behavior with threats or intimidation? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, contact a domestic violence agency or advocacy group to get more information about legal, counseling and advocacy services.

Local agencies include:

Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
516-542-0404 or http://www.zip2.com/newsday/cadv/

Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence
631-666-8833 or http://www.sccadv.org/

Victim's Information Bureau of Suffolk
631-360-3606 or http://www.vibs.org/

Father's Rights Association of Long Island
516-783-1636 or http://www.sarilaw.com/fathersrights/

Safe Horizons in Manhattan,
800-621-HOPE or http://www.safehorizons.org/

USA — Pennsylvania


I became a mother when my son was born. I became a father when my son died and left me his kids. I became an advocate of father's rights when they tried to take the kids away.
   MCSN assists with physical, mental and counseling needs for men falsely accused in custody disputes. We attempt to obtain temporary housing for men taken from their homes and their children with restraining orders based on false accusations.

— Carol Carpec
Founder of MCSN


  • Directory of Services and Programs for Abused Men in Canada
    by the NCFV
    Published by the authority of the Minister of Health Canada, 2004
    Prepared by: National Clearinghouse on Family Violence, Family Violence Prevention Unit, Public Health Agency of Canada

Grouped by province and territory, this 2004 directory lists programs and services across Canada. Each organization is listed with a brief description of its services as well as current contact information. Where possible, the description identifies the type of service provided, relevant fees, and whether services are available in English and/or French. 2004, 66p. Full Directory (393kB PDF file)

Canada, Ontario

Huron County

Men’s Help Line
Divorce, Loss of Children, Family Violence

— Balance Beam 519-525-2066    24 Hours a day

Family Violence and Divorce hurt men and their children.  Men are at a disadvantage in divorce and legal conflict.
    Balance Beam provides emotional support and strategy planning to ease the trauma of conflict and breakup.  Our goal is to mediate and encourage non-adversarial resolution of family problems.
    Canadian studies show men and women initiate violence equally in domestic relationships, yet men suffer silently and are scorned when they do speak out.
    Fathers are often denied access to their children.  Studies document that as many as 30% to 40% of fathers are denied access to their children.
    Many children who are denied fathers are harmed by the loss of their fathers love.  Studies document an increase in drug abuse, falling grades, violence and teen pregnancy.
    Divorce hurts grandparents too.  Many children are denied access to grandparents and many people have been injured by the fallout from divorce wars.
    Balance Beam works to mediate and resolve family disputes.  Our help line is available to anyone needing a friend who understands the loss of children, home or partner.

Finally, a Men’s Support Group

[Please note:
    Don't use this help line if you are not located in Huron County.  This help line is being paid for out of the operator's own pocket (there is no funding for any such effort or for any men's issues).
    If you are located elsewhere and need help, please contact me.  I'll try and put you in touch with someone in your area.  Details of my address are at the bottom of this web page.

Thank you, 

Walter Schneider ]

Canada, Alberta

Parents Helping Parents will assist any parent anywhere in Canada who is facing false abuse allegations.  Parents Helping Parents has been successful in returning about 200 children from the clutches of child welfare officials and re-uniting them with their parents.  Parents Helping Parents was instrumental in bringing about a substantial reduction in the incidence rate of false abuse allegations in Manitoba and is now working to bring about a similar reform of the child welfare system in Alberta to bring about similar results there.

Canada, Alberta, Greater Calgary Area

  • Canadians for Organizational & Personal Accountability
    (403) 417-1171

  • Gary Nixon, Ph.D. (403) 217-1532

  • Men's Transition Centre (403) 290-00776

  • National Fathers' Rights association (403) 285-8586

The following may seem incongruous in the context, but if you think about it a bit, they are more likely than many others to be able to help.  Every orphaned grandparent is most likely the parent of a disenfranchised father.  From my experience, these are people likely to have been involved with the consequences of husband battering (the battering or abuse of their son).

  • Orphaned Grandparents Association (780) 961-3168

  • Canadian Grandparents' Rights Association (403) 284-3887

If you need help and live in the Edmonton area, especially east of Edmonton, call Walter or Ruth at (780) 796-2306.  That is a local call from Edmonton.  The line may often be busy, that's a sign that we are home.  Don't give up and try again.  E-mail:

Last, but not least, many MLAs will provide help or at least direction and advice to men in need of it, even though most MLAs are very reluctant to speak out publicly in sympathy for the plight of men.  Let's not forget that our MLAs are fearful of the wrath of radical feminists and feminist sympathizers.  Here is the URL that contains a contact list for Alberta MLAs: http://www.assembly.ab.ca/conlist/Mla.htm

If all else fails, you are down and out, have no reasonable hope left, and you are contemplating suicide, there still is a better way out.  Check the article Dads on the run and contact us at (Country code 1, area code 780) 796-2306, or write to us for more information.

Who is at fault?

  • Lenore Walker's "The Battered Woman" has become the bible of family violence for people making their living off and promoting the battered women's industry.  Her husband, Morton Flax, shot himself.  People close to the couple have described Dr. Flax as a "battered man."  [Family Violence Studies: A Brief History, by Richard Bennett, http://www.bennett.com/fv/history.html ]


    • Emergency Department Injury Surveillance Report

    South Fraser Health Region
    April 1, 2001 - June 30, 2001
    Distribution of Cause of Injury
    South Fraser Health Region Emergency Department

    Lesbian Violence —

  • The Bloody and Deadly Countess Elizabeth Bathory — The connection between the right-of-the-first-night hoax and the true story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory (1560 - August 1614)

  • Lesbian couples are far more violent than heterosexual couples

  • Erin Pizzey comments on A Lesbian DV Brochure

  • If the data collected is accurate, then Gay DV is the fastest growing sector of domestic violence.

  • Various Articles

    • The Facts About Spousal Conflict: Personal Responsibility Must Be Expected in Public Policy.  Family violence myths debunked by the American Coalition for Fathers & Children (ACFC — Missouri Chapter)

         This is an excellent assessment of the evolution and of the impact of the US Violence Against Women Act, a piece of discriminatory legislation that surpasses in absurdity but not in effectiveness anything that the jurists of the Third Reich devised to rationalize the eradication of "sub-humans" and other undesirable "enemies of the state".
         Men are now the new enemies of the state, and DV legislation is being produced by the ream to make not necessarily the eradication of men possible but to relegate men to the status of second-class citizens, sub-humans.
         Got to start somewhere to get rid of those pesky men, right?
         You may also wish to look up the history of radical feminism and its impact on society documented at the same site.  Visit the pages at the following links:

    • Preamble: We must now grant to fathers the same right to be in the family as we have granted to women in the workplace

    • Radical feminism's first organized incarnation was within the Women's Ku Klux Klan (WKKK) in the late 1800's

    • Post-Klan Feminism

    • Lesbian Political Agenda: What its really all about

    • The Actual Goal sought under the guise of "lesbian rights": A Sexually-Segregated Society

    • Misandry Enacted Into Law

    • Mainstream Feminism -- not an innocent bystander.

    • What High-Profile Femininsts Believe (and what feminism has not been attacked for)

    • Now, lets go back and compare the baseline agenda of WKKK feminists of the 1880's and contemporary millenium feminists, both of which are founded in misandry.

    If the term "radical feminism" (a.k.a. Marxist- or socialist-feminism) is somewhat new to you and still seems strange, you need to expand your knowledge.  After all, radical feminism, the currently controlling faction of feminism, governs just about everything that is happening in your life.  See,

    Carey Roberts column

    Carey Roberts is an analyst and commentator on political correctness. His best-known work was an exposé on Marxism and radical feminism.

    Carey Roberts' best-known work, his exposé on Marxism and radical feminism, is not necessarily easy to find, but this link will help with that. (Some of the URLs for the article series appear to keep changing.  For that reason the identified link leads to an Internet search for the series.  The first or second link in the return list will most likely lead you to the series.)

    • Knocked for six: the myth of a nation of wife batterers
      by Neil Lyndon and Paul Ashton, The Sunday Times of London 1995 01 29

    The article is a review of various statements about the frequency of domestic violence that were made during the past 25 years, statements that are myths, wild guesses, and worse, but statements that, through sensationalizing in the media have been spread far and wide and have become— even though the dimensions of the domestic violence problem vary so widely as to boggle the mind — widely accepted as the truth.
        Neil Lyndon and Paul Ashton trace the history of these deliberate misrepresentations and lies and compare the various myths to what is known about the truth in domestic violence figures, based on a report by police forces in England and Wales, released October 1994.  They state:

        "...We may well believe it to be true that 0.7%, or one in 150, of women living with men in London are subjected to a criminal assault in the house.
        Nobody should be surprised by that figure, except the professional parasites on the domestic violence racket who will be dismayed at the prospect of their easy money drying up.
        However, if that figure is true, or even nearly true, we should ask ourselves this: is it big enough to justify the colossal national flapdoodle and panic which has been made out of domestic violence towards women for the past 25 years? Or have we all been had?..."

    Did the money dry up?  Not by a long shot!  We all know what happens to rumours and lies.  They take on a life of their own, and that life has become an integral part of our society. 

    Update 2005 03 16:

    London Metropolitan Police Service launches hate-propaganda campaign directed against men

    Domestic Violence


    The Met's latest advertising campaign targets domestic violence offenders with the strong message that if you are abusing your partner, and we have reasonable grounds, we will arrest you, and we don't need your partner's statement to do this. The campaign uses posters, press ads and radio advertisements to communicate London-wide that domestic violence is a crime that the Met will not tolerate. (Full Story)

    One of the beer mats to be distributed in bars throughout London and everyone of the radio adverts that are to be broadcast state that "one in four murders in London are the result of domestic violence."  Common sense should tell anyone that the statement is an outright and outrageous lie. 

    In a Dec 10, 2000 article of his (— halfway down that page), Neil Lyndon wrote:

    In the mid-1990s, I co-wrote an article (Knocked for six) which proved that a number of accepted feminist claims about domestic violence were false. For all the difference it made to what people believed then and believe now, I might as well not have bothered.

    Right, Neil Lyndon is correct.  There is no possible way that even hundreds of journalist who now tell us the truth will prevail in the face of the fact that literally millions of people make their existence from living off the domestic violence racket.  All of those people have to protect their existence, their careers, their reputations, and their agenda. 
        Feminism is bringing about a totalitarian regime, made possible through the destruction of traditional moral values, families, and national boundaries.  That regime is being actively promoted by the non-elected officials of the UN in their quest for world domination (they call it globalization).  However, just as any totalitarian regime in history, radical feminists everywhere know that if you want lies to succeed, tell big ones, tell them often, and tell them to everyone.

    Of all commodities, the truth is the hardest, and lies the easiest, to sell.

    Myths and Facts about Domestic Violence

    "The new Justice Department numbers show that ALL violence is responsible for about 3% of women's INJURY-RELATED visits to emergency rooms, and domestic violence for about 1%. Since fewer than a third of women's emergency-room visits are injury-related, this means that domestic violence accounts for fewer than 0.3% of these visits. While it is possible that some domestic violence cases were not identified in the study, it is noteworthy that its estimates include not only positively established but probable cases of violence from injuries."

    • Fact: Reena Sommer — Male and Female Perpetrated Partner Abuse: Testing a Diathesis-Stress Model

    Abstract:  https://fathersforlife.org/sommertc.htm#ABSTRACT

    Full indexed Text  (about 20 files, 1 MB in total, or close to 300 pages) of a doctoral dissertation on the dimensions of inter-spousal violence and the correlation between the history of perpetrators of violence — abuse by their family members in their childhood in their families of origin — and their tendency to commit violence against their spouses.  Within one generation, it appears, violence by women has increased enormously.  Women who witnessed their fathers being hit by their mothers are more than 12 times as likely to become violent abusers of their partners than those who didn't.  Violence by women now exceeds the frequency of violence by men in spousal relationships.  The full text of the study report is available at this web site. 

    Wife beating was always illegal

    The article recounts the role of Sheila Kuehl, a feminist California lawyer – long ensconced in the family violence industry who then became a California senator, to boot – and those of others like her in the creation and perpetuation of the Super Bowl wife battering hoax.

    • Fact: To round out the picture, have a look at the collection of articles at the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FORUM of the Shared Parenting web site.

    • Fact: Domestic Violence in Gay "Families"

    If it is true that men are the sole perpetrators of family violence then it should be expected to see eternal bliss and peace in lesbian "families," right?  That's not the case!  The reality, according to Susan Holt, the program coordinator for domestic violence services at the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center, is that 25% - 33% of gays, according to self-reports, experience violence at the hands of their partners — a problem more severe than "hate crimes."  According to Susan Holt, lesbians are only slightly less likely than gay men to experience violence at the hands of their partners.  If the data collected is accurate, then Gay DV is the fastest growing sector of domestic violence.

    Which are more violent, heterosexual or homosexual relationships?

    Gay Domestic Violence Finally Measured
    Family Research Report
    Vol. 16 No. 8, Dec 2001
    Family Research Institute

    Violence and Homosexuality, by Paul Cameron, Ph. D.; Family Research Institute

    Really?  As can be seen from the many study reports indicated in this section, study reports that reflect the relative participation of the sexes in initiating and perpetrating violence against the opposite sex, women are as or slightly more likely than men to commit violent acts.  The truly amazing thing is to what extent violent women direct their fury against the weak, the innocent and the sleeping or the intoxicated.
        The perception of the public, created and nurtured through the hate crime of anti-male bias and the concept of western chivalry in the media and other sectors of society, is the primary force in maintaining the myth of the innocence of women.
        The media, being almost totally dominated by feminists, feminist sympathizers and anti-male sentiments, generally reports male-on-female violence on the front pages, with follow-up articles that may bring sentiments about a given case back to light even years after a given event originally occurred.  On the other hand, any violence by women against other members of society, even if these victims are women, and especially if they are children, is being reported in short, terse articles in the back pages of newspapers — provided they even make the papers — with very little personalizing of the perpetrators or victims taking place, and with very little information about the suffering of women's victims.
        To level things out just a little bit, here is a collection of items about women's violent acts that did make the news, even if only in a minor way.  When you go to that URL and read the articles there, pay some attention to how often violent women claim that they committed a violent act in self-defence.  However, consider also how often their violence is being directed at small children and infants.  Women's self-defence against small children?

    Video on violent women

    See also Eeva Sodhi's letter to Health Canada, in which she provides excerpts from abstracts of family violence studies by eminent and reputable researchers.  The data presented in the studies clearly and irrevocably establish that Health Canada is involved in a massive, feminist-inspired and -promoted, government-sponsored propaganda campaign that actively seeks to demonize all Canadian men.

    • Sexual abuse of children

    Female Adolescent Sex Offenders

    XXX. Though a majority of adolescent sex offenders are male, research emerging over the past ten years has begun to document female sex offending. Studies of hospital, child welfare agency, and treatment programs have found that females comprise between 3% - 10% of the sex offender population. General population and victimization surveys report significantly higher numbers and extend the range up to 50% (12) and even higher (13),   depending on the victim sample population studied. [My emphasis --WHS]

    • USA: (2003 11 06) A Lansing mother accused of molesting her 2-year-old son and broadcasting the incident on the Internet pleaded no contest Wednesday to a reduced charge.
         Ashlea Rock, 21, faces a maximum of two years in prison and a $500 fine for one count of criminal sexual conduct, fourth degree, which involves sexual contact, but not penetration....
         Rock was arrested last October after an FBI task force agent in Atlanta saw her fondling her son during a real-time video stream, police said....

    • A report by the National Clearing House on Family Violence "The Invisible Boy" examines the issue of the abuse of boys and how our society fails these poor children.  As the report's title states, their suffering is truly invisible.
          Take the time to read The Invisible Boy.  It'll give you a fair appreciation of how much research has been done of the abuse of boys, that we don't get to see the results of that research to any large extent, and that boys are the invisible victims of abuse — simply because they are not of the right sex.

    • Women's Violence

    lifewith.jpg (9741 bytes)
    Life with Mom is often violent.
    It's a sad reality, but few talk about it very much. Why not?



    February 28, 2000, p. 36

    More deadly than the male

    Media hide the fact women are far likelier to kill their children than are men 


    Hansard of the U.K. Parliament, March 2, 2006

    From a debate regarding presumption of child-visitation rights by non-residential fathers:

    Tim Loughton [MP]: Let me finish...

    In support of its claim, the NSPCC [which is fighting hand, tooth and nail to keep non-residential fathers from having child-access rights — "in the best interest of the child"] cites the fact that 29 children were killed over the past 10 years during contact visits to non-resident parents. That is an appalling figure. However, it ignores its own research, which shows that over the same period some 800 children have died at the hands of resident parents or carers [read "mothers"], and the 2000 publication "Child Maltreatment in the UK" [1], which showed that violent treatment was more likely to be meted out by female carers than male ones. [Emphasis by F4L]

    The briefing is alarmist, sensationalist, misleading, empirically flawed, completely irresponsible and highly reprehensible. It is not worthy of an organisation such as the NSPCC, which claims to stand up for our children. I hope that our deliberations on the amendments will be based on balanced, rational and well-informed debate, rather than the arrant nonsense that I am sure will shock many dedicated and hard-working NSPCC supporters around the country.

    Full Transcript


    1. NSPCC Research Findings, November 2000
      Child Maltreatment in the United Kingdom: a Study of the Prevalence of Abuse and Neglect
      By Pat Cawson, Corinne Wattam, Sue Brooker, Graham Kelly,

      Executive Summary November 2000 (PDF File - 67kB)

    Most of the violent treatment (78%) had happened at home, most often by mother (49%) or father (40%).

    When statistics for all family violence victims are examined, it emerges that women, primarily mothers, perpetrate by far the largest share of incidents of violence in the family.  Women commit a good two-thirds of all violence against children — and the majority of child murders — in families.

    Unfortunately, women's boyfriends, common-law husbands and stepfathers of children commit a substantial share of violence against children in families.  Fortunately, natural fathers perpetrate a relatively insignificant share of it.

    The quiet horror

    The murder rate for U.S. females is highest in the first year of life.

    It is a little-known trend . . . and one that shows no sign of easing

    By Kirsten Scharnberg
    Tribune Staff reporter
    Published June 27, 2002

    My Note: The interesting aspect of the article is that it bemoans that the murder rate for girls is much higher during the first year than at any other time of their life.  The fact is, and the article does mention that, too, the murder rate for boys in the first year of life is quite similar and even a little higher than that for girls.
       The article identifies

    ...a little-known and rarely publicized criminal statistic in the United States: A female is most likely to be the victim of homicide during her first year of life.

    Nevertheless the most important aspect of the circumstances of infanticide is that it is in the vast majority mothers who kill their children, with mothers' boyfriends, and then stepfathers of children being distant second and third in rank.  The article does mention some of that, although it obfuscates that fact by normalizing the killers as parents. 
       However, the fascinating aspect of the article is that, although it identifies that boys and girls are almost equally likely to be killed in their first year of life, it uses only examples of girls who were killed by their mothers or their mother's live-in boyfriends.

       Although the article is fairly honest and objective and far more so than many others, its aim is to identify girls as victims and not so much the real objective truth, namely that mothers – if left unsupervised – are exceedingly dangerous to infants, and equally so to boys and girls.
       However, who wants to blame Kirsten Scharnberg for putting her particular spin on the story.  Girls as victims are sooo much more fascinating to readers than are mothers as murderesses.  Given that the fact of mothers being the predominant killers of children can't be denied, then what is wrong with invoking the public's pity for the murderesses as well?   That always worked and still does.

    Violence by men against women in families is a relatively minor portion of all family violence.
       Families headed by two married parents (one of each sex) are, short of widowhood, the safest and least violent environment of all for women, by far.
       The sad truth is that the most violent domestic relationships occur in "families" of which men are no part, those between partnered lesbians.

    A collection of information from a large number of studies, stressing that boys are subjected to abuse about as often as girls are and stressing as well that even though these rates are much higher than many thought them to be, they are conservative estimates. 
        Although the report does not point a finger at either women or men as being the abusers, does that really matter?  What matters is that at least half of the children who are being abused are being ignored and not being helped.  If you are a victim of sexual abuse that you received as a child, you'll find within the report a large collection of URLs that might be of help to you now.

    • Mothers in the USA more than twice as likely than fathers to kill their children (Posted 2006 05 01)

      The website of the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children & Families contains information on the rate of child maltreatment deaths per 100,000 children.

      The information shows that mothers are more than twice as likely than fathers are to kill their children.  (Child Maltreatment 2004, Chapter 4, Fatalities, US DHHS, ACF)

      It must be recognized that the information identified above is for all "family" types, including families with married, never married, divorced, adoptive and foster parents.  Treating "family" types as individual categories, it has been found in Britain that a child whose mother cohabits is 73 times more likely to suffer fatal abuse than a child whose parents are married. (The Social Scientific Data on the Impact of Marriage and Divorce on Children by Patrick F. Fagan, Heritage Foundation; Testimony Before the Senate of the United States, Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation; Subcommittee on Science, Technology, And Space regarding the Social Scientific Data on the Impact of Marriage and Divorce on Children. -- Map of the Family Powerpoint Presentation)

    Paper presented to the symposium sponsored by the Paulus Kerk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on the 18th of December 1998

    • The extent of involvement by women in the sexual abuse of children

    As identified in "The Invisible Boy" a considerable number of studies has investigated that subject.  A search using the string "sexual abuse by women" and altavista.digital.com/  will return about 17 URLs.*  The studies indicated in both of these sources identify rates of incidents of sexual abuse by women of child-victims of sexual abuse that range from about 10% to about 80% in the sample populations studied.
    * That was about five years ago.  As of February 5, 2002, a search  using google.com for the same string returned about 200 URLs.

    Here are some of those URLs and some that have been found since then:

    • According to Harry Krop, a licensed psychologist in Gainesville, Florida:

      "The motivation for adult women who form a sexual relationship with boys is different than men who develop relationships with girls. Men who have sex with girls, tend to have sexual disorders, such as pedophilia. But for women, it's not about the sex, but rather the romance. It's more of a need to be desired, to have someone find them attractive and the need for attention...."  (Full Story)

      In his interview Harry Krop apparently didn't say anything about women who have sexual relations with under-age girls or about men who have sexual relations with under-age boys.  Nevertheless, Harry Krop is not the only one who views sexual child abuse by women as far less harmful than sexual child abuse by men.  It is not only people like Harry Krop that make a living by spreading the gospel of "Women Good, Men Bad" when it comes to finding guilt in women.  Take this compendium of sexual child abuse cases in which women were perpetrators as guilty as any male abuser but all being women who were routinely treated very leniently.


    • Source: U.S. Department of Education, Office of the Under Secretary, Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature, Washington, D.C., 2004; p. 25

      Note that most if not all of the studies mentioned in the preceding reference document are somewhat limited in their objectivity on account of questions such as these:

      Did anyone do any of the following to you when you didn't want them to in the last school year?

      • Touch, pinch, or grab you.
      • Lean over you or corner you.
      • Give you sexual notes or pictures.
      • Make suggestive or sexual gestures, looks, comments, or jokes.
      • Pressure you to do something sexual.
      • Force you to do something sexual.

      All interactions of a sexual nature with minors, whether welcomed by the minors or not, constitute statutory rape.  It is therefore nothing but an excuse to exclude teacher-student sexual intercourse in which the intercourse took place with the students' consent and not against the students' wishes.  For that reason it can be assumed that the incident rate of teacher-student sexual intercourse is seriously under-estimated in all studies that ask such limiting questions.  Surveys based on such self-limiting questions don't address smart and successful seducers of children.

    • Female Perpetration of Child Sexual Abuse: An Overview of the Problem, by Lisa Lipshires http://movingforward.org/v2n6-cover.html

    • When Girls Do It, An examination of female sexual predators, a CTV program that was aired in 2001.  The video (45 minutes) can be purchased.  A number of clips are available at the website for When Girls do it

    From the site:

    "When Girls Do It" features compelling testimony and powerful interviews with survivors of abuse by female sexual offenders, therapists, and psychologists. The documentary delves into related issues including the long-held misconception that sexual abuse of children is exclusively a male crime.

    • 2006 04 20

      Female Sexual Predators: The Veiled Epidemic

      By Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D.

      Full Story

    • The Sexual Abuse by Women of Children and Teenagers 

    Summary of UK TV programme - Panorama - BBC1 - 10 pm Monday 6th October 1997 http://www.vix.com/menmag/panosumm.htm

    Full transcript of the program   http://www.vix.com/menmag/panofull.htm


    Posted: 22 July 2002, 1:00 a.m. Eastern

    Meet 'Women's Auxiliary of NAMBLA'

    Website celebrates sex between adult women, young girls

    By Art Moore

    Celebrating erotic relationships between women and young girls is the theme of a website called "Butterfly Kisses,*" which indicates the relatively unknown fact that pedophilia exists in significant numbers among females....
       Linda Halliday-Sumner, a sexual abuse consultant in Courtenay, B.C., Canada, told WND that when she first began in 1980, about 1.5 percent of her cases were women who abuse minors. Within six years that increased to 11 to 13 percent. In the last 10 years, she said, at least 33 percent of her 325 cases a year have been women....
       Studies in the 1980s by researchers David Finkelhor and Diana Russell estimated that in the United States about 14 percent of abuse cases involving boys were perpetrated by females. About 6 percent of the cases were of women who abuse girls.
       While these studies give some clues, the true number of women who have sexual contact with children is probably severely underestimated, according to German psychologist Marina Knopf. ...
       She writes that it "is less spoken of, more hidden, and the women do not have any groups they attend or have formed themselves as do men. ... The strength of this taboo might help explain the enormous difficulty we had in finding women to interview."
       Well-known pedophile advocate Pat Califia... writes in an article posted on the "Butterfly Kisses" site that, "It is possible that sexual activity occurs more often between mothers and children or other women than between men and children. Women have more access to kids, and there are fewer taboos surrounding women's handling young people's bodies."
    (Full story)

    Copies of many or most of the articles that were contained at the original "Butterfly Kisses" website can be accessed at http://inoohr.com.  See there:

    Butterfly Kisses

    Lesbian pedophiles

    Michigan  Womyn's  Music Festival

    Girl Scouts of America

    Big Sisters — The second article on that page is about Big Sisters, but a site search will produce more hits.

    Wendy McElroy discusses:

    Feminist Urban Legends

    The FOXNews URL is

    The ifeminists.com URL is

    Tuesday, November 12, 2002

    By Wendy McElroy

    Advocacy research refers to studies and reports produced by people with a vested interest in reaching a foregone conclusion. Politically correct feminism is notorious for its advocacy research and for the shoddy methodology that often accompanies political bias. (Full Story)

    Fox News chose to omit the modifier "feminist" in their title for the article, however, it is a must for anyone to read the article, regardless of what title is chosen for it. The article lists excellent standards that should be applied by the media in choosing articles for publishing, so as to put an end to the promotion of advocacy research, slander and ad-hominem attacks by opponents of the truth.

    Government-promoted and taxpayer funded hate-propaganda

    The American Psychological Association and its stand on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA)

    • The APA's stand on CSA is so onerous that some of the messages I receive expand  the abbreviation of its name to "The American Pedophilia Association?"  In one of those messages I received a reference to a recent public outcry about a study that had been promoted by the APA.  The study had been hailed by NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) as evidence that adult-child sex was truly not harmful to children.
          However, as the following two items show, the study was no more than a piece of advocacy research every bit as bad as the now discredited advocacy research done by Alfred Kinsey.  What the items show is also that the APA is mainly a political body that reacts more to public pressure than according to its twisted social agenda, and that perhaps its agenda would never have come into existence if the public would have taken a greater interest in what the APA is promoting.  It seems that if enough objections are raised by the majority of people that the minorities aren't really that all-powerful.

      APA Takes Harder Stance Against Controversial Study

           WASHINGTON -- Backing away from a controversial article that had said child molestation with "willing" children may not be harmful, and may, in some cases, even be beneficial, the American  Psychological Association unveiled Wednesday a resolution condemning all "sexual relations between children and adults."
            "After much pressure, the APA has begun to undo the damage wrought by its publication of a badly conceived article that has been hailed by such groups as the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)," said FRC's Chief Spokesperson Janet Parshall.  "It's a good first step, but now the APA needs to root out the pro-pedophilic academicians who are trying to normalize child abuse.  And the APA should write to NAMBLA and strongly urge them not to use this article as justification for molesting young boys."

        Full article at http://mentalhelp.net/articles/apa6.htm

      The next item is a press release by the Family Research Council that refutes the advocacy-research study at the centre of the uproar:

    • Family Research Council
       "It is as if a study that purports to examine the effects of being shot in the head contained a majority of cases in which the marksman missed. Such research might demonstrate that being shot in the head generally has no serious or lasting effects!"

      —Dr. Paul Fink, 
      Past President of the American Psychiatric Association, 

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 20, 1999
      CONTACT: Kristin Hansen, (202) 393-2100


      WASHINGTON, DC - Family Research Council (FRC) released the following statement Thursday in response to a statement made on May 12 by the authors of a recent child sexual abuse study, "A Meta-Analytic Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Using College Samples," published by the American Psychological Association (APA). The authors' statement, which was printed on APA letterhead, criticized FRC's position on the study.
          It was released by the APA in light of a press conference addressing the study that FRC was to hold that day. FRC's statement follows:

    Full article at http://www.frc.org/press/052099.html

    • Satanic Ritual Abuse

    Satan's Excellent Adventure in the Antipodes, a paper by Michael Hill, Professor of Sociology, Victoria University of Wellington.  The paper traces the history of the satanic-ritual-abuse scare from its arrival in Australia and NZ to the present time.  The paper also contains a summary of the emergence of the satanic ritual abuse ideology in the American psychological industry.
    A Modern Witch Hunt Trial in New Zealand, The horror of the persecution of Peter Hugh McGregor Ellis.

    David Throop's Subject index on Men's Issues contains a large number of entries of references to sources of pertinent information.
    • Getting Rid of Dad

    Cov_081792.jpg (4924 bytes)

    False allegations levelled against men who are said to have sexually abused their children have become the weapon of choice in custody battles following divorce and separation.

    (Full Story)

    This "ACLU" is not to be confused with the "other one", the American Civil Liberties Union.  This one is run by feminists (with the help of men who like to bash other men) who claim to be opposed to pornography and violence against women but are in favour of violence against men.  It comes as no surprise that they most certainly are not in favour of balanced reporting.

    Note that in the long list of cases cited at the ACLU site, there isn't a single one listed of a hate crime committed by a women against a man, not even one of a hate crime committed by a woman against another woman.  Indeed, why single out alleged crimes by men against women?  Note also that only a small fraction of the alleged crimes actually resulted in convictions in criminal court, and that many of the accusations were later dropped.  How many of the cited cases were based on false allegations?  How many of the convictions resulted from false allegations?

    COMMON SENSE & DOMESTIC VIOLENCE  — Newsletters (links shown below)

    • These contain collections of statistics, essays and other information from various sources — all pertaining to the issue of family violence.  Download, print and distribute them.  The printed originals, with the body of the text in size 10 font, were about ten 8 1/2" x 11" pages each.  The originals are in two-column format.  MS Word 6 document files can be made available to anyone who would like to reproduce the newsletters in the original format. e-mail:
          Printed copies of the originals were sent to all Canadian federal and Alberta provincial legislators, to some Canadian senators, to various father's rights activists, and to various media organizations.  The production and distribution of the newsletters had to cease on account of total absence of funding.
          My pension income is insufficient to keep on producing the newsletters, and my taxes were increased to help contribute toward the tens of millions of dollars in funding generously provided to the heterophobic and family-hostile organizations supported through the office of the Secretary of State Status of Women and comparably-biased Canadian provincial government offices.
          Four issues were produced.  Three were printed and distributed.  Time and money ran out during the production of the fourth issue, with the purchase of food and other necessities of life taking higher priority.  The following are links to HTML versions of the three published issues.

    The Pillory 1997 12 24,

    Battered Women's Shelters and Abuse Allegations  1998 01 03,

    Family Violence — Trends, Results 1998 01 30

    • One Father's Story — The sad story of the destruction of one family on account of family violence.

    • War in the Family  An account of one battle skirmish near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

    • What politicians are doing about it:

    Speeches by Sen. Anne C. Cools, relating to FV


    See also:

    • DVStats.org — a search engine, aggregating research that examines the impact and extent of domestic violence upon male victims. (Off-site)

      This search facility equates domestic violence to intimate partner violence between men and women in relationships.  It does not provide information on violence between homosexuals, siblings or violence against family members other than heterosexual partners and spouses, such as infanticide, child abuse or violence against elderly in families.
    • Table of Contents for Feminism and Related Issues
    • Video on violent women

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